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[XB1] STAR WARS Battlefront Ult. Ed. $7.48/Battlefield 4 Premium Edition $12.48 - Microsoft Store


Great prices for these editions of these two games on the Microsoft Store - all time lowest there.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/battlefield-4-premium-edit...


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  • Honestly. I wouldn't bother, both of these games are mostly wastelands in Australia on Xbox.

    • Good for SP for BF4. I play that mostly, so for me MP is irrelevant.
      Battlefront you can play with other regions depending on your Internet connection and speed.

  • Battlefront is dead in general, not worth buying really as the first one has no campaign.
    Battlefield 4 has campaign and still has people playing multiplayer but only on the big conquest maps and only overseas.
    Also worth noting both of these are on EA access and/or GamePass

  • Since the Epic deal for Battlefront 2, MP for that one has been the bomb-diggety.