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I'm in the market for some new quilt covers (prefer them over sheets - use them empty in summer and with a doona in winter). I don't like the fluffy/decorative ones, just plain and simple but willing to pay a bit more for good quality (cotton only). Sheridan (at 40% off) still looks expensive though.

Where do you purchase your favourite quilt covers?

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  • I got my last set from Pillowtalk

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    Spotlight has pretty wide range too.

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    Last time I spent a few hours and wandered to nearly all different stores to check out bed sheets… including Myer, David Jones, Big W, Kmart, H&M Home, Bed Bath n Table and Target.

    But in the end I settled on a bed sheet from Target and I bought a heavily discounted linen quilt cover from H&M Home.

    However, I also subsequently bought some high thread count sheets from eBay which are probably even better than Target and the other stores, especially on price and colour/size range.

    I bought from this eBay seller and they post from Sydney…

    • Jinx

      Is your ebay set "bonwin" branded? I'm looking to buy a quilt cover of the same brand as the ebay brand I got.

      • Not sure, I could check. But why don't you just find the item and seller details from your eBay history and buy from them again?

        • They've been outta stock for months. Not sure if they'll get some more in.

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            @skid: The label says ForZzz which is also the name of the store.

    • I bought a set off your recommendation.

      Im genuinely impressed by the quality for the price.

  • Voted Target which are good, but have also bought a Egyptian cotton set from ebay too which are good quality (to me).

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    Ecodownunder is an Aussie company which makes a lot of their bedlinen and towels in Oz. No synthetics & really soft cotton.

    Free shipping over $100 / 10% off over $200

    • Thanks, I walked past one of their shops the other day and only noticed the their linen quilt covers. Will check out their website.

  • pillowtalk bamboo, feel great.

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    Uniqlo Airism bedding are pretty nice

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    Normally you would use sheets and a doona cover. Not one or the other.

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      I only use a doona cover as well. I can't go back to sheets now.

    • Depends on your definition of ‘normal’. Sheet-style doona covers (not the thick embroidered decorative ones) are widely used instead of sheets + blanket.

  • Recently bought Linen House Bamboo/cotton blend sheets - so so soft and gorgeous, quite lightweight (which is what I wanted) as using as a top sheet for hot nights. Pricey, but worth it at $129 on sale (check the price from a few stores) See

    Bamboo is very breathable and I much prefer it to a 100% cotton sheet.

    Doona cover - Sheridan Outlet - Lexington - feels lovely, seems better quality than previous ones purchased from Adairs etc. Extremely pricey at 40-50% off ($240-$275), but nice quality and classic - don't forget your shopback/cash rewards

    • Thank you! I like the style of the Lexington covers but based on other comments I’m not sure if $240 for their Outlet sheets is worth it vs eg Target or Kmart?

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    Bamboo cotton

  • was recommended to me when buying a mattress, haven't tried them yet.

    • They look nice but are fairly expensive when you add in pillow cases (close to $200 for a queen).

  • Spotlight.

  • Ettitude - been recommened to me but havent bought yet.

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    Target 1000 thread count cotton sheet sets.

    Thank me later
    can't sleep on anything less now.

    • I don’t think they sell these anymore (in quilt cover versions)?

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    Not a fan of Sheridan Outlet.. they produce lower quality just to sell out the outlets. The original price is fake and you will never see the same sheets for sale at Myer or David Jones

    • This.

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      Ooooh, this boils my blood. I never knew. I paid $119 for a queen sheet set from a Sheridan outlet a year ago and they are garbage. So rough, and they’ve barely softened up in that time. I could take them back but then I might just get a new set of crappy sheets!

  • Our favourite sheets were Jayson Brunsden from Myer - Very nice cotton sateen sheets. Ended up buying 3 sets for the various beds we have. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore

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    I also use an empty quilt cover as a bedspread in summer - it's a Linen House cotton super king size so that it covers my queen bed completely down to the floor. I have a different one for winter, queen size, as the super king feels like it's pinning me to the bed once it's filled with a quilt.
    Also try Adairs as they have some lovely quilt covers, as does Bed Bath and Table.

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    Have tried to buy quality products on special for years. In Kmart the other day wife saw a design and texture she really liked. Cotton sourced from sustainable growers. (I guess not OZ). It seems fine. I guess time will tell.
    Maybe buy what you really like the look/texture of and don’t worry too much about whether the stuff is ‘quality’ or not.

  • CK and Ralph from DJs

  • ebay

    • Just anything on eBay or do you have a particular seller you could share?

      • I don't buy quilt cover often but last time I bought quilt cover on ebay from mrcotton_au and I'm happy with the purchase.

  • Adair's worlds softest sheets are great if you like silky smooth sheets rather than thick stiff hotel sheets. It's a personal preference.

    Linen quilt cover. Looks plain but lasts and actually becomes softer with more use (yet to see this happen really, perhaps I should wash my quilt cover more often). I think the linen quilt cover was Adair's too, but I can't be sure.

  • Kind of embarrassing to admit this, but a few years ago we accidentally walked through Harvey Norman and lucked in on some Sheridan stuff in their clearance pile. Over the years the colour has faded with washing, but the cotton material itself is still good.

    If you are not in a hurry to buy, perhaps the best strategy may be to just look around every time you are out shopping.

    • Thanks. I saw a nice Sheridan quilt cover set at Myer yesterday, priced $600+. Even at 30% or 40% off, this is not the sort of money I’m willing to pay.

      • Highway robbery! I'm with you - it can't be worth it even at 1/2 that price. Sheridan website doesn't even have anything that expensive listed.

        The queen size set (2x pillow case + quilt cover) we got would have been well under $100. I'm not sure of the exact price, but somewhere in the $60-$75 range for a product similar to what Sheridan currently list on their website in the $320-$370 price range. It's a print, rather than a single colour.

  • KAS Australia (Australian family business) when they have 40% off sitewide sales…

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