Practical Steps to Help Improve Sleep?

Hi Ozbargain,

Very keen to hear some of the practical steps people have tried that has resulted in significant changes to their sleep. I am always trying new products that seem to improve sleep, but feel like this is the one area that I am always keen to improve and would happily spend. I personally use eye covers and also have just invested in a weighted blanket which I am going to try.

Tips like 'avoiding light' and 'having phone out of the room' is always great to hear, but I am also very keen to hear about products (sleep trackers, white noise etc.) that people have found make a huge difference.



      • you guys can change if needed too

        i use to sleep at 12-1am+ and wake up 11am and if i wake up earlier feel like shite, later also shite

        recently tried getting my shite to gether and now sleeping ~9pm waking up early mornings feeling refreshed

        • Sounds so early… I can't recall the last time I slept before 12:30am. Maybe when I was in high school, or primary school.

          • @tikei: yeah it is, 3 hrs earlier than my old cycle lol

            aiming to wake up at 5am's so 9 is "ok" iguess

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    Try NUUN REST. I am very careful with what I try and recommend, but this has changed my rest days from gym. I take them on my rest days to relax and have a good night sleep, but also take them on nights when I feel stressed before going to bed.

    Nuun products have got really good reviews, but this is my go to for a good night's sleep.

    I generally wake up once or twice during the night, but this stuff makes me sleep through comfortably.

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    Reduce salt intake. I frequently find if I have dinner prepared outside the home then I'll be up all night getting drinks of water due to sodium/MSG.

    Magnesium supplements for restless legs.

    Blockout fabric - we've just pegged it up in our rental for the baby but it helps us as well. On that note, don't procreate if you enjoy your sleep.

  • I can't find the comment with someone that said CPAP.

    It's a really good suggestion to see a doctor about your sleep. I have a friend who got diagnosed with sleep apnea and an apap machine changed their life. They actually have good sleep now.

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    These are some common OTC
    sleep aides
    Magnesium glycinate
    Valerian Root

    Do some googling for yourself before getting, they are available on iherb

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    put this on TV with the volume really low… you want to be able to hear it just a tad…

    (spoiler, its 10 hours of Pong)

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    I haven't seen this posted yet so this works for me - Rain, storm and thunder sounds
    Have a listen here:

    I have it on speakers and play it when wanting a relaxing sleep. Personally, love the sound of rain/thunder when going to bed.
    Edit: someone else mentioned it already :(

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    A lot of this is about adopting healthy sleep habits and maintaining what's called sleep hygiene. We want to work toward associating our beds with sleep:
    *Separate your bed from activities which are not sleep or sex
    *If you can't fall asleep within a reasonable timeframe (30 mins or so), get out of bed and do something else

    Some other tips that have worked for me:
    *Avoid caffeine - I don't drink coffee but I drink green tea, which I avoid in the PM because of its caffeine properties. Go camomile instead
    * In the last hr before bedtime, read using a physical book or an e-reader that uses e-ink technology
    * Avoid using screens (computer, TV, phone) at least 1 hr before bed. If you do happen to use your screen (it's inevitable in this age) turn on Night Shift or f.lux to lessen the effects of blue light
    * I steer clear of sleeping pills and the like… melatonin tablets don't do much for me. What has helped are hayfever tablets (antihistamine) because of its drowsy properties. Important for me not to grow a dependence so I don't frequently use them, but will take a single pill ~1 hr before bed if I have something important on the next day and tossing&turning is likely

    if you are reading my comment know that your sleep is important and your reading this post is a good start. I say this as someone previously engaged in shift work with many difficulties with sleep onset (thankfully I seldom encounter sleep disruptions).

    Interestingly emerging research is pointing to the bearing of sleep regularity on health, above all other factors - that is, how consistent (or inconsistent) your sleep patterns is from day-to-day. It tells us that we ought to fall asleep and awake at the same time, every day. Of course this isn't possible with our 24/7 world and increasing demands of shift work among different professions

    I hope some of these tips - which I've taken from my time as a sleep psych student in uni - go some way in helping you. Have a good night's rest

  • i have started using a supplement called remifemin sleep
    it's not a drug it will not force you to sleep but i find when i take it after i doze off i go into a deep sleep instead of lying there half asleep and waking up with every noise

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    Make yourself tired everyday and you won't worry about sleep 😷

  • Not sure if anybody mention it but take Magnesium it help me.

  • Try jerking off before going to sleep, makes quite easy to go to sleep after masturbation

  • product advice;

    make bed as welcoming and comfortable as you can afford

    sunrise alarm clock with sunset and noise features

  • become single

  • I find sleeping with ear plugs and taking Valerian (natural supplement) - Suisse or Blackmores are my go to.

  • I also had trouble sleeping and I struggled with it in different ways. I read a lot on . I started exercising regularly, taking vitamins and sometimes sleeping pills, getting up early and spending the day actively. I also ate more healthy food and never overeat before bed. A hot bath and reading a book before bed still help me. I don't use blindfolds because the light has never bothered me to sleep. For me, the key to good sleep is silence, so my dog ​​does not always sleep with me, although it is very nice, but I try to sleep separately from her.

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