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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p $69.95 Delivered @ Creative Australia


Creative 1080p web cam on sale at $69.95 delivered. This cam is $99 elsewhere.

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  • Any promo code?

    • Not needed, price is available directly

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    Nice deal. Some great deals on the website

  • Thanks grabbed one

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    how do these compare with the logitechs?

    • Video Quality is about same as logi c920 series

  • +1

    It's amazing that we didn't see any webcam innovations as CES this year. Im guessing that the logitech R&D dept are pretty slow on the go.

    • Good observation - even if there were manufacturing delays, the marketing department could of whipped some prototype together.

    • When old webcams sell at 99 due to pandemic, why the fk would you waste money improving the product?

      • +1

        This model is new at least

      • Because you can sell new tech at a far higher price no matter what the base price of old versions.

  • Anyone know of this works with android tv ?

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    Creative? … now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

    • +17

      Might need to update your sound blaster drivers and turn up the volume then.

  • Yeah reading the description..this webcam looks good especially for this price. Else full HD webcams from other reputed brands are all price over $100-150.
    The Logitech 92x/930 all are $150+ at most places. Cant understand why the webcams are still so costly. Guess the demand is too less now!!any thoughts from others?

    • +1

      not really, with more people doing home office and streaming, I believe webcams are going to keep the high price

      • It’s completely absurd given that there’s very little innovation and manufacturing costs.

      • I think most people who are going to be working from home are already working from home. The spike in prices will probably come back to normal levels as they reach saturation again.

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    Reviews online seem fairly positive considering the price.

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    Straight tax write off for this if WFH btw.

    • +1

      Before anyone jumps in on this, be sure to claim only for the percentage used for work, and Journal it.

      Otherwise you can roll this into the 80c per hour next tax time!

      • Fair point, I would use my phone for personal video calls.

        • 100% should be fine if it's only used for work

  • Thanks OP got one. Good to have a spare webcam these days especially at a reasonable price.

  • +1

    Have recently purchased. Impressed with it. Wide FOV, decent enough in lower light situations. Definitely recommended for that price.

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    I don't know why but I grabbed one…

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    Just a reminder to people that need a cheapo webcam in a pinch, you can reuse old phones as webcams :) just search for webcam apps in the app store.

    • +1

      Yeahh.Repurposing Android phones are so awesome!

      • someone donate old phone to me xD
        my old phone is a 3GS with exploding battery…. :D

  • Out of stock! Availability shows "Back in stock soon".

  • Looks like its out of stock. Can't add to cart, Availability shows up as : Back in stock soon

    • I managed to order one a couple hours after you posted this

  • +1

    Got this for $64.95 with free shipping from the Creative Store back in mid-December. Seems to be good quality for the price. Turned up in a couple of days.

  • The courier aramex are no good.
    He quietly left the note under my door and bolted.
    I ran after him, to his car.
    I tap on his car window, he saw me then DROVE OFF !!!
    Doesn’t he have a job to do? The camera is not even heavy.
    Good things I have it recorded on my security camera as proof.

    • aramex is formerly Fastway Couriers

  • Received mine today, via Fastway too. Left on my doorstep like a stealth ninja.

    • It said signature required on the box, didn't think they could leave it

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    Looks like this is back in stock, same price

  • +1

    It's in stock again. Got one. Thanks op.

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    Back in stock, much better value than generics and over-priced Logitech/MS.

  • To the people that have since received the webcam, what are your thoughts on vid and mic quality?

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      The picture is very clear, almost to clear for work meetings. Sound is okay but a dedicated mic is better.