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Free - 6 Months Premium Plan or 3 Months Hifi Plan for New User @ Tidal Music Streaming (UK VPN Required)


Tested working using Tunnelbear to the UK. Sign up to a 6 months Premium plan and then upgrade to a Hifi plan for 3 months if you prefer.

Can be cancelled immediately. Credit card details required though I used Paypal and then cancelled auto payments to be sure.

Credit to HUKD.

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    Nice, still going on the US family plan till mid May, may have to set up some more before this deal finishes

  • thanks

  • Do we need VPN everytime we use or just for signup

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      just initial account signup

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    Thanks. Can finally test out the XM4s other audio features

    • In my experience, these cans aren't good enough to really take advantage of hi-res audio, despite having LDAC.

    • Have the xm3s
      Its a cool feature the 3d audio
      Bit gimmicky
      Wouldn't say its lifechanging

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    Thanks, signed up.
    If you are lazy you can go to this link and it'll enter the voucher code automatically

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      Thanks mate, OP updated.

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    This may of interest to a few, just looking into an easy way to stream my local FLAC files to the Chomecast Audio. I have had every intention of setting up a NAS but it's always in the too hard/cost basket (and Foobar2000 doesn't ever cut it for remote setup). Anyway I'm still looking into Plex free vs paid features and limitations.

    Edit: Not sure if it how this affects it

    Tip!: These extra premium Plex features only apply when the TIDAL subscription is billed and managed through Plex. They won’t be available if you have a TIDAL subscription billed/managed elsewhere (such as through TIDAL themselves).

    • Hmm, Looking at the plex page they just want to manage the billing, so it would be pointless transferring from in the free period.
      The main take away is you'd get a free plex pass when it does come time to pay again. Thinking Argentina may be the way to go, and need a lifetime plex pass.

      TIDAL HIFI + PLEX PASS — Save yearly on TIDAL HiFi and a full Plex Pass! — $23.99 AUD per month

    • +1

      Not sure if "stream my local FLAC files to the Chomecast Audio" was a question.
      If it was, one option is to use VLC media player on a Windows PC (Playback - Renderer menu function).

      • Cheers will Look into it, The other bubble uPnp stuff Too hard. To be honest most stuff is on Tidal, nice to have working either way and offline

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    When I upgraded from the Premium to the HiFi Plan I got the message that:

    "Your subscription will automatically renew 28/07/21. You will be charged £19.99 from your Paypal"

    At this point it seems to be giving me the full-fat version for the full 6 months.

    • Got the same result.

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        Here too. 6 Months HiFi for free is a great deal!

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        Before you changed from premium to HiFi did you see this message?

        Upgrading your subscription from Premium to HiFi will reduce the remaining days in your trial or billing cycle by 50%

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          Yes. But one I did it I got the message above.

  • It should still be 6 months free then that will be the first payment after.

    From a similar US promotion I get:
    Your subscription will automatically renew XX.XX.21. You will be charged $29.99 from your Credit Card. You are the account owner of a TIDAL Family Plan. For more information, please go to "TIDAL FAMILY".

    Edit: seems like a slightly different deal, Hi-Fi was 6months free last time, still worth looking into a family plan first if that's available for the free period.

  • can I have multiple users on these free options??

    • manage subscription - tidal family :)

  • Still no google home support - sort it out guys! Annoying because my voice + google assistant is what I use to start / skip / select / stop music. You can cast from the Tidal app to Google home and then do the "skip" and "stop" parts with voice, but you can't do the "start" or "select" parts with voice, so it's just nowhere near as good. 2013 called and it wants its mute-caveman-tapping-on-a-rectangular-box technology back.

    • Works on mine?

      Noticed with PC it works better casting from the crome tab not the desktop

      • I believe you're casting, not playing natively.
        * You have to start the stream on another device (phone / tablet / computer), yes?
        * Can you start music playing by saying to a smart speaker: "OK google, play music on Tidal"?
        * Can you select the track by saying: "play khe San on Tidal"?
        * Can you give feedback on playing tracks by saying "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"?

        The only native music streaming services for Google smart speakers that I'm aware of are Spotify, YouTube music, deezer, and I've read that Apple music will be added soon. Still no native support for Amazon music or Tidal.

        • Hi mate,

          Yes I'm casting from the Tidal app phone (pixel 3XL) my home group, which consists of:
          - Chromecast Audio ('living room speaker')
          - Google Nest Mini 2nd gen ('bedroom speaker')

          Just tested a few commands, 'next track', 'previous track', 'pause/resume', 'volume up/down' etc all work whether I say it to the phone or nest. as does 'pause homegroup'. Sometimes you may have to say the device name if it asks (aka play on living room speaker).

          I assumed you were casting, didn't know of other options for home/assistant, but works on the phone (the same google assistant commands work when in the car connected to bluetooth). 'play music on Tidal' opens the app and plays from favorites. Easier to just hit the cast button and choice group/device to start with as the phone /pc is always handy, then voice nav is easy. I've never considered google/alexa devices to be any good for music listening but handy i guess.

          Tidal has no thumbs up / down but a heart/favourites, so that would be confusing
          It may not natively be supported 100% but the casting and voice promts works well enough. Still annoying af when it defaults to YTMusic, which I try not to use, very disappointing compared to Google Play music, shame it was discontinued (also no casting button from desktop, wtf Google).

          Quite happy with Tidal as a source though, considering there's no easy way to play my Flac/Foobar2000 easily without Plex/pass, which doesn't have any google home support support, just a bunch of pointless stuff.

          The PC setup is great though: Tidal Master MQA - iFi ZenDAC (preamp) - headphone amp - DT1990 pros
          Likewise casting to Chromecast Audio - DACMagic (Optical) - active monitors

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    The last tidal deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581254

    Expired after a month for me.

    Even though it said it was a 6-month deal.

    New account, had never used Tidal before.

    Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Family, Hifi still active for me, expires 13/05/21 despite cancelling recurring payments early.
      1 month sounds like its a standard trial time?

    • My sub from that deal is fine as well. Exp.14/05/21.

    • Mine is still going too until mid May.
      Anyway lucky you this is on offer again :)

  • My 3 months Spotify was finishing next month so this works perfectly. Cheers OP!

  • -2

    Wish Apple would just buy Tidal already.

  • anyone know how long this deal goes for? My current free Tidal account goes up to Apr. I presume my playlist etc would be lost if I sign up again to a new deal.

  • hi when trying to sign up using different emails and a vpn i get this.. any ideas??

    403 ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied.
    Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: akQtDxPLNpuQriABB6VawdcgyeahRyM_b81G5HextDF2UotRNSF57g==

    • i just refereshed page and it was fine

  • If anyone's setting up a family account I'm interested in providing to the split for an account.