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6 Meals $5.93 - $9.99 Delivered ($70 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I noticed that the previous (very popular) referral post of $79.99 has expired but just checked and my (along with no doubt many other OzBargainer) $70 referral code is still valid.

Deal - $70 OFF for new customers and referrer also receives $70

I've been a long time HelloFresh user and find they have a wide variety of interesting meals to choose from. Bit expensive full priced but definitely worth it with $70 off :)

Choose 2 people/3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $5.93. If you want more meals, just pay the difference for the next level up plans.

Note: Some users are reporting $9.99 total depending on location.

Don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan if you only want to take up a one time offer as this is a subscription service.

Offer expires 8 Feb

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments. If the link you click doesn't have $70 off, keep trying until you get one.

Referral Links

Referral: random (691)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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  • +93

    Just a word of warning about those just wanting to trial Hello Fresh and cancel. This no problem, but, just ensure you cancel via the website or app within the prescribed time frame.

    Just cutting off the payment source (PayPal or single use credit card number) will not cancel the service.

    They will continue to deliver to you, bill you, and if you don't pay, they'll hand you over to debit collector.

    • +63

      They set up a new business called.


      • any discounts for that one =p

        • Let's just say you won't be paying with cash if you can't afford the bill 😜🚔⛓️🔒🗝️

    • +1

      What is the prescribed time?

      • +2

        It's dependant on when your order is shipped, but you'd have at least a week to do it. But you may as do it straight after making the first order.

        • +6

          I went in and "skipped" the new few deliveries after the first to make sure I have enough time to remember to cancel.

    • +2

      I should note this cautionary warning also to "EVERYPLATE", the discount version of Hello Fresh, which is actually owned by Hello Fresh!

    • +6

      This is nuts. They gain so little by going to debt collectors yet the subscribers will be coping lots of cost/trouble.

      Lose lose situation simply………except for the debt collectors of course.

      • +2

        I'm guessing they package their bad debts and sell it off or get a percentage back at zero cost to the collection agency

    • +15

      How about you don't be a dick and tell a company you are cancelling their service instead of just blocking your payment?

      • Spot on. If you order a service, don't understand the conditions and end up ordering more than you need. Pay up and bon appetite. Who can't use more food?

      • My previous experience with cancelling Hello Fresh had them "call me to confirm the cancellation". When I didn't pick up the phone, they didn't cancel and sent me the food (and charged my paypal) anyway.

        Luckily, Paypal allowed a chargeback.

    • +1

      They are not a utility company. Why would they be stupid enough to send out their products before payment? This is not a charge back scenario. I wouldn't go to a restaurant, order a meal, pay for it, return home, have a good night's rest, wake up, watch some TV then get a telephone call from that same restaurant telling me my freshly prepared meal is getting cold and I owe more money and if I don't pay then they will refer the matter to a debt collector.

      • +6

        It is a subscription service. Your example makes no sense.

        • +1

          I was a big confused too!

          In reality all subscription services enter you into a contract, and thus could result in the company perusing customers who just cut off the funds. At the end of the day, very few of us read the terms of service fine print.

        • +6

          A Netflix or magazine subscription requires you to pay before they provide the good or service. You do not get to watch or read them unless you pay and if you cut off payment, they don't continue to provide the good or service and expect you to pay later.

          Even Chrisco hampers required you to pay before they sent you food. They would never send food to clients who hadn't paid then ask for payment later.

          HelloFresh need to change their subscriptions to have customers pay up front for their food and if a customer wants to ensure their food arrives even if a payment is dishonoured then it should be an opt-in process where they know the repercussions of not keeping their accounts up to date. A simple text message from HelloFresh letting a customer know that their payment failed and asking if they still want their delivery (Reply '1' for Yes or '2' for No) would suffice.

          • @Guybrush57: Maybe, but take for example someone who relies on this service for day to day meals, elderly or disabled customer without a lot of mobility. It would be difficult to cope if your food for the week didn't turn up because of a card transaction error, easily rectified in a few minutes once the customer is aware, thus negating debt collectors and empty stomachs. I think their subscription model is better for most people, who have a lot of money at their disposal, who want the food and can always pay up. I would assume most people using this service would be in this category.

            Those living pay check to pay check would be MUCH better off cooking their own food for the savings. I would have never dreamed of bulk delivered food when I was studying and working part jobs and perpetually broke, it's a luxury. The debt collectors is a safe guard against the types of people, who really aren't financially stable enough to be throwing money away on hello fresh and who may be exploitive of hello freshers subscription services setup.

            • +2

              @lew380: If you can afford to buy HelloFresh then you pay for HelloFresh in advance.
              If you cannot afford to buy HelloFresh then you don't get HelloFresh.

              Referring customers to debt collectors costs money. Why should genuine HelloFresh customers subsidise that?

            • @lew380: The debt collectors are a safe-guard so HelloFresh get their money. If they were truly concerned about the consumer they wouldn't be using debt-collectors lol.

              They did it to me when I cancelled, I tried on the app and it wasn't working so I did it via PayPal. They went and charged me even though they can see PayPal has cancelled access to them. It bounced. They sent me the food anyway. Three months later ring up to collect and threaten debt-collectors. I called them out because they sent me food I didn't want or pay for, they gave up after a couple tries.

              • -4

                @TogTogTogTog: Your the reason that they need debt collectors, thanks for proving my point!

                • +1

                  @lew380: No, they're using debt-collectors because it's cheaper to send the product and seek the costs than to do the right thing.

                  The company deliberately made a decision on how to structure payments and they chose to send prior to billing. Almost every other business operates in the opposite way, get payment then deliver.

                  Honestly, the fact they can have these sorts of deals just further proves the point. Rough math here but, if you can get 70-90% off a $100 box, that means the cost of food and shipping is ~$10. If just 1/10 people forget to unregister they're making money.

                  It's basically AfterPay lol, you make money when people forget.

                  • @TogTogTogTog: There are pros and negatives to either business model, if you don't like their business model, then choose another company. Nothing wrong with after pay either, ive used it in the past and it's great, read the T&C and use it properly and it's a quick loan with a catch, nothing in life is free! I don't understand what your problem is, a lot of services will send the product or do the work and send you an invoice to pay at your discretion, don't order what you can't pay for, it's not a bad business model, everything doesn't have to be like Netflix and magazine subscriptions. You signed up to a company assuming it was just a Netflix clone, it wasn't and you got burned. Think more where you spend your money, it's not a simple world.

    • Actually I think that's fair enough.

    • I went to cancel the plan and it says "Canceling your meal plan will pause your deliveries indefinitely."

      Does this mean I won't even receive the meals I paid for as it's paused?

      • Wait after the cutoff which is I think Tuesday before you cancel. I think that message means that you are cancelling too soon.

        • So cancel it tomorrow even thought I have 5 meals remaining after todays delivery?

          I can't even remove my credit card as a payment option as it says I need to add another payment method.

    • I mean you just click cancel in the app/webpage, why would you cancel the payment source but not the plan. Strange

      • Not all subscription services allow you to cancel immediately after making the first order, consequently as a mechanism to avoid forgetting, people (including I) would cancel the payment source.

  • +1

    where do you find your referral code in hello fresh? I can’t for the life of me find it

    • +2

      Download the app, select "hello friends"

    • +2

      Click the referral link below the ozbargain description…. Click on "random".

      • Is this random function a hack?

        • +3

          It's not a hack, it's just a list if random Oz bargain members that entered their referral details in the past.

          If you know someone who's used hello fresh in the past, they could give you their code.

        • +3

          No it actually belongs to OzBargain members that have submitted their code to be used in the random pool

  • How does this work, do I use your referral code to get $70 off?

    • +5

      Click the ozbargain referral link "RANDOM" at the bottom of the OPs description.

      This will link you to a page offering the $70 off.

      If you receive discount offer less than $70, close the page and click the random link again.

      • +1

        I get to pay 9.99$ for shippping…anyway to get rid of this?

        • +3

          Me too. It's 9.99 for shipping

          • +2

            @DisabledUser249845: ok I am cancelling, not many optionsi n vegetarian except haloumi and plain pizza (I hate zuchhini and cherry tomato) and quiona I can make at home myself with much ingredients for a lesser price than this. Good thing is, I get to walk and store things for myself :) so double healthy and less picey.

            Had they had more veggie or vegan options like vegan thai red curries or green curries or I love the laksa, I would have ordered. I wish they had laksa ingredients and coconut thing and all as in Thai Vegan

          • @DisabledUser249845: $9.95 ? Mines also adds a $10 ‘region fee’ on top of that again. Can’t seem to get rid of it.

  • +7

    Shows $0 per serving for 3 meals for 2 people per week. However, the shipping cost is $9.99.

    • +7

      $1.50 / serve is not bad.

    • +1

      I think some areas in the Eastern States allow for free shipping, but here in Perth they charge a little extra for shipping to make it alllllll the way over the Nullarbor, though they told me they source their produce locally for each area so who knows. But either way, $9.95 ain't a bad time for a free box of food.

  • +2

    I was going to try this but then noticed they were charging me a $10 delivery fee and another $10 region delivery fee even though I only live 35 minutes south from Perth CBD. $20 delivery kills the deal for me unfortunately.

    • That's a bit steep! I live an hour out of Melbourne and it's never more than $9.99 now (used to be free pre Covid)

      • An hour out of Melbourne with our without traffic?

        • An hour out of Melbourne with our without traffic?

          With traffic it means he/she lives in Williamstown.

    • same here. i live in freo and it costs $20 for delivery!!!

    • +1

      The Rockingham surcharge. It's used to pay for all the delivery drivers who get car jacked.

    • Living in Subi and it's asking for $20 delivery

  • I'm getting $59.95 discount instead

    edit: after closing page and reclicking on a random referrer a few times, its now $70

    Thanks OP

    • I did the same, $59 first click, 4 clicks later $70.. gotta push for that extra $10 off haha

  • +3

    Just completed order, can I cancel now ?

    • Would also like to know when I should cancel

    • +9

      set the next few to skip, wait till you get the box then cancel

    • +4

      Yep, I cancelled the night I signed up (Tuesday) and I received my free delivery this morning.

    • +1

      Yes, I cancelled straight away and I still see my next delivery date.

      • +3

        Don't do that, I've done this before, and even though it'll show it's still delivering, it never arrived.
        Called customer support, they said it's because I cancelled before delivery, and it was a huge hassle to get another box delivered

        • Thanks!

  • Worked for me, Thank OP

  • +1

    The "new customers only" part should be in the title

  • Great deal thanks OP!

  • +9

    Got my "first" order today and went to cancel next weeks until I noticed I had $210 credit and 4 free boxes to give out! Love me some OzBargain!

    FYI: When adding a box of fruit or upgrading to grill kit/fresh and fast option meals the extra pricing of those DO NOT come out of your credit and you will be charged, beware!

    • So how can you use 210? 70 at a time?

      I have 560 credit sitting. I am guessing I need to pay just delivery for next 8 orders. But I don't know yet

  • I get to pay 9.99$ for shippping…anyway to get rid of this?

    • +8

      Move into their warehouse?

      • -1

        lol I get to make more than 15 meals for 10$ at home :) Hence asked :) Also OP mentioned only 5$ and why I am charged 9.9$????

        • wat do u make and is it full of nutrients and taste

          • @tydollasigncuz: All veggies I bought its only 10$ and it comes for at least 10 full meals, a meal I refer to is really a VERY BIG Meal. All nutrients. Along with Rice. It's hygienic, generous quantity, good quality ingredients hand picked from big supermarkets and I cook myself, I know what's going in, extremely thoughtful in cleanliness before and after cooking of whole kitchen and vessels. Now what more you want?

            • @DisabledUser359554: protein, meat

              • @tydollasigncuz: Sorry mate, my food is all nutritious, proteins, minerals, nutrients, :) but PURE VEGETARIAN . I cooked balanced vegetable dum biryani, well turned and less than 5$ but many vegetables that includes protein as well by means of Soya chunks!

                Meat I have no comments mate, I already mentioned I am vegan or vegetarian, please don't talk meat again :|

        • +2

          pasta and tomato sauce aren't meals

          • @Jugganautx: In my life I cooked pasta only 2 times and that too recently. Never cook these. I cook only healthy, all veggies, all lentils and rice :)

      • Hahhahahhahahahhaha

        • -1

          :0 coronavirus :0

  • Company is doggy AF… but cheap stuff is always good

  • Thanks, just signed up!

  • -2

    Use code OT-HJIIO for $153.83 off first box. Comes out as free up to that amount including free shipping.

    Hope code works for more than one person.

    • this code doesnt work mate

    • Says expired for me

    • Yes sorry, expired after one use

  • $9.99 for me in Sydney

  • +2

    Make sure if you signup to add your referral to ozbargain too so others can enjoy.

    • Just added my code

      • How to add referral? Sorry I’m a noob

        • I’m not quite sure I did it correctly, but I hit ‘edit’ next to the referral code section, then added it to the box that came up.

    • +1

      i joined for free food :)

      thanks to everyone who put in their referral codes. i have added mine also!

  • Looks good I might try it :)

  • +1

    $9.99 for me as well in Victoria. Thanks OP.

  • I am new to Hello Fresh. It doesn't let me choose menu before pay. How does it work? It shows various veggie options but I just can only select number of people and 3 meal plan. Not able to choose actual dish I want? How it works? Does this option comes after I pay before delivery? Or it is just random they only send us and we don't get to choose?

    • You pay then get to choose.

      • Thanks, but you say contrary to Vikis reply below im confused

  • Can you cancel immediately or do you have to wait til your first order arrives?

    • Edit: Yes you can cancel immediately, but be careful when cancelling. Theres a few screens you have to go through. its shitty design

  • Thanks op

  • +1

    Sign up and cancel right away, first delivery will be your final still (ie it won't cancel the first)

  • -2

    Expired after one use, bargain?

    • There are plenty of referral codes, just hit random and keep trying. You'll find your bargain.

  • +1

    Is it expired? I am getting this error after the $70 screen.
    “Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.”

    Edit: It’s working now. Thanks

  • -1

    I got my first box today using PayPal which I ordered in the first deal a few days ago, then cancelled that account. Different email, same name, phone number and address I was able to sign up again and pay direct by Credit Card this time

  • It seems they have altered the deal?
    I loaded it up just now was working till sign in then said expired.
    Then when I went to do it agin the discount is $50 instead of $70.
    Giving me 1 box (6 meals) for $15.94 delivered.

  • $70 still working, however are the recipes easy and quick to follow? I don't want to be spending 1 hour cooking.

    • +1

      They are simple, a child can follow it.

      If you are in doubt, go to the website and check out the recipes yourself, quite easy.

  • Worked just fine and added the referral code as well to help someone else.

    Just a quick question since this is my first time ordering from Hello Fresh.

    What are the best meal options from meat + veg category?

  • +1

    I ordered and upgraded to 5 meals but pretty ordinary you don't see the available meals until after you've processed the first payment. the menu itself is uninspiring. anyhow $39 or so for 5 meals, delivered surely isn't the end of the world. when you're cancelling make sure you're reading the screen as there are multiple screens to trick you to not cancelling. to be clear, it won't cancel/stop the initial delivery so you can do this immediately after processing the first order.

  • Cool, worked for me to Brisbane for $9.99 shipping. Cheers OP!

  • Worked for me and I added my referral too to help others out

    • How do you do that?

  • +2

    Someone used my referral. Thank you!

    • +1

      how do you know when someone used your referral?

      • +1

        Email from hello fresh saying $50 has been added to the account for the referral.

  • +2


    I clicked a random referral, went through to the checkout and saw a big green banner indicating $70 would be taken off. The checkout price didn't change and I thought it was becasue the banner overrode the price during PayPal payment,


    I went to proceed via PayPal but it never showed a cost confirmation. I just submitted the $75. Yikes! I was on the phone for about 20 minutes with a lot of waiting in between to see what would happen. The person on the other end "assured" me I'd get a "refund" if the referral link checks out (I may be requested to give via email).

    Now I need to wait for contact from their payments team (not sure why I wasn't just connected straight to them) to get it sorted.

    Long story short, I should have not clicked this OzB deal. Thanks OP (jks).

    • This almost happened to me, I saw the green banner with $70 off but it wasn't showing at checkout so I copied the referral code and added it to the promo box. Sounds like it saved me some grief.

  • Thanks, never used.. Will give them a go 👍🏻

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