This was posted 11 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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6 Meals $5.93 - $9.99 Delivered ($70 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I noticed that the previous (very popular) referral post of $79.99 has expired but just checked and my (along with no doubt many other OzBargainer) $70 referral code is still valid.

Deal - $70 OFF for new customers and referrer also receives $70

I've been a long time HelloFresh user and find they have a wide variety of interesting meals to choose from. Bit expensive full priced but definitely worth it with $70 off :)

Choose 2 people/3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $5.93. If you want more meals, just pay the difference for the next level up plans.

Note: Some users are reporting $9.99 total depending on location.

Don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan if you only want to take up a one time offer as this is a subscription service.

Offer expires 8 Feb

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments. If the link you click doesn't have $70 off, keep trying until you get one.

Referral Links

Referral: random (695)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    I love Hellofresh one thing that drives me up the walls is trying to decide what to cook every night. With hellofresh its so much easier!

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        Not sure how you cook a sockpuppet, but suggest boiling it first…

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        Definitely not being a sockpuppet!

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        Sure looks like one. I can almost see its googly eyes rolling around.

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      I actually agree. Sometimes I think its easier to do the cooking than figuring out what to cook.

  • Just got mine live up on fnq so had to pay 2 delivery fees? $19 but not bad for 3 meals for 2 people. Thankyou!

  • Got "Your order cannot be processed as vouchers are valid only for new customers. Please log in to your original account to place the order or remove the voucher code"
    Not sure what's happening there?

    • Have you had an account before? Or someone at your address

      • +1

        Pretty sure it's because I used a revolut disposable card. Fixed by jumping onto VPN + using a bank card.

  • FYI once you cancel your subscription, you can no longer change the meals being delivered. So secure the meals you want before cancelling.

    Our place is only 20 minutes from the CBD and we were charged $10 delivery fee + $10 regional fee. Strange as the voucher states it's for $70 off but we only received $65.94 off in the end. Not really as amazing a deal as the title had made out, but a bargain none the less. Will give it a crack, cheers OP.

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    Gave it a go but only got $50 off not $70 off as I used a random referral. Had to pay $15.95 for 3 meals delivered

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      Had to re-roll that diceeeeeeeeeee

  • Using this first time…at beginning I chose Meat and Veggies and now I'm at checkout page and it says place order. But at what stage I get to choose the meals?

    What if after clicking place order, I need to change to the Veggies only plan? Can I still do it?

    • +2

      Can choose after you pay.

      • thanks and What if after clicking place order, I need to change to the Veggies only plan? Can I still do it?

        • Go to My Deliveries and from there you can change your 3 meals (do note that some cost extra).

  • Thanks OP . Ordered 3 meals for next week and put in the referral code to help the community for random draws.

  • I can't get it for $5.93 delivered. $70 off referrals you have to pay postage. $59.99 referrals come with free delivery.

    Unless I'm missing something?

  • My order is scheduled to be shipped on 06/02 Feb (Sat).
    It says make changes to order by Tue 02/02 11:59PM.

    When can I safely cancel for the next order? and from where to cancel it?

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      I was not too sure if the same so I have skipped the next few weeks delivery that way you won't be charged and you can cancel after you receive your first delivery.

      • Sorry, didn't understand your point. Can you please explain again. Esp in my case looking at above dates, what should I do?

        • +3

          When you log in at the top (on PC the app might be different) it should show your weekly delivery dates (for you it should be something like Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20 and so on). Click on those dates after Feb 6 and it should show you the option to skip them. So you can do that just to be on the safe side and then cancel altogether once you receive your first order on Feb 6th.

        • +3

          As dins explained below already, once you login , at the bottom click on My menu section, it should show you your delivery dates 6 Feb, 13 Feb , 20 Feb and so on. Click on those dates, click on edit delivery and skip this week. That way they won't ship you any additional delivery and you won't be charged for extra delivery

    • I placed my order and canceled a few hours later. It doesn’t cancel the current order. Just make sure you’re happy with the meals you’ve selected before canceling. If not just resubscribe change meals and cancel again.

      • Let us know if you actually receive it.

        • Someone mentioned in an earlier post that they cancel the night after they ordered and have received it.
          I just checked my order history and the status for it is still paid instead of cancelled.

  • So everytime we sign up is kt getting $70 if so your a clever salesman, to entice us ozbarganers with such a large discount i might sign up hope it helps you

    • +1

      Use the random button.

  • Thanks for all the referrals guys, I got enough credit now to last me over a month worth of this Hello Fresh business!

  • Anyway, how do I browse options available for vegetarian? Do I have to pay first to view the options??

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    I cant get the discount can anyone help the link says its expired and just charges me the normal price

    • Seems to be working … just enter a referral code from the randomiser

  • Ok i can get the discount but its not $6 delivered its $10

    • Delivery cost and dates are dependent on the area I think. I got charged $10 as well and the earliest date is Feb 10th.

  • +2

    $20 all up for me due to being in a regional area. Not too bad for 3 dinners, saves having to think what to cook for a few days anyway.

    Have tried hello fresh once before on a promo, the meals were fine but outrageously expensive if you were actually paying the full price.

    The promo code my account generated is for $70… hopefully I get some of those random clicks !

  • The disappointment when I realized these are those ones when you have to make it up yourself…after ordering and thinking they were premade ones, immeasurable.

    • Yeah, I'm hoping that everything is prepped for an easy meal. I ordered with the intent of a quick an easy lunch, but now I see a prep time of 40 min :) hopefully it's exaggerated

      • God, mooood!

        I was like "oh cool, I'll have a lil chicken and rice snack ready to heat up in the microwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhat now? 35 (profanity) minutes? I don't even take that long when I'm bloody chopping the skin and shit off the chicken myself!"

      • I actually find they underestimate the cook time for the most part.
        Could just be the type of meals I get though

        • Yep - usually around 5, sometimes 10 minutes more

  • I had to pay 9.99 for delivery but it doesn't sound that bad for 3 meals for 2 people.

  • I remember HCF had a members promo for 1 x box free. Which was 2 people, 5 meals box.

    I have 3 family members and got 3 x boxes over 3 weeks, the ad was on Ozbargain and HCF found out within 2 days of the ad being on Ozbargain and told Oz to remove it hahaha i remember that

  • Comes up as $16?

  • Can multiple people try under the same household?

    • I have in the past

  • How do we add our referral code to the Ozbargain referral system?

  • This is what I got for a Melbourne metro delivery

    3 meals per week for 2 persons $75.93
    Discount -65.94
    Order price (with discount) $9.99

    it said $70 discount when I clicked the link

  • Will this still work if I am already registered for the 40% first week, 30% second week, 10% subsequent 2 weeks promo they have? Thinking of cancelling since the discounts after the first 2 weeks isn’t great and using this maybe under another family member’s name

  • Is there a way to see the menu for the week before committing to it?
    Edit: nvm found it on the app

  • Charging me $20 delivery for Perth…..

    • +3

      I think you might be confusing this with another food service (Youfoodz?), as HelloFresh meals are not frozen. You get the fresh ingredients and need to prepare the Mel from a recipe

  • Haha I got 4 referral credits today - thanks OZbargain!

    • same. glad i haven't cancelled yet!

  • Do you know if I can still cancel my subscription and come back to use my referral credit in a few weeks? I don't need consecutive week deliveries.

    • +2

      You can ‘suspend’ the weeks you don’t want

  • +4

    So grateful for ozbargain and those who clicked on the random referral link. As a broke ass student this will literally lift a weight off my shoulder

    • Is there somewhere on the account you can see the credits? (Or check the scheduled payments?) Just to want to make sure of the discounts.

      • +1

        Do you mean if you’re a referrer? If you’re using the app, clicking the settings will show how many credits you’ve got and clicking ‘hellofriends’ will show how many discounts you’ve given.

  • Do we need to re-add the referral code if we’ve already already added it in the previous deal?

  • only managed to get $60 off? offer amended now?

  • aiks.. $20 delivery to perth

  • Just a heads up if you “deactivate” your account you can’t accrue referral credit. Best to skip deliveries if you’d like to continue to accrue (just remember to set a reminder for when it starts again).

  • Ended up paying $20 for the deal as 2 lots of costs for $10 + $10 delivery, kinda crap tbh, who pays twice for delivery not sure if I made the right choice or not

  • Anyone know what restrictions/exclusions there are with using the credit? E.g. Do you still need to pay for delivery outside of the credit? I read a comment in one of the recent threads that "upgrades" were charged for separately.

  • Does anyone know how large (or small) the portions are ? Heard from some people HelloFresh’s portions are very small and insufficient for the number of people ordered. Not sure if it’s because they are just super big eaters …

    • +2

      In the past they were a bit on the small side, but I’m pretty happy with most portions size now for our family of four (two teenagers). I feel like they upped the serving sizing during Covid… no doubt through such feedback. Sometimes I add a bread roll though for the kids, depending on the meals.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, Having used in the past this is great value but agree with many other posters that at full price it's overpriced. Ordered and cancelled straight away and threw my code in the ring too…

  • +1

    9.99 shipping for me

    • Same

  • how does the referral credit work? I got $210 credit so far, will that pay for more weeks of deliveries or is there a catch?

    • Where does it say your credit?
      It says 2 discounts sent my email (random listed emails so assuming here) for me and 'All your discounts have been claimed!'. Not even sure what it means

      • +1

        under account info

  • Just added my referral code to the list so hopefully I've done it right. Things have been a bit tight lately so the $70 referral credit will provide some welcome relief.

  • +1

    What’s the best time to cancel subscription before it trigger another payment? After last delivery of the plan?

    • +2

      Personally I'd wait for my first box before cancelling. Skip the subsequent orders just in case you forget to cancel in time. Set a reminder on your calendar to cancel your order/account after receiving your first box.

  • Do you need to heat any of these meals in the oven? Mine is broken. I have a microwave and a stove.

    • +1

      They are not meals that you heat. You cook them from scratch.

    • Some of them, but not all of them. Just click through to the recipe and it’ll tell you how that meal is cooked

  • Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.

    • +1

      I just order a few minutes ago, try another referral code.

  • +2

    I skipped the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th orders, I'll wait for the delivery of 1st box before cancelling. I reccomend you guys do the same. This minimises the risk of your first order being cancelled as well. I know several commenters said they've received their box after cancelling immediately but with this deal becoming so hot, I wouldn't put it past them to cancel those orders. Just remember to put in your calendar to cancel your order/account after receiving your first box.

  • Just to clarify, it is only the first box that is free right? The 6 meals is just 3x 2 people right?

    • +1

      Yes first box is free and comes with 6 meals (3 different meals with 2 servings each meal). If you put your referral code in OzBargain you may receive more $70 referral credits. I did it yesterday and have got $210 worth of credits now.

      • yea I refered a mate and got 2 through here, so 210 also :) does that mean ill get 3 more deliveries for free?

        • +1

          Delivery fee still applies. So basically three more of these 6 meal deliveries.

  • First box total
    $75.93 $15.94

    • made that same mistake reroll for a $70 referral code

  • got 50 and went with it, damn lost 20

  • I live in Brisbane where there is a $9.99 delivery fee that the $70 off does not apply to. Still a good deal though. Thanks OP :)

  • +2

    So I got 70 bucks credit from referral, is this automatically applied to the second delivery?
    If yes, so second delivery should be just 6 dollars after credit applied?

  • Keep clicking on random referral code, I just signed up with a $70 referral credit :D

  • I paid 9$ but worth it for 6 meals, 1 person.
    I already cancelled my plan

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