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6 Meals $5.93 - $9.99 Delivered ($70 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I noticed that the previous (very popular) referral post of $79.99 has expired but just checked and my (along with no doubt many other OzBargainer) $70 referral code is still valid.

Deal - $70 OFF for new customers and referrer also receives $70

I've been a long time HelloFresh user and find they have a wide variety of interesting meals to choose from. Bit expensive full priced but definitely worth it with $70 off :)

Choose 2 people/3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $5.93. If you want more meals, just pay the difference for the next level up plans.

Note: Some users are reporting $9.99 total depending on location.

Don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan if you only want to take up a one time offer as this is a subscription service.

Offer expires 8 Feb

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments. If the link you click doesn't have $70 off, keep trying until you get one.

Referral Links

Referral: random (560)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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  • On active meal plans I cab see 3 lines. Invoices also 3 with the same date. Does it show up to you as well?

  • Can 2 or 3 people in same household join but using different names but same address, same phone number and same payment method (PayPal)? Or do you need another payment method for each new account? I’ve got one but my boyfriend wants to sign up too but pay using same PayPal account and same phone number

    • I tied that and it came up with an error message so we dad to get our second order delivered to another address.

      You could try adding a unit number to see if that makes a difference eg instead of 1 random street, try 1a Random Street

      • Tried the unit no. nope. Signed up with new email and all… still trying to figure out what it's linked to eg. address, number, paypal.

  • +12

    Got my free box on Saturday under the previous deal + $140 referral credits since yesterday. Thanks HF and OZB! I'm a single parent and this helps so much.

  • Nice find OP

  • Keep clicking random referrals!

  • +3

    From their terms and conditions:

    13.6 Vouchers and Customer credits deriving from any Customer referral program are not valid if used inappropriately, such as being published on deal sites or bargain sites. We reserve the right to cancel any suspicious codes and delete credits from the sharer’s account if we become aware of inappropriate use.

    • A person on OB I remember got banned because he had to much referrals credits. It was a post about best secret deals few months ago.

  • Looked through comments but couldn't find an answer to this, but say I got $70 credit from referral, how do I use it?

    • I have got credit, because I can change my subscription to more meals per week, but where can I see how much credit I have got?

      • +2

        Go to account settings then Account Info and it will be listed with heading "Your Credit" halfway down.

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • Has anyone actually used the referral credit ?

  • +3

    Ah not feeling the love from the random referral generator lol

    • Yeah me either :( heaps of clicks but no credit

      • How you know you've got heaps of clicks?

        • Heaps of clicks on the deal I'm guessing

        • If you go to the Referral section in Settings, it'll actually tell you how many clicks you've had on ur referral for each store.

  • i got a refund from hello fresh $9.99 i wonder why

  • +2

    I got refunded and looks like my subscription has been deactivated.

    • same here. wonder what happened

      • Did you guys had a lot of credits due to referrals?

      • same. i didn't have much in the way of referrals, but i had used the same paypal with a different account in the past. i just went and reactivated my account lol see what happens.

        • I've reactivated and changed payment method away from PayPal. Perhaps that was the primary factor.

          • +2

            @theoracle30: Had $210 of referral credit and been deactivated. Got it reactivated via chat and can still use credit.

  • +2

    Keep getting "Your order cannot be processed as vouchers are valid only for new customers. Please log in to your original account to place the order or remove the voucher code"

    Even when I created a new account and changed the phone number. I've gotten Hellofresh in the past but pretty sure only at a different address so this seems weird. Anyone else get this?

    • Try changing your delivery address to a different one.

      • Tried putting a letter after the number as someone above suggested and also my neighbour's address but still comes up with the same error ):

        • Got a friend who moved into a new place to do it and she got the same error with new details so I'm wondering if it's a problem with the promotion now. Ozbargained? If anyone has successfully placed an order using the promo from today onwards I'd love to know!

    • Same… wondering if it's linked to paypal or something?

      Tried the unit thing and adding letters too.

      • +1

        Yeah it turns out I haven't used Hellofresh at all (was thinking of Youfoodz which has similar coloured branding) so I initiated a chat with their customer service today. Gave them my email, address, and eventually number after they reset my account and asked me to retry with no success again. They've forwarded it to their payments department and they asked me to try again in 24-48 hrs. Fingers crossed that solves it. I'd say try to contact their customer service too?


  • What's with the automated $1 payment? I thought it would be refunded asap, no?

  • huh… i was charged 9.99 when i first did it, then now they just charged me another 5.98 randomly

    • +2

      Did you order a meal upgrade?

      • dont know. i just picked 3 out of all the ones listed

        • +1

          Gotta watch out, there’s a few that add a few dollars extra for a bigger portion or something and the text is in tiny print

        • it was the chicken tacos, did not see the tiny +$2.99/serve

          • @ilovepizza: The Korean Chicken Tacos?

            • @Slappie: tandoor chicken tacos. you'll see the extra fee at the bottom of each selection if it has an extra fee.

  • Yes I got an additional $17.99 charge after the deadline so you cant cancel according to them. Perhaps this could be listed at the top of the bargain. Wont be using them again and I am hoping to cancel this Menu was not even great and was only doing this to trial them.

    • What deadline? Deadline to modify your order for the week? I’m try to understand when is the best time to cancel as I got 2 referrals left.

  • +1

    Not happy with HelloFresh

    Read in this forum that you cna cancel the subscription and still your first order will get delivered.
    I received an invoice for the purchase though i use a discount code.
    Now my delivery was cancelled.

    If I use and paid money, then they just cancelled - seems like not a good practice.


    This email confirms you've successfully cancelled your subscription with HelloFresh. Your cancellation has been processed before this week's cut-off (respective to your area), so you will not receive a box as per our Terms and Conditions.

    If you have any questions about your account, please contact our Customer Care Team.

    The HelloFresh Team

    • +2

      I cannot amend my previous post.

      Make sure to cancel after tuesday cutoff.

      • +1

        No need to cancel in a hurry just skip the next couple of deliveries and then cancel once you have received the first box.

  • I have 4 free boxes to hand out. Would anyone know if they have to be new subscribers? Thanks.

    • +1

      I think you have to be a new subscriber for a free box. I don't know if you can use free box with referral though. If you can use 1 only then free box is better than referral as you get around $140 for the free box rather than $70 for referral.

      • Shame but I guess it would make sense. Thanks.

  • +1

    Has anyone successfully redeemed their referral credit? What's the process, as I've currently deactivated my account

    What's the max you can redeem per order and are their any exclusions, read above credit can't be used towards shipping and fruit box, anything else?

    • I am sure i was told the discount or promotion is lost once i cancel the account.

      Not sure wit the remaining credits.

      • most likely lost or stopped. not sure if you can reactivate the account.

        • +1

          You can enalbe again the account. you can still login.
          Two oprion:
          1. skipped the weeks ahead so they do not charge and delivery successding meals
          2. cancel, up to you if you want to reactivate again

          there was cut off like every tuesday.

          I was advise if you are using discount codes or promo, you order on Monday for next week delivery, you cancel after tuesday else if you cancel before the cut off, your order may also get cancelled. Happen to me, I order with the discuont code on Saturday, then after few hours i ancel t to make sure i dont forget since i want to experience first the meal delivery and menu before i want to continue with the weekly order.

          I got invoice and confirmation of order on email and on their order history. But i cancelled it after 1 efw hours. on Monday, i recieved an email that my order was also cancelled therefore they will nto deliver the meal i ordered and the dicount code I used is lost/cannot be re-used. I got support on chat to sort things out. a bit time consuming.

          • @atlinus: Can you cancel any day after Tuesday (like Thursday or Sunday, etc)? Or should you really only cancel on a Tuesday?

  • Order arriving tomorrow, but ETA time window is wayyy outside what I selected.

  • I find this is a useful service - the teenagers can cook dinner for the family and seem to enjoy the experience and the food is tasty. No love from the random referral thingy yet but my fingers are crossed.

  • this deal is still active so for new users just keep on clicking at the referral button till you get the 70 off. Just got my first box

  • Just received my first box. Thanks OP and whoever "referred" me.

  • Same. Just received mine. Thanks Op and referrer!

  • +2

    I just cancelled the subscription after receiving the first box. Just pay close attention when doing this. They deliberately shift the button colours around so you really need to pay attention to ensure you do it correctly. It's like a psychometric test.

    • Really? They change the button colors? Sounds odd

  • Isn't this price technically for 3 meals (or 6 servings) rather than 6 meals? Just curious in case I missed out on a better bargain..

  • I just received my first box and there’s a $40 off voucher for on next two boxes ($20 each). Has anyone received/tried it? Will it override any of my credits?

    • Good question

      • +3

        You can’t use discount codes and credits at the same time. The credits will be kept for later use.

        • Thanks, better not use it for now then :)

    • I made the mistake of applying it, and as mentioned above, you can't use your credits until you've used the voucher that applied. I asked them to remove it so I could use my credit.

      • Did they get back to you about that? Did you manage to get it removed successfully?

  • +2

    Tried it for first time today. Pretty tasty with some complex flavours. Bit more work than I thought. Check ingredients before you start (need to use some of your own pantry items).

    Order summary for second weeks delivery says $0 after credits applied. Is this a trick?

    Classic Plan 3 meals x 2 people $65.94
    Shipping $9.99
    Credit -$75.93

    Total $0

  • I'd not recommend hellofresh-has anyone had their order messed up? They screwed up my order.

    Over 3 hours wasted talking to CS. Lots of back and forth; almost 2 hours via live chat and the rest on the phone. They sent my order to the wrong address. 100% their fault. Somehow, they still won't tell me how/why, my address (which was correct) got removed and replaced with another address; a non residents address. The public had access to this building. It was a clothing store. Yes, they delivered my order to a small shop that sells clothes. Free box to anyone lucky enough to see it yesterday. After wasting 3+ hours chatting with support, I'm getting a replacement box tomorrow. Let's see if it's worth it since I wasted so much time chasing them up but I doubt it.

  • Cancelled via website.
    Last message I get is:

    Your subscription has been cancelled
    You have no more deliveries

    Is that all? or how do we remove/fully deactivate the account?

    • Looks like it. Also remove the mode of payment and look for a way to deactivate your account. You can also try doing it in the desktop version as sometimes mobile is limited.

    • Did you end up getting all the deliveries you paid for?

  • +1

    Did anyone not get their $1 pre authorization charge (PayPal) back? I still haven’t yet even though it’s been 10 days. It’s only $1 but I thought it was automatically refunded. Hellofresh told me to speak to PayPal and PayPal said the opposite. Odd

  • post removed

  • Post says this expires 8 Feb. My HF account says 2 days 9 hours. I'm guessing everyone has a different expiry for their $70 referral?

  • Really confusing, signed up and paid 9.99 but what's next? Do they deliver and I need to prepare by myself? Not sure how this works

    • +1

      Do they deliver and I need to prepare by myself? Yes and Yes, they would have told you the delivery date and time frame.
      You'll receive fresh ingredients like chicken/veggie/sauce satchets etc (based on which meals you ordered) and a recipe card with step by step instructions.
      This card will also outline "pantry items", this is items they assume you have at home like salt, pepper, olive oil, water (again this dependent on which recipe you've selected)

      • Thanks, looks like not my cup of tea. I should have read about it first on their website.

  • I went to go change some of the meals and it wants me to pay like $75 lol.

    Is this normal?

    • No. Did you try and switch after the cut off or something?

  • I have stopped/ deactivated service after first trail using this deal but I got their new email now:

    Time to choose your recipes for the next week!


    Hi xxxxx,

    Discover next week’s selection of delicious new and improved recipes.

    Remember to choose your perfect menu by Tuesday 11:59PM AEST/AEDT.


    Do I still need to cancel this cleanly somewhere?

    • Call them, I did the same and made sure it's cancelled. They don't provide any ref number to the call or case, but their calls are recorded and ask them specifically to put notes on the account. Also ask the agent's name.

      You should also receive a cancellation confirmation email, that's enough to prove you've cancelled. If they don't stop delivering even after, then you're in good luck my friend!

    • You can also skip deliveries.

  • +2

    Has anyone else selected to 'Donate' their delivery? I think it goes through the Foodbank charity. I'm considering it, just wanted to make sure that the donation will actually use my credits (from referrals), rather than drawing from my paypal.

    • +2

      I called them because that’s what I wanted to do too (disappointed with HF for a couple of reasons) and the agent told me they do. So I’m just going to try donating a box to charity for now to see if it works (half the time I’ve contacted CS, they didn’t
      even know; lot of wishy washy responses from CS in my experience. Eg last week I asked them if I could use credits to 'buy' sides to add to my order. One agent said yes but it didn’t work and I contacted them again and 2nd agent said no).

  • Missed the cut off :-(
    Next order = $75.93

    Tried the chat:

    Ah, crumbs.

    Changes to your delivery must be made by Tuesday the week prior to delivery, so unfortunately we can't change this for you now. 😕

    The reason we’re so strict with our cut-off is to be responsible from a food waste perspective. We hope you understand!

    Hopefully, you have a friend, neighbour, or family member who will be able to enjoy these delicious meals!

    Cutoff is Tuesday midnight ONE week before.

  • …..

  • LOL just got charged $75 for my next order even though my 1st order hasn't been delivered. What a joke.

    I will be calling them to cancel it or doing a credit card chargeback

    I wanted to cancel earlier but it said if I canceled earlier then it would pause my original order.

    Edit: They told me over the phone the $9.95 was only for 3 meals. WTF? The title here 6 meals?

    Either way I canceled. So they wanted $75 for 3 meals? LOL I can 2 weeks of grocery shopping for that amount.

    • 2 people x 3 meals = 6

    • +1

      It's pretty expensive and a waste of packaging imo, most of the bags had 3 or 4 dollars worth of food in them but cost $22

  • +6

    Just cooked my first meal (creamy beef and veggie pasta), was good compared to the crap I normally do :P

  • Referred the missus so now have a $70 credit. If i reactivate now does it charge automatically or does it let you choose your plan options again?

    • +1

      you get to choose your plan options/meals up until the deadline of tuesday night and then you are 'charged'. I initially skipped the next few weeks but then opted in for next week as i had racked up $280 in credts. Wasnt charged delivery for next weeks order and credit reduced by $65.95.

      • Cheers, might reactivate for another cheap week then

      • I did the same but I am thinking they may charge for the delivery not use the credit. But it will be worth it. My first lot were pretty nice.

    • Did you do this at the same address as your account? I tried and got this error:

      "Your order cannot be processed as vouchers are valid only for new customers. Please log in to your original account to place the order or remove the voucher code"

      • Yes I did, we live at the same address and I got my second box for free. Do you share computers or something perhaps? Did you just send her a referral email straight from your account?

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