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[SUBS] New Star Channel Starts 23 Feb, Sign-up by 22 Feb to Lock-in $8.99/Mth Subscription Fee until 22 Aug @ Disney+


The Disney+ streaming app is set for a huge expansion on 23 February with a new Star channel adding 450 movies and 155 TV shows.

All 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother is also included in the list of new shows. Now that's just Legen…wait for it…dary!
Disney+ subscriptions will include Star from 23 February 2021. Unfortunately, this comes with a price hike of $3 per month from $8.99 to $11.99 (or $89.99 to $119.99 per year)

If you have an existing Disney Plus subscription, or sign up for a new subscription before 22 Feb, you won't see the price hike until your next renewal after August 2021.

Existing price ends 22 Feb 2021:

"Offer ends 22/02/21. *$8.99/mo. price locked in for monthly Disney+ subscribers until next monthly renewal after 22/08/21, provided a current subscription is maintained during that time. $89.99/year price locked in for annual subscribers until their next annual renewal after 22/08/21. For monthly subscribers, Disney+ subscription will renew at $11.99/mo. from the next monthly billing date after 22/08/21. For annual subscribers, Disney+ subscription will renew at $119.99 from the next annual billing date after 22/08/21. Subscription Agreement applies."

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  • +15

    $8.99 to $11.99 is $3, not $2!

    • +19

      Oops I can't math, fixed

    • +1

      Not if you see $8.99 as 'ahh it's actually $9 don't try and trick me…' and $11.99 as 'ahh it's actually not that expensive! Only like around $11!'

  • +3

    Some really cool series' on that list, some obscure stuff not available elsewhere.

    Decent bunch of movies too.

    • +13

      From the looks of it, it's mostly the library of stuff they picked up in the Fox acquisition or is on Hulu in the state.

      Personally, I'm fine with this price hike (I'll hand in my ozbargainer card after his post). Disney Star is only available outside of the US and is basically combining Hulu and Disney+ into one for a few dollars extra instead of launching Hulu here. Beats paying for and using two streaming services.

      • +2

        I agree, I dont want more streaming services - and the increase is small enough with the content added big enough to be worth it IMO.

  • +5

    I think yearly subscribers get disney+ star at no extra cost till their yearly sub is due.

    • +1

      I think you're right, updated the listing

    • So if we are a current monthly subscriber at $8.99/mth we don’t pay the price hike until August?
      What if I switch to a 12mth subscription before August (or now), do I pay $89.99 or $119.99?

      • I checked and if you switch now, you only pay $89.99 till next renewal. But unclear if you can wait till August an do the switch

        • +1

          Yeah it's a bit unclear but I think I'll go the $89.99 12mth subscription before 23 Feb.

          I am surprised I actually like Disney+ and I've continued on after the free one-month trial I signed up for The Mandalorian and have watched a fair bit of other stuff since.

          With the 12mth subscription it averages at $7.50/mth so I think it's worth it overall, especially with the new channel.

  • +21

    How do they not have Futurama yet?

    • +1

      Yeah wtf!

      • +1

        WTF = Where's The Futurama?!

  • +3

    So I'm an existing monthly subscriber. Would the best thing to do be to opt in to a yearly subscription before 23 Feb?

    • +1

      Same question here!

    • +1

      Keen to know to

    • +1

      I think it's always been better, but note that the monthly price is locked in till August for existing subscribers.

    • +2

      Yearly is better value, so on that basis yes.

      • +1

        So for existing monthly subscriptions, is the best approach to stay monthly then switch to annual before the last date in Aug,?

        Or does it require a switch now before the Feb date to qualify?

        • says *$8.99/mo. price locked in for monthly Disney+ subscribers until next monthly renewal after 22/08/21, provided a current subscription is maintained during that time.

          others pushing yearly because over the course of a year its better value but 1 or 2 months should clear anything worth watching

        • +2

          I believe you should switch before the Feb date as the annual pricing comes into effect then. The August thing is only for people staying on monthly or are already on an annual plan which is next due before August. I could be wrong, but that's how I read it.

    • "existing subscribers won’t see their bills go up for six months from February 23 while those who have already paid for an annual subscription will not be hit with the higher price until their next billing cycle after August 2021" from news.com.au

  • +1

    does that mean signing up for a annual plan now is a deal?

    • +7

      The deal is if you sign up for a year now you don’t pay the new full price until that subscription expires.

      • +1

        ah I see thanks, changing my subscription to 1 year now

      • +5

        You can also pay for Disney Plus using discounted iTunes gift cards. So it knocks the price down another 15%.

        • That's what I did. One year sub via iPad using 15% off iTunes cards. On my second year now.

        • And the price on iOS is not hiked 30% to make up for the Apple tax?

          • @NimbusTLD: Surprised me when I joined, it's the same price as signing up via the website.

            • @Hintswen: Can't figure out how to use iTunes credit to pay for my sub, when I try to change it in-app, it opens Safari, where it only offers new PayPal and credit card payment options.

  • +1

    So if already on a yearly subscription which expires say November 2021, then stack another year on top now(if that's at all possible) assume won't see the price increase until November 2022? Or can we not stack Disney years subscriptions

    • +1

      I think your renewal needs to be before 22 August 2021. So those who have a subscription that expires just prior to that date benefits the most.

    • +4

      pretty sure you can't stack multiple years on a Disney+ sub. It's just either a monthly or yearly renewal system.

    • +2

      It's not possible (I just tried/googled/etc).

      The only people who get any benefit from this are:

      • if you're on a monthly subscription you'll keep the cheaper pricing for 6 more months (but then the smarter option is to sign up an annual one now)
      • if you want to try it out for a few months sign up a monthly one now rather than after Feb 23, but if you switch to annual it'll be the $120
      • if you're on an annual subscription and signed up between Feb-Aug last year (which won't be many people, everyone signed up Nov/Dec for the Mandalorian) you can renew at a cheaper price this year. Disney picked that time period for a very good reason, it means the bulk of people will pay the full price next renewal

      Otherwise, the old story is still true. Renew/sign up an annual subscription before the price hike.

      You can buy "gift" subscriptions to Disney+ that don't expire. I'm wondering if I can buy one of them and setup an account under my gf or something in 12 months - https://www.disneyplus.com/en-au/welcome/gift-subscription

      • says *$8.99/mo. price locked in for monthly Disney+ subscribers until next monthly renewal after 22/08/21, provided a current subscription is maintained during that time.

        others pushing yearly because over the course of a year its better value but 1 or 2 months should clear anything worth watching

        • Yes but if you switch to annual now you effectively skip the price hike for a year, plus benefit from the yearly price "discount"

        • That's why my second dot point is anyone who wants to try it out for a couple of months this is a good time to do it, although prior to Feb 23 was always a good time, this just extends it a little. The problem is if you switch to annual after 23/02/2020 you'll be charged $119.99, not $89.99. At that point the best move is to watch everything you want and cancel, or stay on mtm until August then sign up the $120 annual.

          If you're on mtm already and see yourself using it until at least August, the best move is to switch to annual now, which everyone already knew. This deal doesn't change that logic at all.

  • +1

    Good timing to add new content as I'm starting to go back to the office 3 days a week now so need stuff for the train.

  • +1

    I wish Disney would not censor The Simpsons - Stark Raving Dad. I love that episode.

    • +1

      Disney didn’t, Simpsons producers did. They felt MJ used the episode to gain the trust of kids. Simpsons producers have always had creative control and final say, even back at Fox.

  • +1

    Can't see the option to change to annual through Google Play subscription. Anyone figure it out please let us know. It seems I might have to wait till the monthly sub expires, which will be after the 22nd.

    • +1 Having the same problem.

    • +1

      you have to let the month to month lapse (or cancel it) then renew on annual in the Disney+ site, you cant switch (or couldn't when i did it in June 2020)

      Not sure if its the same on Google Play subscription but would assume its the same.

      The Annual sub comes up when you want to start a new subscription but not visible if you are currently subscribed…..silly really.

      So if my annual renewal comes up in June, i still get to renew at $89 the way i read this as its before August when the new pricing kicks in. Sweet!.

      • Yes, it seems we have to wait for the monthly anniversary date to pass after cancellation through Google play, hoping that it offers a yearly subscription option when subsequently resubscribing.

    • I was on month to month until the 27th of Jan, cancelled a few days before then but had access up to the 27th.. was going to resubscribe in a few weeks but did it today instead, annual subscription. Im wondering if cancelling the monthly subscription then resubscribing as annual would mean you get the annual from your original monthly end date? Maybe then you can still get the 89.99 price

  • So for existing subscribers the price goes up after the 22nd August. But I’m paid up until the 24th of August :(

  • +2

    how does the trials work? I was about to use the Xbox perk / trial and get disney for 1 month, can i get a trial for 1 month and still subscribe for annual before the 23rd of feb? As in subscribe annually before the 1 month is up, or will i have to wait for the 1 month trial to be up at which point the price would have gone up?

    • +1

      I was wondering the same question. I suppose I can just use the free month from Xbox and then if it's not possible to switch to the annual plan before the 23rd February I could just create a new account with a different email.

  • Nicely played Disney. Nicely played…

  • -1

    Nice, my yearly subscription ends in July :) I should probably start looking for discounted itunes gift cards now…

  • How I Met Your Mother… Yuck..

    People must watch it for the drama / soap aspects because too unfunny to be comedy

    • +7

      I know what you are saying, I hated what Disney had done as Netflix and their strategy had helped neutralise the battle between piracy and the big entertainment companies. Then once Netflix had set the field and made everyone used to streaming etc, Disney comes back and takes a lot of content off netflix and other streaming companies and cuts out the middle man to stream themselves. Issue is if all the studios did this, then we are back to the drawing board of having to pirate or pay exorbitant amounts as we would have to subscribe to many different sites to get the content instead of only 1 or 2.

      • -2


        "I have to pirate, your honour"

  • +4

    I made the mistake of missing my 1 mth cancellation by a day and paying for another month .
    Absolute crap content vs the big 2 .
    1 mth a year is the way to play them .

  • +1

    I currently have an annual subscription that is valid until December this year, if I buy another 12 month Disney Plus gift card now and add it to my current subscription, does this mean that I will get another 12 months at the current price that will see me out until December next year?

    And if this is the case, how many extra gift cards can I add to lock the fees in at the current price?

    • Unfortunately according this webpage, gift subscriptions can only be redeemable by new subscribers.

      • Thanks for the reply, what about these physical gift cards?


        Edit: I just found the answer:

        "Card may be redeemed by new Disney+ subscribers only. CARD DOES NOT EXPIRE. Card may only be purchased by Australian residents, 18 years of age or older. Card entitles the holder to a 12-month subscription to the Disney+ service in the redeemer's jurisdiction, which will be credited to your account upon redemption. A condition to redemption is that you must create a new Disney+ account and accept the Disney+ Subscriber Agreement."

        • That sucks. I wonder if a new subscriber could be had via iTunes/iCloud family?

  • Ha ha, good timing. I just joined last week.

  • Thanks OP

    Was on my list to cancel this one so came at the right time

  • +4


    • Family guy next, if it’s in Stars then it won’t soil the clean Disney brand.

      • Would seem pointless to have The Cleveland Show and American Dad, but not Family Guy.

  • +3

    Do those discounted itunes vouchers come out often? Never tracked them but would prefer to hold out to get the 15% discount.

    • Quite regularly. It will be several times between now and August.

      • +1

        August is too late. 6 days until deal is over.

  • Or for those who can get hotstar, it is already there.

  • +2

    Will be interesting how much of the Hulu library gets added with this.

  • I share an account with a friend, that subscription expires in December.
    If I buy a $90 gift card now and start my own subscription in December, will I still get the rates that are connected to the current price structure for a full 12 months in December?

  • Solar Opposites omg yes! Been using a vpn for Hulu no need to anymore

  • For your information, How I Met Your Mother all 9 Seasons is on Netflix whoever has a Subscription to it.


  • Annoyingly greys anatomy is moving from channel 7 to star. Hate it when shows move after many years from free to air to subscription :(. The new season of greys season 17 will air from feb 26 weekly (which is weird when 7 episodes have already aired in the USA) according to tvtonight.


    • It's also on Stan IIRC

  • For everyone who is looking to switch to annual subscription has to be done before feb 23rd to get the cheaper price…."It's worth noting that if you're keen on Disney+ and sign up before 23 February 2021, you'll save 25% on a yearly subscription. This is because of the price rise that comes into effect after that date. If you're interested, there is no free trial unfortunately"

  • Glad I saw this. Thanks OP going to renew a year via apple as I have just only used my xbox free disney 1 month pass.

    It's a good time to go on board with all the 2021 release

    [email protected]

    Dec 11, 2020
    Replying to @Disney
    Over the next few years, roughly 10 @Marvel series, 10 @StarWars series, 15 Disney live action, @DisneyAnimation, and @Pixar series, plus 15 all-new Disney live action, Disney Animation, and Pixar features will be released directly on @DisneyPlus

    List of Disney 2021-2029 releases

    Plus it's just a matter of time Sony Marvel movies coming to Disney Plus.
    Spiderman untitled
    Venom: Let there be carnage
    Spiderman into the Spiderverse 2

  • +1

    For those of us with younger kids;

    “The new parental controls will be released globally on February 23rd, 2021.”


  • +2

    For those interested on what is coming with Star:


  • Was still able to renew today in the old price if anyone's interested.

    • I renewed just before midnight and lost a day :(

  • Where’s the new channel?

  • Yeah I'm not seeing the new channel either. Has anyone got it yet?

  • +1

    It's HERE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overture, curtain, lights,
    This is it, the night of nights
    No more rehearsing and nursing a part

    We know every part by heart
    Overture, curtain, lights

    This is it, you'll hit the heights
    And oh what heights we'll hit
    On with the show this is it

    Tonight what heights we'll hit

    On with the show this is it….. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

  • The old price is still effective if you can manage to pay via US VPN with a US credit card. Only for the next few hours it appears..

    I tried it but dont have a US credit card so was declined.

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