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Collect 5400 Points for $100 Spend in One or More Shops @ Woolworths Rewards


Spend $100 in one or more shops, in-store or online at Woolworths to collect 5400 points. Not having to do it all in one go makes this infinitely easier to achieve.

Points and spend amounts will invariably vary from person to person, of course. Make sure to boost beforehand, link/scan your rewards card, check app for details yadda yadda, you know the drill.

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  • +1

    sweet moses. that's a HUGE points for $ spend ratio.

    Clearly targeted. They must want you back in the store bad.

    • +2

      Been getting a number of 3100 bonus pts for $50 spend lately. A better pt/$ targeted offer.

  • 500 points next two weeks if I spend $40. Not as lucky as OP sadly.

  • +1

    15,000 points for $175/week for 4 weeks for me. Just finished 12,000 points for $100/week for 4 weeks on the same card.

  • +1

    3000 points for $30/week for 3 weeks for me - they sure like to mix it up a bit!

  • +1

    Nothing for me… will be shopping at IGA 😠

  • 10000 points for spending $125 for 4 weeks.. No way I will be able to do that.

  • And here I am with 1000 points for $160/week for 2 weeks…

  • Received this multiple time but could never meet the spend.

  • Yeah, I’m going to need you to go right ahead and add a targeted tag to this.

  • I get 21 million points if I spend one Bitcoin this week and 2 million Dogecoin next week.

  • Woolworths marketing must be breathing a sigh of relief this starts tomorrow in WA

  • 6000 points for 2 x $150 shops. Yeah nah, let's check out Coles.

  • 7000 for 2 x $165, not gonna happen

  • With all these unique combinations I suspect that Woolworths datamine these posts to link OzBargain accounts to Everyday Rewards accounts (for space lasers or something).

  • 7000 for $80 spend each week for a month

  • 6000 for $50/week for 4 weeks

  • +1

    10000 for $105/week for 4 weeks

  • I got same targetted offer but with 4000 points only.

  • I prefer Woolies (over multiple shops) spend requirements so much better than Coles (in one transaction).

  • Can this offer be stacked with another offer in the rewards app

    • +1

      I think so. I have a 4000 for $100 online offer that I will attempt to stack for next week's spend.

  • My offer seems a bit steep. 16000 points to spend $210/week for 4 weeks. We’re only a 2 person household…

  • ^Used Lolgogo's

    Mine 6,000pts on $50 spend for 4 wks

  • I got spend $100 for with 4000 points, online shop only.

    • Just received that one as well. Sure, stacking the point bonuses is amazing in theory, but I'm already having enough trouble reaching $100 in multiple shops over a week when only buying for myself.

  • My offer from an email dated 4 Feb, so not exactly the same as this one, is for online shop only and has this in the fine print

    Qualifying amount is the final amount charged to you (i.e. after deductions for any out of stock items).

    So check the fine print. This condition is just ridiculous. I saw another deal that had in the fine print some months ago and now again. In effect you can be penalised for something that you have no control over. You cannot know how much over to spend. Pretty risky.

    • +1

      I had out of stock items on an online shop for click and collect and it ended up being under the minimum spend for the points. I called them up before I picked up the order and they did honour the points for me.

      • But for that offer did it state
        Qualifying amount is the final amount charged to you (i.e. after deductions for any out of stock items)
        in the terms and conditions?
        If yes that was good of them but why put it in if they will still credit points?

        • +1

          Yes it did state that in the t&c's, but they were happy to honour it and credit it manually.

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