Does Officeworks Website Search Function Have a Glitch?

Tried on both iPad and iPhone with latest iOS 14.4, but apparently I can not search anything on Officeworks website. It always displays:

“Something went wrong.
An unexpected error occurred. Click here to reload the page”

Officeworks app works normally.

I found a few websites can’t be displayed too on iOS devices, like this on Reidcycles:

And when I load Kogan website, my iPhone can be heated very quickly. Pretty hot at back CPU area.

The safari settings are just default and other website can be loaded properly. The only change I made is that I disabled all the experimental features in Safari settings.

Anyone had these issues & how to solve them?

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  • Working for me….

    • Did you turn off the experimental features in Safari settings?

      • No, they're all on, I'd turn them off but there's just too many to turn them back on again.

        • Yeah I suspect some of these experimental functions are not really experimental but essential. Will try to turn them back on. Just don’t remember which ones were on by default. Could you provide a screenshot of those options? Thanks in advance.

          • +1

            @Sonic Image: I'll just type them for you:

            Aspect ration of <img> from width a….
            Async clipboard API
            Blank anchor target implies…
            Block top-level redirects by third…
            CSS Animations via Web Animations
            CSS Shadow Parts
            Defer async scripts until DOMCont…
            Disable Web SQL
            Disallow sync XHR during page dis…
            Fetch API Request KeepAlive
            Generic Text Track Cue API
            HDM Media Capabilities
            In-Process Cookie Cache
            Intersection Observer
            Mask WebGL Strings
            Media Capabilities Extensions
            Media Recorder
            Quirk to prevent delayed initial pain….
            Referrer Policy attribute
            Remote Playback API
            Resize Observer
            Swap Processes on Cross-Site Nav…
            Synthetic Editing Commands
            UserGesture Promise Propagation
            Web Animations
            Web Authentication Local Authenti…
            Web Authentication
            WebRTC H264 LowLatency encoder

            I think I got them all

  • Maybe use Brave or any other browser that's not hot garbage like Safari?