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Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen 14" Laptop i5-10210U 8GB 512GB SSD W10P $1299 + Delivery/Free with mVIP/Sydney Pickup @ Mwave


Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen 14" Laptop i5-10210U 8GB 512GB SSD W10P $1299 was $2598
Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen 14" Laptop i7-10510U 8GB 256GB SSD W10P $1399.50 was $2799

8gb ram though. First time posting pls be nice.

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    $2598 and only 8GB RAM!?

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    8gb butchers this deal.

    • 7th Gen?

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        In 2021, any laptop above $1000, no, $800, that only has 8GB RAM should be an instant no-go. Especially if there's no upgrade capabilities (RAM is soldered).

        That's just my opinion though. I bought the i5, 16GB RAM model for 1,499 and it's been absolutely amazing. Definitely would not have survived on 8GB though.

      • CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U which is 10th Gen.
        Marketing probably messed up referring to 7th generation of "X1 Carbon"
        edit: I messed up assuming you were assuming it was intel.

  • Dont Lenovo's have soldered RAM and SSD so you cant upgrade?

    • In certain models, yes

      I think the X1 Carbon is one of them, so definitely worth paying more upfront to future proof

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    Are those RRPs legit?

    Not sure anyone would ever pay that much given it's just been superseded by the 8th gen.

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      I don't believe they're legit. Just jacked up to make it look like more of a discount. Either that, or that's the RRP on release and they've just never bothered to decrease the RRP when they've been superseded.

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      There's essentially no difference between the 7th and 8th gen except the wifi (it has Intel's new chip with Wi-Fi 6 support, which is useful if you have 100 devices connected to your wifi network and have a Wi-Fi 6 router). Same weight, processors, battery, screen, body, keyboard, etc otherwise. Really you're saving $800 over buying the i5 (which is now the entry level 8th gen) from Lenovo right now instead of $1300 but that's still a massive saving.

      Also the 7th gen comes with a 3 year warranty vs the 1 year on the 8th gen. But not sure what that means (if it's lenovo's 3 year on-site warranty, that's really nice, send a tech to you).

      If I needed a dedicated work laptop I'd buy this in a heartbeat, absolutely fantastic price for something light, solid, good display, great port selection and with a good warranty. Since work gave me one of those I'm going to do the normal ozbargain thing and spend god knows how many hours pouring over specs before buying a Ryzen laptop with the highest nits and upgrade the ram/storage myself.

      • CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U which is 10th Gen.
        Marketing probably messed up referring to 7th generation of "X1 Carbon"
        edit: my mess up you already new that. I am a tool.

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    Got one of these last year for 1,499. 16GB RAM model though. Would advise against getting any lenovo product outside of their official website due to the fact that you can't customize specs to suit your needs.

    Apart from that, really great laptop. So, so extremely light, never had a problem with the screen brightness because I've never used it in sunlight, keyboard is amazing as always. You're definitely paying this much money for its portability though.

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    This is a great laptop. I use daily for work and I paid $2200 9 months ago, no regrets.

  • Ye, wouldnt exactly call these deal prices…

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      Not for the 8GB RAM model, no. They would be great deals if they were 16GB RAM models though!

      • I suppose

        • Kinda sucks because a lot of lenovo's range does have upgradeable RAM and a spare 2.5" bay. But they had to sacrifice all of that for the weight and portability of the build, which is exactly why the prices are so high.

  • Thanks OP but NO to 8gigs

  • price difference isn't just i5 vs i7 (albeit cheaper unit has 512Gb SSD vs 256Gb) but also the screen - FHD versus WQHD

    the missus has one of these - unbelievably light and a great keyboard but hasn't been trouble free, with some issues getting it to recognise external monitors and with the wifi. Seems all fine now

  • Do they have HDMI 2.0 in their ThinkPad lineup? Want to buy 4k monitor and ThinkPad but all supports 1.4b only. Docking station is a option but just saying…

  • Relatively slow RAM (Memory: 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM) just adds to the fact that 8GB is just not enough.
    The rest of the spec and quality is pretty good though.

    • Faster RAM would make basically zero real world difference with this CPU.

  • To anyone wondering, you can't upgrade the 8GB RAM down the line, it's soldered. I got a 16GB RAM one and realized that I didn't even know this when purchasing. So happy I ended up making the right decision :)

  • Is it touchscreen?

  • 8GB RAM and over 1000$!!! come one…

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    Beware of bad warranty service by Lenovo. It acted loke a shonky company i.e. deny first and argue later.

    Personaaly suggest to look for an alternative laptop and you can decide knowing the risk.

    • Can’t agree more. My touch pad for Gen6 freezes abruptly, specifically when I connect the charger when battery is around 10%. The support team from overseas got me to factory reset the laptop and then re-calibrate the battery making me spend 2 days and the problem still persists. I haven’t heard back from them after Christmas. I no longer recommend Lenovo to anyone. It’s just another Chinese company making cheap products!

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