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Kingston A2000 500GB M.2 SSD $69 + $7 Shipping/C&C @ Umart


I have been looking for an SSD for my new PC build and have had the universally well reviewed A2000 in mind. Cheap, TLC, fast speeds, what's not to love. Having expected to shell out for a 1tb drive given how much better value they typically are, I was pleasantly surprised to see great value per GB for the 500gb SKU. It was a big help for me only spending $69 for storage considering my budget of $1000 for my build.

Umart also happen to have the PSU and case I was looking for discounted. I'm not sure if they're tracking my searches through cookies or what but their website seems to have a many quietly discounted products which are actually discounted compared to other stores.

This is my first post so criticism welcome.

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    Criticism is null for a good deal on Ozbargain! :) 👍

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    Only criticism is calling a SKU a skew

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      It says SKU 😜

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      Don't know why the negs, you have a valid point.

    • Do you say ess-kay-you?

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      Haha thanks. One of those words I've somehow only heard not written. I did not know it was an acronym.

  • Which UPS are you getting?

    • Eh?

      • HahH. Saw ups instead of psu 🙈

        Looking for a UPS though.

        • I’ve had a couple of PCs blow up recently and I’m ready to commit murder, do you reckon ants in a power point might be causing it?

  • Is this an overkill for using it on PS5 running PS4 games?

    If so will Samsung T5 be a simpler choice (without needing to buy an enclosure)?

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      I reckon whichever is cheaper is better. Speed is a non issue when running PS4 games as PS4's ran off of HDDs. Making sure whatever you purchase is compatible with the ps5(which most external ssds and HDDs are) is more important

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    There have been issues with intermittent bluescreens with the A2000, especially on certain motherboards that run have RGB lighting control, and especially but not exclusively when the software to control it is installed. At this price I'd risk it if I were in the market, but still something to be aware of because it has the potential to be a real pain.

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        Username checks out

    • Was thinking of using this in a NUC. Potential for issues?

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      Really? Because there are actually a lot of good options for 500GB SSDs for 10 or 20 dollars more.

      If this one is less reliable it's not a good deal at all.

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        Last time I posted about this I ended up having to defend myself because someone questioned how unreliable it was and insisted it was the fault of RGB software and motherboard manufacturers. This time I'm being criticized for saying I'd still risk it at this price. Can't win. So whatever. I've given you the info. Go look into it for yourself and decide.

  • Debating again if I want to fill my 2nd m.2 slot on my synology NAS for RW caching… and yes I have a UPS but I don't know if write caching is the bottleneck on my VM.

  • Could I purchase this and put it into a SSD case for my ps4 pro?

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      Yup. Just make sure the case is accepted by the PlayStation

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      This is an NVME drive. Are you looking to use it as an internal drive? Does your SSD cage interface NVME drives on to SATA? If it doesn't then you can't use it as an internal drive.

      • Thanks, it may be overkill which I'm a bit concerned about haha

        • If you want an internal drive for the PS4 Pro have a look at either 2.5" SATA SSD or m.2 SATA with a cage/converter. Otherwise an external USB SSD is an option. Either SATA or NVME SSD in a USB case, or a factory built external SSD like Samsung T5/T7. Of course, if you put something internal to PS4 Pro you could always get a USB case for it later.

  • Thanks mate, just got one to replace my aging OCZ Trion

  • can B&M key port use this one?

  • Ah that's annoying, just bought it from Umart at the old price

  • I just got mine. Which case can I buy to use it with a Mini Mac M1?

  • Are there any enclosures I can use to make this a portable M.2? It's for classes.

  • A but expensive but maybe something like this


    You need to make sure it has the same key as the SSD like this one. Some data m.2 drives are different

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