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nbn Unlimited 100/20 $89/M, 100/40 $89/M, 250/25 $99/M, 1000/50 $119/M for 6 Months (New/Existing Customers) @ Aussie Broadband


I found this on whirlpool.

Existing customers use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/lp/freakinfast/customer

100/20 $89/month (Was $99)
100/40 $89/month (Was $109)
250/25 $99/month (Was $129)
1000/50 $119/month (Was $149)

Due to the recent HFC technology shortages and the potential demand on our call centre, we feel it is important to manage demand and as such, we have decided to put our existing customer Focus on Fast promotions on hold.

If customers decided to upgrade their plans now via MyAussie, the system is ready and will apply the promotion (provided the service is eligible), but we will be holding off our communications of Focus on Fast to existing customers until later this week.

Plans not available at all premises. Only redeemable with an existing active Aussie Broadband nbn™ service. Current nbn™ plan must be held for a minimum of 3-months prior to the upgrade to be eligible to receive the discount.

Customers are eligible to upgrade to any supported plan above/faster than their existing active plan

Update. Thanks to kain0rer

They've scrapped the need for being on the same plan for 3 months, it's now as long as you haven't been on the same plan you're upgrading to in the last 3 months.

Focus on Fast Terms & Conditions

New customers for 100/20, 250/25 and 1000/50 use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/lp/freakinfast

100/20 $89/month (Was $99)

FAST10 $10 off for first 6 Months 100/20 plans only (DIRECT MAIL)

250/25 $99/month (Was $129)
1000/50 $119/month (Was $149)

Please note: your promo code fast30 will be applied automatically on the final step of the signup process.

New customers for 100/40 use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-plans/

100/40 $89/month (Was $109)

FAST20 Direct Mail offer $20 off for 6 months (100/40 PLANS ONLY)

Terms & Conditions

Referral Links

Referral: random (525)

$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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              • @Twix: TPG

                • @vovka: For TPG.


                  • @Twix: I was in 100/40 for around 3 years. Now they put me on 250/25, which it worse for my needs.

                    • @vovka: I don't think TPG will give you back the 40Mbps upload. Superloop, Launtel, Mate and Aussie BB have 100/40.

                      • +1

                        @Twix: Their business plan will. It costs roughly the same as other providers charge for their residential plans. However, I've got used to pay $90 for 100/40. Damn NBN.

    • +1

      how much effort is it churning over from superloop? I know abb to superloop was almost instant and didn't even need to give them any notice.

      • abb to superloop quick transfer over, was that fttp?

    • +3

      Note that Superloop does not offer pro rata billing - you lose the rest of the monthly (pre)payment if you choose to cancel sooner

      • I wish they would update their upload speeds, it's terrible

        • The plan is 250/25… what are you expecting?

    • +1

      Also Telstra is offering $100 250/20 for 6 months. It offers Binge free for 3 months. Might be a better deal

      • +1

        These guys give fetch for free for 3 months. And there are a lot of Telstra haters on here

      • +1

        The upload is 25Mbps.

      • +2

        Also you need to purchase a Telstra modem outright.

    • +2

      I chose Mate over Superloop and Abb recently, 250/25 for $89 (reverts to $109 after 6 months), good value https://www.letsbemates.com.au/nbn/ speed test just now https://www.speedtest.net/result/11683840538.png

    • Superloop also (still) offering basically the same: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626994

    • +1

      and Selected HFC

      You still can't order new HFC connections at the moment…

      • +1

        New HFC orders will resume from July 26th. Existing HFC customers are allowed to swap plans with any ISP.

        • New HFC orders will resume from July 26th.

          I doubt that is guaranteed…

      • My new HFC is booked in for a few weeks, neighbors got theirs in 4 weeks after booking. Have you had direct experience or just regurgitating news sites?

        • Have you had direct experience

          Yep, a family member couldn't book because they are not available.

          • @jv: Strange, no issues here in Brissie!

            • -1

              @onlinepred: Perhaps because you're closer to China.

      • Due to the ongoing shortage of HFC/NBN modems (Arris CM8200)?

    • Existing ABB customer, in WA on HFC here. Within the last week I received print mail from ABB advising me that I could take advantage of this (well similar) offer. Was on 100/20 and am now on 250/25 for the next 6mths.

      • +1

        Got same offer from Superloop but didn't have to accept, it was automatically applied.

      • I didn't even say yes to the offer. They just upgraded me and said they'll call closer to the end of 6months to check if I want to keep 250/25

    • How long after leaving ABB before you're considered a 'new customer' again?

      • +1

        6 mo

        • Thanks!

    • +3

      Why are all these NBN deals only for 6 months??? I’ve been so tempted to switch, but my current plan (from a previous deal 3yrs ago) feels too good to abandon. Currently paying $75/month for 100/40 with no expiry, so these 6 month deals are really disappointing.

      • +1

        Which RSP are you with? Would have loved to be on 100/40 at that price! My 6 month superloop (FTTC 100/40) deal just ended. I've gone from $84 a month to $99…time to churn again I guess.

        • They’re called More Telecom. They used to be called something else but I can’t remember their name. They use Vocus with Telstra as backup for their services and they’ve been pretty good over the past 3 years

      • nbn set the dates for 6 months.

    • I'm pretty confident existing customers can get this. All aussiebb customers I know got offered the free 6months upgrade

    • such a slow upload is downside, should be atleast 40mb

      • Yep, but apparently "no one" needs fast upload. Real shame you need a gigabit plan for anything faster than 25mbps upload nowadays (according to the offerings I'm seeing on pretty much every RSP now anyway, 100/20 seems to be the new norm)… I've been tempted to get 250 down but I'd be losing the upload speed by moving away from 100/40.

    • Does anyone know jb still selling telstea nbn with $200 gift card?

  • I'm currently on ABB 100Mbps/40Mbps @ $109 (no contract). Is there a way I can stay on this plan for $89?

    • I don't think so. Call up.

      Customers are eligible to upgrade to any supported plan above/faster than their existing active plan

      • bugger - guess I'll have to downgrade for a month

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