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120 x 90 x 30cm Merino Raised Garden Bed - $19.90 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Product Description from Bunnings web:

Quick and easy assembly
Quality assured
Safety edges
1 year written warranty
The 120 x 90 x 30cm Merino Raised Garden Bed is a quality, Australian made garden bed that's quick and easy to assemble. Featuring safety edges and strong steel, this garden bed is perfect for planting herbs, vegetables or simply flowers.

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  • +5 votes

    Isn't this the regular price? I know they were out of stock for a bit when aldi had theirs, but it's always $20

  • +1 vote

    JV: where is the merino?!?!


    Can anyone suggest a 'high' raised garden bed - something suitable for some one who can't really bend over or get on their knees?

  • +3 votes

    This isn't a deal, it's regular price.

    I personally have 4 of these. I regret my purchase.

    The plastic corners are more stable than the 'strong steel' sides.

    The holes don't line up on half the panels - you bend the 'strong steel' until it plays the game.

    For $20 don't expect quality and you won't be disappointed - i suspect the nuts and bolts cost more than the flimsy sides and corners combined.

    They won't last, I promise

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      I have 2 of these and they feel really sturdy for me. No flexing and stays really straight when filled with dirt. All the holes lined up with the corners as well and were really easy to assemble. I guess YMMV


        We got 4 of these, first one slotted in perfectly. The next 3 went from bad to worse with alignment


        Sorry, in my experience they're anything but sturdy. Look at the link I posted above, I'm not incapable of building my own - just tried saving a few bucks. They're snot

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        Bought two of these last week and my 14 year old son put them together, about 4-5 mins a corner, no alignment issues.

        Hope others complaining about alignment are not putting panels upside down, inside out etc.!

        We are only starting beginner veggie gardening, so didn't want to spend a fortune on expensive stuff. If it lasts 2 years I'm happy!


    Poor quality but works ok, and it is everyday price.