28 Degrees Price Protection, Activation for Old Cards

So I didn't understand the value of price protection back when I got my 28D card back in 2016 but now I am wanting to buy a new GPU it would be really nice to be able to just buy any and wait for the price to come down later. I know they stopped offering it for new cards but seeing as it was a thing back when I applied I wonder if anyone has been able to activate it for themselves?

Before you type "what did latitude say?" I called and they said no. I just am wondering if it depends on the operator and people with cards that originally were eligible can still get the insurance added on.

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    nope, if you didn't sign up before they ditched it then you miss out. Your only option is to find someone that has it and discuss getting them involved in your purchase.

  • Ive tried calling them about it before and also got told if you didnt take on the offer before, then its not possible to add it now.

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    Can't wait to hit my price protect lifetime limit of 20k for both 28 Degrees and Coles.

    • Woah, didn't realise there was a lifetime limit…not that I will probably reach it.

    • Coles is $50k I think

      • dang nice. i think coles ended their pp way before 28Degrees

        its such a nice service, wish more cards would offer it

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    It's an insurance plan which was backed by an entirely different company. You didn't sign up for it. It isn't a matter of activating it on their end, it needs to actually be signed up for. The service is no longer offered. The answer is no. 28 Degrees isn't even owned by the same company that it was when you first signed up.

  • wish i could talk my way into the Coles MC too :/

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