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[NSW] 50% off Licence Renewal Fees for Eligible Drivers @ NSW Government


I believe this scheme has existed for a long time but I couldn't find any active post about this. An old post is here. Hope this helps some OzBargainers. I personally admire this scheme - it would encourage people to drive safely and also make the safe drivers feel proud.

If you have a good driving record, you may be eligible for a 50% discount on your licence renewal fee (that's approx. $175 saving on 10-year car licence fee).

To qualify, at the time of renewal you must:

  • Have held the NSW licence continuously for 5 years. You must have less than 6 months total break, for example if your licence was expired, suspended, cancelled or refused for any reason, except on medical grounds.
  • Hold an unrestricted NSW licence of any class. Interstate and overseas licences, NSW learner and provisional P1 and P2 licences are not counted.
  • Renew your licence within 6 months of the expiry date. If you renew more than 6 months after expiry, you must pay the full renewal fee.
  • Have no relevant offences recorded on your NSW licence. This includes the 5-year period leading up to the date you renew your licence. Interstate and overseas driving records are not counted.

Note: 10 year licence only available for unrestricted licence of class C (car) and/or R (rider) aged 21 to 44 years.

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      Thanks, so anyone without a clean record should only renew for 1, 3 or 5 years depending on how recent the last offense is but never go for the 10y one.

      • +1

        That’s what I did.
        2 x 1year renewals then went for the 10

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      For those complainers in Victoria -

      3 years: $ 82.80
      10 years: $283.60

  • sweet

  • Also I think you get half price of CTP each year if you dont loss any of your points.

    • +1

      In NSW? do you have a link for that?

      • Yes NSW. It's not exactly half price, but you do get a cheaper CTP if your driving record isn't blemished with demerits.


        How do demerit points affect my greenslip price?
        When you get a greenslips.com.au calculator quote, insurers ask for the number of demerit points currently on your NSW licence. This shows them your willingness to drive safely and within the rules and, to some extent, your risk of having an accident.

        There can be a big difference in price for a driver with demerits compared to a driver without demerits. Some vehicle owners can save a full $300 on their greenslip or CTP premiums if they do not have any demerit points on their licence.

        You can check how many demerits you have online.

        • You should post that as a new bargain. Lol.

      • +1

        I dont think this is true. I got an quote sent to me for my CPT for like 430$ based on zero points, and then after reporting to them i lost a few before I renewed my CTP the price went up by 80$.

        Insurer didnt know demerits btw, and i didnt have to report, but did because id rather pay than know i renewed with innacurate info - so its even more not true as otherwise i reckon everyone would be seeing it halve by default.

        • I dont think this is true

          Yeah - CTP is weird, as it's attached to the car and there's no exclusions for undisclosed, underage drivers, etc.

          I don't think demerit points and claim history have a huge bearing on the price. At least, that's been the case for my quotes. I guess there's too many variables to do an accurate comparison.

        • It was half price in my case when I renewed my rego. I don't know how they calculate that.

    • +1

      Yep. Demerit points cost you way after you’ve paid whatever fine.

    • +8

      Here's a hot tip: if you don't use your phone, or speed, or run red lights you won't get fined. Amazing!

      • A better tip, use Waze when speeding.

        • Waze is not always correct, depends on how many users using it

  • I'm tempted to say "f off", but I'll keep my cool and say nothing.

  • +1

    Wish QLD did the same :(

  • +2

    Note that if it's your first time qualifying for this, RMS is an*l about the 5 year rule. If you try to renew one day early, you don't qualify.

    You can only do the 1 and 3 year license renewal online. The 5/10 year licenses need a visit to the office.

    Sure, you can visit the RMS office on the day your license expires or afterwards, but there seems to be lots of unnecessary hurdles to get this discount.

    • If you try to renew one day early, you don't qualify

      So what about the 6 months before renewal period then?

      • That would only apply the 2nd time you qualify for the discount.

  • The initial saving is 50% , but the long term saving is much bigger.
    This is because you also avoid those CPI increases for the next 10 years.

  • +2

    touched volume button on handset - otherwise unblemished and no large pore and pimple.

  • any discount for WA?

  • Nice. I got a 10 year 50% off $174 NSW licence renewal back in 2015 after meeting these conditions. Next one won't be because I am now over 44.

  • +2

    Yes you also get penalized in higher CTP prices for that one slip up. Me - a recently change speed limit on a six lane road (three lanes each way), in a heavy commercial area near Sydney airport, not another car on the road and done for 57 in a 50 zone. First offence in 9 years so I couldn’t apply for the review. It will cost me well over a grand in the end with the increased licence fee and increased CTP premiums over two cars for 3 years (until my record is clean again).

    • First offence in 9 years so I couldn’t apply for the review.

      So what are the criteria for this?

      • Clean licence for 10 years and you automatically get the first offence waived on review. See page 4: https://www.revenue.nsw.gov.au/help-centre/resources-library...

        • Yes, but you can still apply for review if it's your first offence in 9 years.. it just won't get waived automatically. Isn't it? Why do you say you can't apply for the review.

          • @virhlpool: If you look at Page 4 it shows you the reasons you can apply for the review. It's only 10 years. There may be other reasons to review (ie speeding to get to hospital) but not based on good driving record.

    • Yes. This is not a discount, just a way to collect more money from people like you.

  • +2

    How does the regular RMS pricing structure qualify as a bargain? Lol

    • -1

      Just like subscribing annually cuz someone old/new on here doesn't know…

      • +4

        I'm with dcash. The difference here is that it is automatic - you still get it even if you didn't know it exists provided you are eligible.

        • By no means I am disagreeing with you two. The backlash is just not worth fighting for here.

      • +2

        It's nothing remotely like a subscription, because it's just the normal RMS pricing structure. It's not time limited, it's not opt-in, there is no coupon code or secret handshake required. It's just the regular old price that everyone automatically receives if they qualify, no matter whether they have seen this post on OZB or not. Even the OZB mods don't seem to get it. Lol.

        • -1

          Well it is kind of, because this discount is strictly for the 10 year renewal and not less. You don't get if you have good record, meet the criteria but renew only for 5 years

          Jesus dcam, so quick with the downvote

          • +3


            Well it is kind of, because this discount is strictly for the 10 year renewal and not less.

            Wrong. I had a half price licence when I renewed mine for five years in 2012

        • +1

          Yes I agree with you. Looking at this post, the nature of this pricing structure is simply a authority's decision and associated fee structure. It is simply how your eligibility will fall into their category based on their definition and you're charged accusingly. Not seen as bargain, in my view.

  • I just found out that P platers can't use their phones as a GPS (among other things). I've been telling some P platers to use Google Maps any time you go somewhere new even if you think you know the best way, but they've never informed me of this rule. Does this mean a front seat passenger can operate their phone-based GPS so long as it isn't fixed to a cradle?

    • +2

      If the screen is visible to the P plater driver, he can be fined as well on the ground of distraction while driving.

      • Thanks. That sounds familiar.


        Unless I'm missing something, I suppose being a backseat navigator is OK if the screen isn't visible to the driver? But then the sound of a phone's GPS can be classed as an improperly fixed GPS device? In which case the rear seat navigator would have to verbally guide the driver in a non-distracting way?

        • I’ve had a cop car driving behind me while I was using Google maps on my phone (phone on the cradle) while I was on green P and he didn’t stop me. If the cop is a dick he’ll find a reason if he wants to.

  • This has been around for ages as mentioned. I renewed mine 7 years ago for 5 years for half price, and then 2 years ago I did the same but for 10 years this time.
    It is a nice little thank you for driving safely (Or not being caught! Ha)

  • This is a deal I'll never be able to get.

    • +1

      But because you speed everywhere you save time, and time is money.

  • If I renew it before completing 5 years say 1-2 weeks before the expiry date will I be eligible to get this discount?

    • No; read previous comments.

    • +1

      To be eligible for the safe driver discount, you must be eligible on the day you renew your licence – regardless of the date your renewal is due.

  • What about other state like SA???

    • Not a thing

  • The government must have forgot that they're simply out for rEvEnUe RaIsInG.

  • +1

    Even with 50% off a 10 year NSW license is more than 2 5 year BC licenses in Canada and the Australian passport is one of the most expensive to get

  • +1

    Such a rip off here. Don't mean to be a whining pommie but its $78 in the UK for 10 years.. AFAIK, renewals were also free!

  • +1

    Note that the 5 year period is only inclusive of the length of time you have held your full licence (i.e it does not count time you held your L, P1, P2 etc).

  • +1

    As has been pointed out this is not a deal and not something you need to care about., you either get it automatically or you don't qualify.

    • -4

      It's a deal, which can be achieved probably via more careful driving. There's no guarantee of anything as 5 yrs is a long time and 'careful driving' is a bit subjective.

      • If saving the $175 was that important to someone they would already be driving more carefully as the majority of fines are a lot more expensive than $175 and a lot more immediate.

  • -1

    Pls REMOVE from DEALS

    This is NOT a deal
    This post is more for general knowledge

    Its an ongoing NSW Govt Scheme
    Its automatic if you satisfy the criteria.
    So no need to know about it to quality

    • +1

      I agree. Use the report function and post the same detail there.

  • I love the 10 year renewal! Only problem is I have much less hair now compared to my mugshot and it still doesn't expire till 2025! :P

  • TMR sucks
    Where is the relief/bonus for Good behaved Queenslanders!!!

  • Not sure if anyone else has had this problem with interstate offenses:
    I tried to get the discount 3 years ago (2018). I was denied because I had 1 demerit point driving in Victoria in 2016, even after pointing to the 'Interstate and overseas driving records are not counted' part of the website. RMS argued that demerit points are recorded on the NSW license wherever the offense took place in Australia. While this is true, it does contradict the eligibility criteria on the website.

    Now my 3-year license is due for renewal (4.9 years since the 2016 offense). I've logged into ServiceNSW and the 50% discount IS NOT automatic.

    I haven't had a driving offense in Oz since, so I will wait 0.1 years to be eligible.

    • I've logged into ServiceNSW and the 50% discount IS NOT automatic.

      It is automatic; as you've pointed out, you're at 4.9 years, not 5. Had you read the previous comments, you'd have seen that they're pretty strict about this.

      • -1

        Thanks. My point was that interstate offenses DO count, despite the stated eligibility criteria that interstate records do not count. This to RMS means they don't count demerit points recorded on any interstate licenses you've previously held. Anecdotally, demerit points are transferred if you move interstate so I don't understand the point of this last criterion.

    • +3

      btw, from what someone confirmed here, the 5 years require that duration to be without any demerit points . I had a 2016 offence too but the demerits were wiped around 2019, so its 5 years from then.

      the terms again are a bit ambigous and somewhat contradictory to this.

    • So when will you apply to get the new licence?

      • +3 years this month, then +10 years in 2024.

  • If you move states you can get this and then transfer back to your state and get the years transferred

  • Hey y'all. I went online to renew. I don't have the option to choose 10 years. Only 1, 3 or 5. I do get the discount on all of them though. The 5 years works out to $95.

    Any reason why I'm not seeing the 10 year option?

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