SOS Emegency Equipments for Elderly

Hello Everyone
My parents live in an apartment few blocks down from me. They are 65 plus and I am always concerned about their well being. This is the first time they are living in an apartment and I am looking to do some SOS/Emergency support for them in case anything wrong happens, they can just click a button and reach out to me. They have Iphones and I am happy to buy another device for them. All I need is that they are able to contact me or the concierge in case anything wrong happens. I am keen to know what security mechanisms you have in place for your parents so you can quickly reach out to them if anything wrong happens. Or has used something in the past and it proved very helpful in any bad event. Please share your suggestions.
Thanks in advance.


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    Is 65 elderly?

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      I know for some it is not but with few medical conditions, I find them vulnerable at this stage.

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        There's a high risk they will laugh at you, or be offended at this patronising approach.
        My 80+ Dad would find it very amusing.

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          I am happy for them to laugh at me. It is a price I am more than willing to pay for their extra safety. Thanks

          • @corepda: Who monitors you in case you have trouble?

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    You could consider a Nest camera (or equivalent), it has motion detection and can sent notification to your phone if it detects movement. This auto notification, can be annoying (when movements are detected, you'll receive a notification), but if you don't received notifications for a while you can then check through your device (e.g. phone) to see what's going on through their camera.

    • Thanks mate. I will look in to it. :)

  • It's super unlikely something major will happen to both your parents at the same time. If one gets injured, the other can call for help.

    They have phones, they'll be fine.

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      Fingers crossed, I am just being proactive. It is just that my dad isn't very social and my mum likes to go out so there are events when my dad is alone so making sure I take every precaution.

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      Yes, use existing solutions.

  • Mepacs

    Though that wont go directly to you but they will notify you.

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    If they have iPhones you might want to consider looking onto the Apple watches. They aren’t cheap but they have fall detection and emergency number calling. You can get SIM versions, or connect to their phones, which will allow them to ring you from the watches if they fall and can’t get up. You can also answer the phone on your wrist so your parents won’t need to find their phones to answer them. They do need to be charged each night. Worth looking into.

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      I know Apple watches have these 'features', but surely they are not as reliable as purpose-built solutions (as recommended by holdenmg above).
      From experience, there are two many false positives with the watch 'fall detection' to be deemed reliable, and making calls from a watch whilst in distress is also not ideal.
      Similarly, the daily charging means the solution is only part-time.

      • Just a thought. Hope you find what you, and your parents, want.

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    My mum is in her 80's and still living at home, she did have 2 falls so we got her the livelife mobile alarm with GPS (looks to be about $540). The charge lasts about 4 days. Mum struggles to remember to put it on and charge it but the alarm notifies my brother at 15% and he rings and gets mum to put it on charge. It goes through a list of numbers if mum ever presses it. So far it's only been by accident. We are very lucky to also have good neighbours who keep an eye on her.