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Xiaomi Dashcam 70mai 1S D06 (English Version) US$35.89 (~A$47.44) Delivered @ Banggood


Update BG70mai5465 has expired. Use coupon BG70mai156 instead, slight price increase of $0.60

Slightly cheaper than the last popular deal.

To get price in title

  • Select Ships from CN
  • Apply coupon BG70mai156 & uncheck shipping insurance at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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    • +34

      they've been making dashcams for years. they're one of the best for the price.

      xiaomi make so many electronic things that are as good as big brand things but a fraction of the cost, I constantly look for a xiaomi model of something I want to buy before getting something i need. vacuums, hair dryers, fans, pens, tools. evrything

      • yep it's almost like the "Generic" version of everything

        • +1

          Exactly. Except in many cases, the Xiaomi version is much better quality than the grand name ones.

          I've noticed now Kogan/Dick Smith release a lot of similar products that Xiaomi have under their brand name, a little bit more expensive but similar design and specs.

  • +1

    cheers got 2

  • +3

    How is this camera in the Australian sun?

    • +1

      was reading some other comments, one user said it lasted 4 summers and still going. has a battery to make sure recordings are saved but you'll have it connected via the cord all the time

      • +6

        Google search showed this model only released last year, while the previous model was only released in 2018. So how did that user able to use his/hers for 4 summers? Been to Interstellar?

        • yes

        • +2

          The original 70mai Chinese version dashcam was released at the end of 2017. I got one back in December 2017 and flashed it with the modded english voice firmware. It's still working fine after a few Sydney summers but I recently upgraded to the Pro version so no longer using it..

          • @yippy: How you you change to english? Ive grown fond of the Chinese lady but it would be nice to be able to understand what’s going on…

            And I’ve had mine 3 years now. No complaints only issue was a junkie broke into my car and tried to steal it in the process bending the mounting clip slightly. Still works fine though

            • @stirlo: On https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/ there's a thread with the modded chinese firmware. Don't have the actual link but that's where I got it from. The firmware changes the speech to english but the voice commands will no longer work.

        • Maybe that person lives in Queensland and 1 year= 4 summers can its always summer up there.

    • i have the first gen chinese version of this , it has been on my windshield for more than 3 years now. holds strong !, a lot of the time i park outside, so you cant have any better test than this.

      It was a problem i had used to deal with before i got this one , the adhesive just wont last in the summer, not for this one tho.

      • What's wrong with some alu foil over it on windscreen as sarking insulation. Might drop a few temp.

  • +1

    Is there a ‘20 dollars more but twice as good option’ anyone would recommend?

    • +10

      I think this is the "half the price but just as good" option, so you may struggle to find that ;)

  • +2

    I evaluated these and suggest to save up for an A119 v3.

    Check youtube to see the difference.

    • I too have been doing some research, and have settled on saving up for the A129 Duo. Big differences over the A119v3 are: Wifi and Bluetooth, extra rear camera, higher shutter speeds (less blurring while panning/turning), higher image quality (weird, because its lower resolution than the A119v3). You can change the settings and update the firmware via Wifi or Bluetooth using the app.

  • I have this and Blueskysea B1W. Prefer the B1W over this. Better quality video especially at night. About $20 more at Amazon when in special.


    • +2

      My B1w died under 10 months, Xiaomi still going strong after 3 years

  • +6

    Bought this one 3 years ago, still working perfect.

    • Same here, I bought 4 of them a few years ago and all going strong too.

    • +1

      How is the night vision while using it ? Thank you

      • +1

        Not great, but acceptable

  • Ordered one. My $7 dashcam melted 2 weeks ago.

  • +3

    Comes up $52 if shipping from au and ships within 24 hours arriving 3-7 business days…

    For an extra few bucks you’ll get it quicker.. 20-40 business day wait from cn

    • Thanks for that. With coupon I might not qualify for the 5% Cashrewards, so the difference is even smaller, especially with the $3 bonus promo :-)

    • Delivery from CN warehouse hasn't been too bad lately. Received my most recent CN order in 13 days. Wouldn't be surprised if these all get sent from their AU warehouse, as has happened before.

  • How does the battery work on this, are they rechargeable via the lighter socket?

    • +1

      Yes, although they're supposed to be plugged in to 12V socket permanently. Battery is really only for saving the last file to the microSD card when the ignition is switched off. If you were to power it solely on battery it would only last about 30 mins.

      Or you could install a hardwire kit which taps into one of the fuses and frees up the 12V socket and is much neater. Hardwire kits are sold separately.

      • +1

        Amazon link please for hardwire kit suitable for this cam?

        • +3

          Unfortunately don't have a link. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

  • I'm still waiting for my order from the deal on here back in mid-Jan to ship.

    • It hasn't shipped yet?

      • Nope. I got an email saying there has been delays at the supplier.

        The order is still sitting in processing status after getting a series of notices pushing the shipping date back a week at a time. They now appear to have given up even listing an estimated shipping date.

        • Unlike the last deal they now have stock in their AU warehouse, so here's hoping they've sorted the supplier issue and there's no more delays.

  • +1

    Thanks op, grabbed one.

  • When I go through Cashrewards why does it add a Goods and services Tax? Says its included in the price mentioned above right

    • That’s not GST that’s the Harvey Norman equalisation fund.

  • Quality isn't that good for the price. The Xiaomi's Mini seems to be better.

  • +2

    This coupon has reached the 100 limit times - Deal EXPIRED

    • Use coupon BG70mai156 instead, slight price increase of $0.60

      • This coupon can only be used on the products:1533837

        • Select ships from CN warehouse

  • need guidance. normally you need to buy two to cover front and back of the car? Should I buy two of them for that or look for other models where two come as package?

  • +2


    dont know if this will help anyone. But I wanted to buy 2, after picking 1.

    I loaded one into basket (from china), went to pay, put in the discount code, unselected the insurance came in at $47 (x1 unit).
    Than went back and increased the units to 2 (using the +) and proceeded to checkout again

    the 2 units came up as ~$89 (so $44.5 each)

    hope that works for someone who was after 2

  • similar price ($51.69) in aliexpress , unsure if there is any difference?


    • Same dashcam, although price is $56.86 - GST gets added at checkout.

  • "This coupon has reached the 100 limit times" .. :(

    • Use coupon BG70mai156 instead.

  • Price I get is $39.48 USD after following the above steps. Price for the item when selecting shipping from CN is $43.99 USD, but for some reason when you add the updated coupon code BG70mai156 at checkout, the price increases to $48.99 USD before applying the discount. Also shipping from CN is $3.30 USD.

    • Is there a GST charge? Use product link in the OP, final price should be $35.89 with no GST added.

      • +1

        yep it was the GST. Works now, thank you!

  • +1

    Thanks OP but holy heck do I hate the Banggood website. Can't for the life of me update my postcode (of all things). On mobile of course. Will keep trying!

  • I'm getting $52.61, what am I going wrong? Shipping is $4.40.

    • Make sure you select shipping from CN, price in USD and uncheck insurance

  • I've had a similar model for a few years.

    Being English, this one should allow you to understand the audio promts and announcements when not using the app. I've had a few times when mine wasn't working and I needed to format the SD.

    Mine also now has video issues, with the video having pink tint and artifacts.

  • My order from the last deal only just shipped.
    Cause they realised they were short in stock, like 2 weeks later.

    Now that's shipped it should get here in about 2 weeks.

  • does this one work for the back of the car too? Even though i only have one socket to plug the camera in.

  • +1

    BG70mai156 has also reached the 100 uses limit…

    • The last coupon listed on couponsfromchina BG70mai4465 still works but price increases by another $1.40 or you could wait till deal is posted again.

      • +1

        Thanks. Just ordered with that code and it worked.

  • +1

    Guys prepare for long wait its Chinese New Year soon and China is on annual leave. Whether logistics or warehousing. So give it a bit more time.

  • i live in a fairly hot area, should i be worried about the battery in this one as opposed to a capacitor-based solution?

  • Does this dashcam or do other dashcams have a quick 'wipe SD card' function?

    • -1

      Just remove the micro SD card and swallow it. Much faster than navigating the UI.

    • It's always recommended to format the card in the dashcam before first use, so yes it can wipe the SD card.

  • Anyone got a guide for turning it from CN to English please thanks

  • Can anyone recommend an sd card for this one? Or better yet, link a deal to one 🙂

  • +3

    Would be more helpful when, in your comments, you state which brand/model you prefer vs. "I have that one" or, "I think the other one is better", etc.

    It's difficult to tell which post/product people are referring to, as you cannot assume they've replied to the correct comment.

  • How much more storage does video + audio does it take as opposed to video only?

    I currently get 3-4 hours in my 32gb card video only

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