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Polar 'G-Series' Upright Stainless Steel Double Sliding Doors 490L Bar Fridge $488 + Delivery @ Bunnings (Delivery Only)


Full credit to PriceHipster although I suspect this is a pricing error.

For anyone looking for a gigantic bar fridge for your man cave, you can't beat this beauty! I would love to have this for my kitchen, never mind the bar. I haven't ordered one myself (nowhere to put it) but did get to the checkout screen.

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          • @aldijunkie: What's the link to check order status?

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              @cyrax83: https://www.bunnings.com.au/contact-us

              and click the red box at the bottom "Click here for Order Status"

              • @aldijunkie: Bunnings Virtual Assistant
                It looks like the order number is not quite right, please re-enter the order number including all letters and numbers
                just now
                It looks like we are unable to get your order status right now.
                Please call 1800 797 586 for further assistance between 8am and 5pm.

                Not looking good. I used the invoice ID from paypal receipt

                • @cyrax83: I called to check - they suggested that a number of orders for refrigerators didn't go through correctly - unless you got an email notification from Bunnings, not Paypal they are being refunded automatically….Certainly not looking good…

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      nothing besides paypal email

      • same here

    • Nope, i called up and they said that order hasn't gone thru on their end, as well as showing payment hasnt been completed. Even though paypal processed payment and order was showing on my online account

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        yeah. so fkn stupid. how can their system take our money and put the order in our online account yet it not show up on their system.

        spoke to customer service and managed to get a refund. woman on the phone was a rude bitch though

  • Anyone recieved any updates regarding their order?

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    Had phone call from bunnings my two carnt be delivered to store supplier wants my address
    Delivery wed Thursday next week
    My got approved

    • what you gonna do with 2 of these beasts

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    Just an update from bunnings my order went through
    But their is a 4 week wait ….
    I was told I can get refund
    Or wait 4 weeks for delivery I chose to wait

  • any update for people who their order cant be found? mine local store always put me in waiting forEVER

  • Called up bunnings and provided Bunnings invoice number listed on Paypal receipt. They could not see it in their system via the Invoice ID. Their advice was to lodge a dispute with paypal to get the amount refunded. They sounded pretty clueless and said they can't do anything besides me lodging a dispute??

    I've emailed [email protected] to see what they can do

  • We called and was informed that they need to check with supplier when they will be sending it out. The lady said the item has been “isolated” so they cant check delivery time but will check for us on Monday. Didnt hear anything today.

    • I’m getting one I orded in store delivered
      But supplier said 4 week wait
      But the one I orded on their web site chasing it up to c what’s going on

  • Got a phone call to say order has been cancelled due to pricing error and everyone that ordered one won't be getting one. Is it worth fighting and how do i go ahead to do so?

    • My order went through got deliver date early March

      • Thanks for the negative who ever gave it to me not my fault I was contacted by supplier to say 3-4 week delivery as waiting on new stick

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      Thanks! This could be useful when they claim "pricing error" for others.

      I wonder if anyone has actually received a refund yet?

      • The one I ordered on line is being investigated no refund yet
        Or no confirmation on delivery
        But the one I ordered in stor got the green light

        • Out of interest did you receive a Bunnings confirmation email for your online order?
          Also how do you know it's being investigated. Did Bunnings advise of this?

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            @aldijunkie: I got Bunnings reciept for instore order
            Getting delivered
            But on line order only PayPal reciept
            And it’s getting investigated by bunnings to sort it out n get it delivered

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    Just received a call from my Bunnings who stated "the supplier has determined that this series of fridge has a fault and will no longer be stocked. A replacement fridge series will be released in July but I can't have that one as it will be $2500." I have pushed back on this to determine the fault…anyone had any luck or similar experience?

    • Iv only got confirmation for delivery of only one of the two fridges I orded got told will be deliverd in under 4 weeks but the online orderd one is being investigated
      But the instore order is getting delivered

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        Yeah I just received a call to say the order has been escalated to find out why they are saying there is a fault on the fridge and to find a solution for me. Keep us posted if you receive one :)

        • Will do

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      sounds like BS to me.

      • I ordered one in store and it’s getting deliverd
        But the one I ordered on line is getting investigated as order did not go through properly but money came out

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          Just got off the phone with bunning to confirm delivery and to say still chasing second order don’t know y I keep getting Negged

          • @Dex38313: Just had a chat to my local store and looks like a message was added overnight from the supplier stating that it was a "Pricing Error" and refunds will be issued.

            good luck with your phone order.

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              @aldijunkie: Mine was instore and I got delivery date
              Of March the 1-2
              But if it arrives sooner I’ll or any more updates I’ll post here

              • @Dex38313: Think you might have to prepare yourself that you ain't getting it

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                  @cyrax83: Nope I saw all the Posts so I went in to my Bunnings that I orded it from and they 1 for me and 1 for another customer they rang suplyer while I was their and was told they are still orded and will be deliverd 1st week of March as planed
                  So far no change
                  But I was told a orders on line were canceled tho only instore orders went through

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                    @Dex38313: Let us know when you receive it! We haven't heard anything back from Bunnings.

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                      @0HDAM: Will do apparently just got told today I can order another one lol got Bunnings email

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                        @Dex38313: can you share the email?

                        • @aldijunkie: I’ll put it up I was in Caroline spings Bunnings showed the email and in process of ordering another 1

                          HI there,

                          Our banking team as confirmed that this has now been refunded (online order) as the order failed to generate. Customer will need to re order if he still wants product or contact special orders team in store to place the order again.

                          Many thanks


                          Team Member | Customer Support

                          Bunnings Group Limited

  • PayPal refund received

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    Just received a call from Bunnings say isolation from supplier, supplier has no stock, I ordered 2 of them over the phone and got instore receipt

    • Did they provide a solution?

      • No, asked me go to store and refund

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          No refund yet but the virtual assistant now states that my order is cancelled and i should call the 1800 number.

          How is that for service, not even an email or phone call.

  • Just a call from bunnings customer servic all order for fridges done in stor will be honoured but I was told in phone call it has to be black I’m getting mine next week

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      That's awesome! How many do you end up with then?

      I'm still waiting on a call after it was escalated and they told me the fridge has a fault so will post here once that's all sorted.

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        The supplier wanted to cancel price error
        But bunnings said that’s not how we work
        And so the fridges will be honoured
        But was told I had to accept a black one I ende up with only one but still happy
        Only instore order will be honoured

  • My refund came through. Not that disappointed - was too big to put this anywhere anyway.

  • Just an update got text message from bunnings
    Black fridge getting delivered tomorrow
    Will update with pic when arrives

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      Spoke with Bunnings today and they said it has been dispatched by the supplier and to expect delivery early next week. Still crossing my fingers!

      • Black model ?
        As I was told can only get black

        • No idea. Will confirm when and if I get more info!

          • @lawrej12: Ok I was contacted and told only black avaliable

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              @Dex38313: I haven't been told a thing other than the fridge has a fault and we will escalate it and get back to you. I called today and was told it's left their warehouse so who knows at this stage

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                @lawrej12: got a call from Bunnings yesterday that I can get black colour/ hinged doors stainless steel

                • @Indomie5: They send you a picture of it at all?

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                    @lawrej12: No, but they said same size just hinged door

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                      @Indomie5: Happy days. Bunnings just keep asking the supplier to call me…yet to hear anything back apart from "it's been dispatched"

                      • @lawrej12: I just contacted Bunnings to see the delivery status, they've contacted supplier and sms back

                        "Hi, just an update on your fridge order. Your order is ready for dispatch with the supplier. As I am handling all of these orders now, should you have any further questions…………………………"

    • So just to confirm, Bunnings are currently only honouring in-store purchases? I have still had no contact from them or refund for my online order. Might give them a call once Dex/Lawrej receive theirs.

      • Bunnings told me if u ordered on licens the diet did not get processed and will be refunded
        Only instore orders or over the phone through a store got honoured

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    Mine should look like this arriving today will post pic when arrives

    • Any update?

      • Got text message 30 min ago from freight company
        With tracking just got picked up so Monday morning should have an eta

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          Is the freight company cope sensitive freight? We received a text today

          • @0HDAM: Yep sane

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              @Dex38313: Looks like we will be getting ours too!
              We never heard back from bunnings. We ordered online and received a text today informing us of the tracking number and to call the freight company for ETA

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                @0HDAM: Cool we will see next week how many on here got fridges delivered

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                  @Dex38313: Delivery Wednesday for us! We spoke to the freight company!

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                    @0HDAM: Mine was delivered Friday but to the Bunnings lol now organising for them to deliver to my house

                    • @Dex38313: Oh, I wonder if same will happen to us. We didnt exactly confirm the location the fridge is being delivered to

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                    @0HDAM: same here, delivery Wednesday

              • @0HDAM: Nice! When you ordered online did you receive a confirmation email from Bunnings or just the PayPal receipt? Did you call Bunnings to ensure your order is in the system?

                • @pro: We ordered online but not through Paypal. We put c/c card through - received confirmation on the day (an hour or two later) - then we heard nothing. We called them a week later - they told us product was isolated and that they would call us back once they call the supplier. Heard nothing back until last Friday when we received a text (which we just assumed was the fridge - no email or anything, text didnt even say anything about fridge) and now a call (from freight company) confirming order is coming Wednesday and that they will call us an hour before drop off.

                  • @0HDAM: Thanks for the reply mate. Great success!

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    CAN CONFIRM FRIDGE HAS ARRIVED :D. We also got the stainless steel one as per order and not the black one. Thanks OP

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      Amazing. Received a text from Bunnings today to say it's been dispatched…fingers crossed!

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    • Question - is the fridge on wheels at all like castors? just trying to work out delivery logistics.

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        Yes, 2 stopper at the front and 4 wheels as per pic (https://ibb.co/4TtTK32)

        • Appreciate the response…mine is set for delivery Monday - can't wait. Cheers op - legend!

  • Well after all the hassles I had phone call today mine delivered wed bit late but still happy mine ment to be black

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    I also received mine today. Exactly as per original order: Stainless steel / Sliding doors.

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    Received delivery of the fridge this morning. Have to say this is my biggest bargain from ozb yet…massive thanks to OP!

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    Well mine finally arrived today after 2 weeks stuck in bunnings

  • Received my fridge also. Thanks OP!

    Mine is stored in a garage and I notice quite a lot of condensation. Are any of you experiencing this and know how to fix it? Apparently there are glass door fridges with heating for the doors however I don't believe this model has heated doors.

    • Same situation for me. In the garage with condensation - I just wipe it down from time to time.

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      Make sure you also wipe inside the tracks as the water just sits there. I can already see some rust stains around the screws inside the bottom track.

      • Yeah mines the same - any other solution?

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          No other solution yet, but i have considered putting silicone around the screws as a suspect the rust stain is actually coming from the metal frame below. The track and screws appear to be stainless steel.