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1440P Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3600 CPU | RTX3070 8GB GPU | B550M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | LanceV Case | $1477 + Del @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this 1440P gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $522 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends February 9, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit - Clarification on build time from Luke:

TechFast's estimated shipping time as per our Build & Shipping Times page is 14 business days, putting these at the end of Feb. The main stock for the deal is on hand, and the timing is related to the current build queue, order processing and custom PC building times.

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    • Arrived yesterday with MSI 3070.

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        To clarify it is a MSI 3070 gaming x trio

        • Do you know the SSD and RAM brands? I think I'll get the same as you

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            @valeo: Crucial BX 500 for SSD
            I think Crucial Balistix for the RAM.

            It runs like a beast. Super cool and quiet. CPU is running a bit hotter than I expected but i have heard the latest ones do that, and maybe thermal paste/pads need wearing in - dont know if that's a thing though.

            You'll dig it. We should be very stoked for the rig with a 3070 at this price.

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              @Sandaz: Yeah I'm really happy - I got a WD Blue SSD instead (I upgraded to 1TB nvme) but same RAM (BL8G32C16U4B)

              I'm finding the fans spin to around 1000RPM (and it kinda stops/starts) while gaming but apart from that it's surprisingly quiet.

              CPU definitely runs hot. 45-55 deg even when just using office apps. Max recommended temp on Ryzen is around 95 deg.

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    just arrived with a:
    gigabyte rtx 3070 gaming oc 8gb
    crucial ballistix memory
    crucial bx500 ssd

    thanks techfast :)

    • @luketechfast
      just wondering how much is the lance case worth?

    • Ditto for all parts. The case is a pretty budget affair, I'm guessing ~$70-80 if you tried to sell it?

  • Still waiting after 21 business days. Slightly disappointed with build time.

    • Same thing - Day 26 and still waiting for my shipping confirmation. Although I did order the Mattrexx case I would think they would have received the new cases by now

      • Received shipping order, arriving between 22-25 March. GPU is MSI Gaming Trio X

      • Update: mines getting shipped rn but will probably need to pick up from post office

  • Same deal here.. ordered 9th of feb.

  • I ordered this build on the 4th of Feb and I started using it on the 27th of February without issue until the 11th of March, 13 days later. Now every time I turn on the computer I have anywhere between 1 minute to 2 minutes of use before the computer decides to restart unprompted and closing all my applications. On that very day it did this very thing over 10 times. I emailed them on the 11th and haven't received a response and their phone line is unavailable. Has anyone had any issues with their build like this? Or this issue in general? I haven't damaged the computer in anyway hardware or software wise. The last few restarts had me booting back up to a blue windows screen reading : "Recovery
    It looks like Windows didn't load correctly." Does anyone have any advice?

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      Could be the ssd
      Had that similar problem with my last yr build contact them by email n sent the ssd back, then got sent a new ssd few days later.

      • How long would you say it took them to get back to you? Thanks for the reply, although this is inconvenient your case gives me hope that the issue isn't a major one.

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    Ordered Feb 8th, is being shipped today. So a month and a bit wait between order and delivery - not the best, but likely due to 3070 delays.

    I confirmed with them that I'm getting a MSI Gaming Trio X 3070, which seems like one of the best options out of the lucky dip so reasonably happy.

    Luckily I wasn't in a big rush to get the PC.

    • Same here. Just got shipping notice. Ordered on the 9th. No idea what 3070 im going to be getting. Hoping the same as yours. Congrats on yours m8.

      • I just sent them an email to check which one I'd be getting, you can probably do the same if you're impatient like me!

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          Yes thats what i did. Turns out i got the same! Cheers mate

  • Did anyone else video card come without the fan? I got the GALAX GeForce RTX 3070 SG.

    • How is it possible that Galax 3070 does not come with any fan whatsoever?

    • I don't think that's possible ?!

  • Got:

    MSI Gaming X Trio 3070
    WD Blue NVME SSD WDS100T2B0C-00PXH0

    Crucial RAM BL8G32C16U4B.M8FE1

    Pretty happy with that.

  • Update #2 Mate of mine finally got his, ordered 9th Feb arrived today 19th March. Helped him set it up transferring the data from his old PC to this one.

    Came with:
    GPU - MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3070
    RAM - Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz
    SSD - Crucial BX500

  • Anyone know why my pc takes 20sec to actualy show bios screen n start booting?
    Sometimes longer n bios resets itself ram goes down to 2400mhz

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      Maybe needs a bios update. There's a recently released fix. Had same issue. Updated bios and now running fine.

      • Cool i try

    • Or try turn on quick start in bios. (apparently super quick start is not recommended for noobs like me).
      Your boot sequence might be non-optimal too (i.e. your bios might not have your OS drive at the top of the boot list).

      • Tried with on n off still take ages to post

        • I'd give techfast a call then.

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