Neighbour Broke Fence of My Investment Property - Property Manager Asking Me to Contact Neighbour

I got an email from my property manager yesterday informing me that the neighbour for my investment property has broken the fence while doing something at his property.

The property manager wants me to contact the neighbour and find out what his plans are. Or work out how we will get it fixed.

The property is in SA and I'm in VIC so I'm not sure how this works. I thought the property manager should contact the neighbour and sort this out but I might be wrong.

Just wanted to get an understanding of the general process before I contact the property manager or the neighbour.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


  • Appreciate the feedback :) I will ask the property manager to handle this. If he can't, I agree with you all. It's time for a new PM. Thank you so much for the quick replies.


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    Sounds like a personal touch will be more effective in defusing any possible conflict.

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      I have a crazy neighbour and their version of personal touch is to yell and swear, such that I wish they had a Property Manager that I could deal with.

      If OP is not personable, then best have have issue addressed by Property Manager.

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    This is the sort of thing you pay the property manager for. The neighbor broke it so the neighbor should get it fixed like it was before the damage was caused. Make sure the property manager sends photos of the fixed fence so you can agree that it is okay as the property manager should NOT agree that it is okay as they have shown that they will not do their job.

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    Time to get a new property manager

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    "So I spoke to my neighbour and he said I should get a new property manager. What do you think I should do?"

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      So I spoke to my Property Manager and he said I should get a new Neighbour . What do you think I should do?

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    Have you asked Property Manager why they aren't addressing the issue as paid agent for you?

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    Just wanted to get an understanding of the general process before I contact the property manager or the neighbour.

    What the hell are you paying the property MANAGER for then, if they aren't going to handle this?

    Just tell them to do their job or you'll stop paying them, and look at getting fees refunded because they haven't been doing their job.

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    Scumbag property manager.

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    what does your contract and terms of service with the property manager say?

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    What did your new property manager say?

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    Lazy property manager. Once you get this sorted out fire him and find a new one.

  • While I agree the PM should be able to manage this but I also expect them to charge their hourly to manage the claim.

    • Why would they charge an hourly rate to manage this? What are you paying them for if you have to pay extra when there's actually something to manage? A retainer?

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