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[Pre Order] Pokemon Trading Card Game Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box $100 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like jb accepting preorders for this highly sought after set.

RRP is $110. So at $100 is a good bargain.

Release date 31/3/2021.

This set is already selling for 1.5-2x on the secondary market and will only appreciate further due to stock constraints and it being a holiday set.

Also note that other countries such as the UK have only been allocated 5-6% of their orders, so make sure to get in early.

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  • Thanks, just grabbed one

  • Store in title please

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • +3

    Come onnnnn holographic charizarddddddd

    • You mean SSR holographic shiny charizard V or Vmax 😉

      • To be honest you can only get a Charizard Vmax shiny in this box. So no he doesn't mean shiny Charizard V

        • Both are are in the Japanese version I guess normal shiny and marnie are missing for English then

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    I’m still waiting for my Champions path ETB I purchased early November..

    • +2

      you gotta catch 'em all!

  • +3

    So if I open it and it's got nothing rare. Is it still worth $100 to someone? Or its only worth over $100 unopened because it may contain something rare?

    • I know the champions path one there’s a promo charizard you can easily get $30-$40 for by itself then you can sell the boosters by itself for $10-15

      • Wrong, you get max about $10 a pack of champions path, market is super saturated with champ. And the charizard is max $25, usually $20

      • +1

        Promo charizard is dime a dozen. It’s free with every pack lol

    • +3

      The contents makes it have it's value, if the packs and the promo card are taken out, you are looking at a max of like $10 for the box and other contents

    • +1

      Its prob worth more sealed as, the hype of this set is more towards celebrating 25 years of pokemon.

    • These holiday sets are generally worth more and appreciate more unopened over time. soon as you open them if you get crap cards, youve lost the value.

  • +3

    Not particularly for me these days, but kinda neat that this is still a thing.

  • can i put my yugioh cards in there

    • I said, card games on motorcycles.

      • Screw the rules, I have money!

    • Can I play MTG with these cards?

  • Thank you OP, Son's bday present sorted.

  • nice one ordered thanks

  • No click and collect available in SA? That makes the price $105.

  • Pity they didn’t rerelease the OG starter pack, still got it and my mew card (from mew trade event) and Mewtwo from first movie

  • If only it had click and collect, still cheap for delivery though.

  • So if I wanted something like this to play with my young son, what do I need, just this? Two of them? This plus something else?


    • +11

      Not this. Although opening packs is very fun.

      I'd suggest two of the theme or battle decks.

      Theme decks are 20~ each but often designed for younger kids as decks that aren't really competitive and quite slow to play. Still can be fun to play though as long as both players are using a theme deck.

      I haven't played for a year or so, but battle decks will generally be better built with more competitive cards for a faster and more competitive game. Although not as good as a properly built deck.

      Either product will also come with tokens and instructions on how to play.

      • Thank you, I'm trying to make sense of this, as I've not played trading card games before.

        So each of the two battle decks provides 60 cards with the basics of everything you need for one player, so combined is 120 mixed cards at $50, but you'll find nothing too exciting in them either, and playing against a good deck you'd get trounced easily?

        The trainer box provides 45 energy cards + 10 random cards in the 10 booster packs that can be anything and may not help you have a well-rounded deck but you could also be lucky and pull a super awesome card? That is a total of 145 cards for $100.

        Do those 10x booster packs contain energy cards?

        • +2

          So theme decks and battle decks are different things. Battle ones like the link above are a decent bit better and will mostly contain good trainer cards you could repurpose for a proper deck.

          Regardless, if just playing within a family they'll be bascially balanced against each other.

          Booster packs come with 1 energy. and 9 other cards.

          This product also might better better for your purposes. It's cheaper and you get three decks that are designed to face each other. I think its also purposefully made for someone who has never played before, including guides for how to use the deck strategies.

          • @HolyFosh: Excellent thanks.

            Do you think the double battle deck above (Blastoise + Venosaur) could be played fairly against anyone of these 3 packs in the Academy? I ask as I think a bit of variety later might be helpful, plus that would round out a bit of water vs electricity vs grass vs fire thing and I could pick the weaker pack against the one my son selects.

            • +2

              @FabMan: I suspect the two battle decks would be a decent bit better than the academy decks. Although not overwhelming so for newbie players.

              Letting your son use the stronger deck sounds like a good idea and depending on how old he is could help in teaching him which card effects and combinations are stronger.

              • @HolyFosh: Not intending on getting this, but thank you HolyFosh for helping FabMan out. Very wholesome, have a good one.

    • +3

      Buy two starter/theme decks. You wouldn't have enough from this for you two to play.

    • +1

      If you are starting out I reccomend you get the battle academy. Comes with three decks and a sweet game board. If you buy the decks they will only be paper.

      • Are these cards worth nothing ? Seems u get 3 packs of 60 cards… for $35? Back in me old day boosters were like $6

        • +1

          Don't buy this for speculation. Buy this to play the game. These are complete decks. Not booster packs

    • +3

      If your son is old enough, play mtg
      "teach your kids to play magic…and they'll never have money for drugs!"

      • I’ll take my chances…. ppl get way too consumed into that XD in strange ways

      • I have game night and Pokemon but find pokemon much more fun to play. Too many rules in mtg

  • -3

    RRP is 50USD FYI

    • +3

      Which is impossible to find, even in the U.S pre-orders are around $100-$125 USD.

  • Can anyone explain why the price in the secondary market is higher than pre-ordering? Why would you not just pre-order?

    • +2

      Because Pokemon cards have had a massive boom in popularity for various reasons over the past year. Lockdown, stimulus, popular content creators like Logan Paul getting into it and sports card investors.

      It's even worse for older cards that have shot up 5-10 times in value over the past 12 months.

      Also people are probably trying to flip these because the previous set of this type Hidden Fates went for 3-4 times the price within 12-18 months after release.

      • can you still buy hidden fates?

        there doesnt seem to be any incentive to hype this set

    • scalpers, demand outweighing supply. You will not lose money buying pokemon sealed product holiday sets just to sell on the second hand market. Better if you collect and hold for a few years.

  • is it only 1 per person? Can't change the quantity.

  • Thanks op l, decided to grab one box. Might buy a second one later. Plan to keep em unopened. Seeing people opening and selling booster packs from the first base set is epic.
    I’ve still got my original base set and jungle set in near mint condition with a few special side cards and been looking at other things like consoles to keep and see how investing goes with them. Not too much money but the feeling of having them is nice for memory, ect.

    • You could buy nearly double the amount in boosters though?

      • I didn’t give it too much thought but sounds like ur right, gonna start looking into it, thanks

      • +1

        U can’t buy boosters individually. Only get them through the special packs

  • Bought a bunch from several stores, gonna open one and leave the rest in storage for 10 years

    • Why do you think Shining Fates is the set to invest in?

      • +3

        I don't really, this set is mostly Gen 8 Pokemon so I doubt it will be as popular as Hidden Fates. However nobody knows and they are relatively cheap so it doesn't hurt to get some if you like the cards

  • +6

    Love it how 60% of the comments here are about "investing" rather than the Pokemon card game.

    I'm fully supportive of hype assets, people should always have one or two in their lives.

    • It’s all because of Logan Paul’s video. People were crazy about baseball cards back then and the hype lasted a good decade but it did die down to a great degree. Pokémon is great as a game but don’t forget that most people are not going to value current gen Pokémon as much as people are expecting…a lot of people are just hoarding and boxing right now for the same because of the recent hype.

      All this is just making collecting and trading harder unfortunately.

      • Well look at the bright side. If you were a genuine collector then you can rest easy know that the speculators out there are busy inflating the value of your holdings.

        I've got a few hype assets (not Pokemon cards), whilst it's laughable at how the story of those items get more mysterious/ sophisticated/ legendary as the price goes up (no one cared when they were RRP), I'm not complaining about what they are worth.

        • True. As long as stuff does not run out of stock amongst most of actual players of the game then it's all good. Anyway it was kind of an expensive hobby.

  • +2

    Got one, no idea why but just did!

  • +1

    Investee here: Can someone explain the rarity behind these boxes? If I was to purchase and keep for X amount of years will the value go up OG style? Or are they just another release of the same old stuff?

    • +8


    • Buy silver

      • +1

        No lol

    • +1

      Not worth it. By the time the item cost alot. You probably lost money from inflation from number amount of years. Its a cool thing to keep on display imo

  • Thanks for posting OP.

  • For newcomers to Pokemon TCG, how's this compare to the Sword and Shield Elite Trainer Box + Zacian or Zamazenta, and Trainer's Toolkit as a starter set?

    • probably the same across the 3 sets if you are just buying to play as all 3 of these boxsets will provide you with everything you need you play (dice, energy cards, etc etc).

      in terms of appreciation and which set is better for the investor, I would say the shining fates set is as it has many more chase cards.

    • If it's anything like Magic (I assume all TCGs are) you're much better off buying the single cards you need for your deck than ever spending money on packs (if you want to be competitive). The value of the pack is almost always worth more than the cards inside of it. Of those products, the Trainer's Toolkit is probably the only one worth buying since it gives you a stack of energy and some useful trainer cards that you would need anyway.

      If you just want to play casually with family/kids then I very much suggest going with a pair of theme decks (, battle decks ( or this battle academy set

      They are all complete decks that are designed to play against each other casually.

      If you don't want to play the game and just want to collect the cards/open packs, the Shining Fates box should be your best pick since the set is limited to certain products and the packs cannot be purchased individually, but you'll still be throwing your money away unless you pull some shiny charizard or whatever the hot money card is for the set.

  • Can tell you the second hand market prices are in general touch and go. If a posting is up for a long time it means it's stupid and no-one's buying and the real market rates go pretty quickly. You might be able to sell off the boosters individually given enough time (week -> months) but you'll earn back postage if that. Buy it to have fun, or to add it to the collection. As investments go this isn't the best short term and it's long term value will be determined by how well they packaged it, if it comes with a crumpled corner or anything like that you can bet your mother's aunt that that's your profit margin gone.

  • -1

    I have 50 of these across different shops.

    Opening them all on a live stream too ;)

  • +1

    Why does my kid ask for $7 bucks everytime near a zing store? What is the difference between any of the decks? They're all compatible right? I don't get this at all..

    Hoping he'll be stoked with this!

    • +1

      Stay away from zing store!

      • Haha why?

        • zing = expensive and probably out of date rando boosters haha

          Also only the most recent decks are competition cleared so per season you technically have to 'buy in'. You can't really cross generation mix at local clubs unless they specify which don't get me wrong happens often enough. For general playing and having fun with friends there is absolutely no difference apart from some new secret rares haha :P

          Also in bigger packs it's generally accepted that you get one really good booster packaged in, i think in 50 booster boxes you're guaranteed 4 ultra rares or something similar. Could be wrong been a few years since i gave a crap about the technicalities.

    • Zing/EB games sells boosters, collector boxes etc at full price, for non-holiday sets, $7 a packet is RRP and for most people who buy in bulk, very expensive. If you want to collect whole sets, you can preorder the non-holiday sets for about $150-160 for a booster box of 36 packets, and it works out to be about $5 per packet.

      For holiday sets like Shining Fates, if you dont open the packets they will appreciate over time. For example, Hidden Fates, which was released in 2019, has their elite trainer boxes going for well over 300 on the market, and booster packets for $20+.

  • Where do you buy Pokemon cards from and for how much? Or should I not be buying the 10 card card packs (not sure how many are in there).

    Tbh I'm not sure I would even recognise a good card from a bad, hopefully it's really shiny 😎, Pokemon wasn't my era!

    • +1

      lots of online retailers now, you can preorder from heaps of them. EB Games is generally the biggest and always sells at RRP. Other smaller online stores, sometimes they sell for less, sometimes for way more.

      If youre not actually keen on collecting, just buy the sealed products at RRP and sell them on for profit, if actually collecting, the cardboard crack addiction can empty your bank accounts and max out credit cards really easy…

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