This was posted 1 year 3 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC,PS4,XB1] Free - 3 Golden Keys for Borderlands 3 - Shift


You know the deal guys - use the code to get three golden keys for Borderlands 3. Use those to get better loot faster.


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  • First time trying this and had no luck. Playing on PS5. It just says failed to redeem?

    Am I doing something wrong…? I would have assumed since it works for PS4 then PS5 would be fine too.

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      Have you redeemed on the website (after connecting your Playstation account)?

      • Yep I have. Seems to have worked now despite failing. It now has some PSN rewards listed below the redeem screen. Fingers crossed it pops up in game!

  • Showing as failed for me as well. Will check in game tonight whether it actually went through.
    Redeeming with the Epic option.

  • Thanks!

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    Isn't Borderlands 3 not on Switch though?

    • You are right. Corrected title. Thank you.

  • Having issues with the Golden Keys from as well.
    Maybe Shift is having issues?…

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    How is this advertising campaign still going strong 2 years on? Owner of OzB must love the game.

    • If you say so…

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        I just can't understand how OzB continues to eat this up 2 years on, I can't blame you for posting it for free points, but I'm just perplexed that it's still happening.

        The keys never did anything useful in the game, I suspect that a majority of the people adding these keys have never played the game.

        • It does get you better weapons etc. faster. Not necessarily in the end game but before that (before you reach level cap).
          Have you played the games to the end?

          • @Lysander: For Borderlands 2 they at least gave you really cool items, like ridiculously overpowered stuff whilst leveling.

            In Borderlands 3 I opened a few and the loot was terrible, if anything it was worth a few credits, so I stopped opening them hoping they'd be worth opening later but they never were.

            They never drop legendaries, and you rarely want a non legendary item, and when you do, the crate isn't going to give you what you're after (it's super random and low tier stuff).

            The only useful purpose of golden keys is to sell the loot into money to upgrade your ammo capacity / stash capacity, but it's the equivalent of spending 5 - 10 seconds outside in any zone killing some enemies.

            • @Shwayne: Well, I still think it is not advertising. I never got a single legendary in BL2 but sometimes useful purple gear.
              At least all of this is free instead of other games where you have to pay for the privilege of opening loot boxes with random gear.

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