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Dreame V10 Upgraded Version $279.99, Two Head Combo $339.99 | Dreame V11 $368.80 Delivered @ Gearbite


Update, Shipment was delay, which was suppose to be available on 10th Feb, but Delay until this Friday(19th Feb). Hopefully can all pick up on Next Monday. We are happy to refund if you can not wait. Sorry for any inconvenience. Robt Vacuum Cleaner and scooter deal is on time, no any delay.

Greetings everyone, Our Gearbite Store have brought back some awesome prices on Dreame V10 Stick Vacuums with Upgraded Head value at $30. This is Dreame Official Australian Version, Limit stock avaialble. Ship around this Friday.

It's lowest ever for Dreame V10 and Dreame V11 Official Stocks.

Dreame V10 V11 both have extra Flexible Hose in the standard package.

Dreame V10 Upgraded Version: $279.99

Dreame V10 Soft Roller Head and Upgraded Carpet Head Combo $339.99 Limit Stocks Available.

Some Helpful Information for Dreame V10 and V9:

5 Stars Reviews for Dreame V10 and V9:

Dreame V11 $368.80

Dreame V11 Video

Model V9 V10 $279.99 V11 $368.8
OLED Display No No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins Standard 60mins,Max mode 10Mins Standard 90mins,Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 140AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Plug AU AU Plug AU Plug

Dreame V10 and V11 have extra Flexible Hose in the standard package.

Special Carpet head for Dreame V11 Old Pin Model( Ordered Dreame V11 before 1st Dec from us) $69.95 , Please use coupon code GB20 with $20 Off.

Regarding Dreame V11 Carpet head who order dreame v11 from us before 1st Dec 2020, you can order special carpet head for Dreame V11 Old Pin Model now,Dreame make a batch for our previous customers in one go, will not have any carpet head for this model after sold out, please check product link here, Please use coupon code GB20 with $20 off. We will ship around early March. Please make sure do not order old pin carpet head if you ordered Dreame V11 vacuum after 1st Dec which is New Pin model. New Pin Carpet head will available later March.

All products come with 12 Months Official Local Warranty

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As always, enjoy :)

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        • I would think of the warranty start date. It should begin on the day we received the item, not the purchased date. I am also waiting for my V11 order.

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    This is (profanity)

  • So has auspost received the items yet?

  • yayy.. its with auspost.. they picked up from mulgrave… took it to melbourne north for delivery in east.. ;-p

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    Free carpet head would be a good consolation gift OP

  • My tracking has stated it is getting sent to qld. Despite being in the same state as gearbites Mulgrave depot. It states it should be arriving today but definitely not holding my breath. Please follow this up rep.

    • My tracking still says:

      "Most recent update
      Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery
      Date & timeFri 19 Feb β€’ 12:00pm"

    • Please send me your order, i will happy to check.

      • Dm sent. Let's hope its a gremlin in the system and I won't have to wait for this turnaround from vic to qld back to vic.

        • Thanks, Looks fine when we check by our end of tracking information, send screenshot by message, please check.

        • Just received mine, I hope you get yours today too.
          I live in Noble Park Vic.

  • Received my v11 couple of hours ago. Compared to Dyson v8 It's silent and build quality is on par. emptying the bin is a pain! Tried vaccuming couple of rugs. It definitely needs the brush head. Don't know if the talk about free carpet head for the delay is a 'thing' yet.

    • Are they high pile rugs?

      I have low pile carpet in bedrooms only so hoping I don't need to get the head in addition, especially with no discount offer and all the delays who knows when they'll arrive anyway.

      • Yes, they are shaggy. It cleaned the carpet tile I bought from Bunnings well

    • Mine felt the same. Carpet head is definitely needed. I will have to keep my 4 years old shark vacumm for a bit longer.

    • What do you mean emptying the bin is a pain? I imagine you are talking about the Dyson, the V11 couldn't be easier to clean the dust bin. Like literally, it couldn't be easier.

      • I'm talking about the Dreame v11. I had to use a fork to pull all the hair and fluff out of the bin. Don't expect everything to fall out when the lid is opened. The lesson was to not wait till bin is full.

        • I've easily cleaned mine today. It was full of dog's hair and dust, no problems or nothing I'd describe as a pain even if I have to use a fork for that, but people have different pains… :)

          • +1

            @this is us: Just to add an update…

            I apologise, I now understand what you @ibex mean… If the bin is full and the dust goes behind the rubber, it might be a pain to remove the stuff from there. I learned this today… 😊

        • +1

          Isn't that the same story with all other stick vacuums? I use a disposal chopstick when emptying my Dyson V6. Not sure whether more recent model Dyson vaccums are any different however.

          • @keejoonc: Can't speak for other models but on my Dyson v8, when I pull the release handle, it moves the whole cyclone assembly up like this. Much easier, quicker and less messy

    • Just my personal experience on empty bin from Dyson V10 and Dreams V9. Always empty it every time after vacuum and the bin should be empty way before it reaches max. I have 95% bin empty with a button or pushed from both vacuum if I do it as mentioned above. Otherwise, I need to pull the dirt fromDyson and Dreame

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    Just picked up mine from the post office. Very nice vacuum, will also need the carpet head, although I have wool carpet and apparently have to be careful with this kind of carpet so it doesn't look fluffy with loosen fibres.

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    Got mine about an hour ago.
    Works great, used the Soft Roller (I think this is the carpet head) over some carpet to pick up cat crystals and it worked.

  • Anyone in Sydney received theirs yet? The last update I have is still from last night 5:38pm Received and ready for processing -_-

    • +3

      Same boat, Sydney customer… Wish they gave express post for early buyers to make up for the delay

    • I’m in Sydney, haven’t received mine yet but my order status is one step ahead of yours.

      It's on its way

      Most recent update
      Item processed at facility
      Date & time Tue 23 Feb β€’ 12:43pm

      qedwards profile says he’s from Sydney and has already received his. So I’m guessing they were shipped in different batches or they paid for express shipping.

      I only had the free shipping option and ordered over the weekend, so delivery time for me is decent. The tracking says delivery is estimated from tomorrow to Friday.

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        yea from Sydney, but I did pay for the express shipping

      • Still no update on mine this morning #@$#%$!!!!

        • Contact the OP. I got given a different aus post tracking number when I contacted.

          • @exc3113nce: I did yesterday. They said they'd check with the post office if still no update today. Have just told them still no update…waiting for a response

      • Update: My v10 arrived this morning.

    • Same here

    • Yep - mine came this morning.

  • +3

    Is this the most anticipated vacuum delivery in ozbargain history, haha! (With a polarised customer base (some fuming some happy to wait))

    I cant wait and check every few hours (though quietly fuming) 🀣

    • +1

      The Nintendo Switch deal I bought yesterday morning has already arrived from Sydney πŸ˜‚ while this one is still god-knows-where when I’m in the same state πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  • Got mine yesterday. Fantastic build quality. Feels a little more premium and lighter in comparison to the v10, although it is heavier. If I didn't get the v10 from Kogan BF sale, would've bought another v11.

    • Lighter or heavier? 😜

      • It could technically weigh more than the v10 but the weight may be better distributed and so it 'feels' lighter

        • Yup. Spot on. Just like the V10 is lighter than the Dyson V6 but feels heavier.

      • 100g heavier.

      • +1

        Heavier and lighter. It's magic I tell ya. πŸ˜‰

  • +1

    Literally bought the night this deal came up and still processing. Just my luck lol

  • +1

    Just received mine (v10) today. Thanks @gearbite rep. I am totally happy with the product, so far :).

    • Ditto. Thanks OP

  • I'm in Brisbane and I may be getting mine delivered tomorrow.
    Slow delivery as usual by Australia Post.

  • +2

    I am 5 kms from Mulgrave and the delivery is stuck at AusPost.
    Last status :
    Mon 22 Feb β€’ 5:38pm
    Received and ready for processing

    • I have the same message from Monday..sigh..
      A discount on the Carpet Head for v11 would be great.

    • +1

      In Sydney but also stuck on that same update from Monday. My sis in law in Sydney got hers yesterday morning. OP said he followed up with Aus Post yesterday, but I don't know what to believe anymore. At least I'm not the only one in the same position..

      • +1

        Same with me… surprised to see aus post updated to processing this morning (thursday 12:35am!)

        Mine was stuck since monday - to the above 'its on its way' this morning…. this is shit.


        • +1

          still waiting on mine too lmao

  • I purchased the v9 from gearbite.

    The motorised head keeps locking up.

    Any suggestions?

    • Please send short video to our team and contact them at [email protected]. They will follow up.

    • Is this after you have used it? I find it locks up when string or other objects get jammed in.

  • Got mine- Brisbane. Nicely packed. Thanks.

  • +3

    Got my v11 today too. Pretty happy with it, especially for the price. Suction power on max is really good, medium would be fine for most tasks though. Doubt anything could come close to it in this price bracket.

    Build quality is also very good.

    Definitely need that carpet head attachment when it's available as my place is mostly carpets. Kinda mind boggling that they wouldn't have one as standard in the base product.

  • Got the v11 today as well. Works very well on hard floor but definitely need the carpet head. We don't even have lot of carpet in our house but the standard head just isn't able to pick up dog hair from carpet. I guess I will have to use dyson v6 for carpeted areas until I'm able to get the carpet head for v11. Almost wondering whether it would have been better to just get the v10 combo.

  • Bought the V11 for my mum. When will the carpet head be available because, I will be hearing about it. I need to know asap. Thanks

    • "Early March" they ship it out. If this deals timeframes are anything to go off just prepare for April.

      • Yes, thanks. The carpet head attachment is what i'm after. I understand that you need to buy that separately

        • Yep its in the OP (near the bottom of the post)

          • @exc3113nce: that's the old version? Can OP please confirm?

            Edit* just read this - "Please make sure do not order old pin carpet head if you ordered Dreame V11 vacuum after 1st Dec which is New Pin model"

            • @PAOK11: Yep sorry - that is the old version. Do not buy that. From the OP "New Pin Carpet head will available later March" So I'm guessing you'll just have to wait and see when they have stock or list it.

  • Price has changed. I ordered Dreame V11 with the discount was $379

  • Hi all,

    Liking the vaccum so far, just had a question for those who also own the V11. I've noticed that when using the larger more oval shaped 2-1 tool the brush part seems to retract quite easily with say one or two left/right movements without much pressure applied. Just wondering if anyone else has had that issue or if it's just the brush head which I received? Thanks!

  • Hi rep, do you offer money back guarantee within 30 days?

    • Yes

  • Ordered on the 9th and still waiting 😩😩

    • Regarding your order. Sorry to hear that you did not receive item, can i have your order no, i will check for you.

  • Hi rep, trying to order the V11 however with the GB90 discount code applied, the price is $379. Is this a price error?

    • Fixed.

  • Me too trying to order V11 with GB90 discount code- getting a price of 379$ .. pls fix it. Thanks

    • +1


  • Hi @Gearbite, I ordered last week, how long does it take normally to get the shipment to SYdney?

    • Can i have your order no

      • ORDER #21993

  • @gearbite When will the carpet brush for the new V11 be available? If you don't have a date right now, how will you let us know?

    • Will update once we have more accurate information.

      • On this thread?

        • +1


  • +5

    just thought I'd post my positive experience ordering from gearbite. I ordered a V10 combo and although the order took a while to get here (23 days i think it was), I got it in the end. Unfortunately the box was badly damaged during transit and the stick part was dented.

    I emailed them with photos on Friday and they sent out a new one on Monday, which I received on Wednesday I think. Although it was an inconvenience to have the item arrive broken, it was a hassle free process to get a replacement part, which arrived in a timely manner.

  • @Gearbite how long it take for v11 delivery?

  • @Gearbite: In the past you had popular deals for Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24-in-1 Screwdriver Set.

    Any plans to offer the Xiaomi Mi X Wiha 8-in-1 Precision Screwdriver?

    • No stock at this moment.

  • Hi op.

    I have issue with the metal rod attachment.. its not attaching easily. takes a bit of force to attach and to remove - all other attachments get on real smooth.
    Sent an email to [email protected] - can you please look into it. Thanks.

    • Our team should get back to you.

      • thx

      • +1

        I have the same issue as well, should we be expecting the detachment/attachment to be very smooth?

        • Mine is the same. I have to push it in with a bit of force for the rod to connect and click.

          Only have this issue with the rod, not with the extension attachment.

      • I've got the same issue here. I ordered it in Feb, so it should be the new model. Will email gearbite

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