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Telstra Small 40GB Mobile Plan (No Contract, Post Paid, No Excess Data Charge 1.5Mbps Cap) $45 Per Month for up to 24 Months


Good for those who don't need lot of data and don't like porting in and out all the time.

5G access until 16/2/2021

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    40gb x 12 - 480gb total - $540 per year

    Cheaper to buy Boost $300 sim for $240 with 328GB data, even if you run out of data within 12m buy another top up would be $480 total per year

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      no 5g on boost for those who can get it, still pricey

      • If you’re willing to spend more and want the data, the 180GB a month plan looks to have $50 credit per month for 12 months dropping it from $115 to $65. Obviously a higher price bracket, but you get a lot of data at 5G.

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      No 5g but international calling is included which telstra charges $10/ month

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    How do you sign up to this online? There page just goes to the home page. I don't see the deal anywhere on the page

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      apply code when check out

      • I'm getting the message
        "The promo code ONLINE10MOBILE24 doesn't seem to be valid or has expired"
        when trying to apply at checkout,

        has anyone had any success?

        edit: works when adding a new service, just not for an existing number. OP maybe change to reflect this is for new services

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    I should really move away from my old Telstra Staff plan (15GB for $40/month). Much better plans out there looks like.

    • I don't think there's a $40 rebate for any new staff plans. Best off just doing a change FNN for the staff with the rebate to keep it and going to this with the standard staff discount. I don't work there anymore so maybe it's changed though

      • Lol.. I've left about 5 years ago already so no idea myself. Most of my contacts have already left as well with all the waves of purges, so not sure what the deal is anymore.

        Just looking at these new plans though, really "Grandfathers" the old ones that we thought were super bargains back in the day.

        Maybe hang onto it until August / Sept when either a new Galaxy Note comes out (if it does) or Fold 3 and pair it with a plan.

        • Yeah without the rebate it's a terrible plan

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      When I left Telstra I waited till I paid off my device on my staff plan (24 months), as only few months was left.
      Once the device was paid off, I immediately port to another provider. $40 staff plan is good only while you're on the job as you get $40 credit, otherwise there's better option available for $40/month.

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    please edit to show 5g network in title, think the jb hifi & good guys telstra contracts are better value when they come up, still good find

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      5G for like 7 days only sadly (until 16/02/2021)

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        So it is, pretty rough, next plan up much better for extra $10 then

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    Hmm, extra $20pm will get you 180GB.

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      Just an extra $240 lol.

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        Yes for an extra 1.68TB.

        • I use max 10gb a month 😁

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    5g network on this plan only available till Feb 16 2021

    • does that mean it will revert to 4G after 16th ?
      OR does it mean that anyone who signs up before/on 16th will get 5G and anyone who signs up 17th onwards will get 4G only.

      • 4g only after the date for everyone. Thats what it says in the Critical Info Summary up top

  • Still no decent plans with unlimited international calling. The included 30 minutes a month is better than it used to be but many others include unlimited to many countries.

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      Unless you're calling land lines specifically.. I don't think I've dialed International for over 10 years since VOIP on the messaging apps have been so accessible. Even for business calls, you can always use Skype minutes to call landlines if you have O365 subscriptions.

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        Landlines. It's my parents back in the UK. They're OK making outgoing calls using Signal or WhatsApp on their iPad but they tend to leave it all over the place so receiving calls is a different story.

  • "Thanks for waiting. I checked on the order and it is good. The back of house team will pick it up and you will receive notification once there are changes or updates on the order.

    The promotion is available if you are looking to add an additional Telstra service or for a new service on your account"

    I got on chat and squeaky wheeled it and they're giving it to me anyway

    • Did you contact via chat on the app?

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    Has anyone had success recontracting on this plan?

    • would like to also know

  • Can't get this code to apply at checkout for some reason, I'll try live chat but their response time via app is slow.

  • So the JB HiFi $45 plan is still the go if you are intending to stay 12mths anyway?

    • If you don't mind, what's that one? (I did try try searching).

      Edit: Ah, do you mean the standard $49 JB deal?


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        Yes, sorry I meant the $49 JB deal, but I guess a couple of years ago now, the $49 used to be $45 (with 50Gb data). I'm still on that grandfather plan.

        The only downside to that plan is no international calls, but who uses that these days with all the VOIP and social media messaging lol

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          I’m still on that $45 plan too 😬

          Just checked again and actually I get 55gb for $45

    • Until it's run out. Looks like I need to port out to somewhere else and then come back.

      My $39 sim only (JB Hifi friends and family plan) jumped from $39-59 at the start of the year (even though support assured me the price wouldn't go up).

      Annoying AF

  • NVM…I think this is for the upfront plans only

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    Wow I pay $45 for 45GB with the $200 bonus JB giftcard this is hardly a deal worth being locked in for 24 months

    • +3

      Think the discount is for 24 months but the contract is month-to-month

  • Live chat is adding the discount to an existing service for me right now.

  • No more postpaid plans soon. Hopefully we get better deals with these upfront ones.