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Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress 25cm King Size $160 (60% off) + Free Shipping @ BedStory


First time poster, long time ozbargain luva, please be super squishy.

Hubby & I purchased a Bedstory QS latex hybrid mattress during early-covid time last year and we can honestly say we found the perfect, comfy mattress for our back issues. Plus I no longer bounce off the bed when hubby rolls over, so I'm sleeping much better!

As it was covid times, Toll was woeful with country-vic delivery, but the Bedstory person was so helpful in tracking it down - I contacted them easily via messenger.

Fast forward to now and we upgraded to a King bed! so I jumped on the website to order a King size and it was on sale + Free delivery! I honestly can't say how long the deal is on for tho.

The mattress-in-a-box arrived to our country town super fast this time watching the Toll tracking & was taken to our local Delivery co for the final leg.. then sat there for over a week coz they're useless sigh… But the mattress is here now and it is BEAUTIFUL!!

They do have other mattress styles on sale but I cannot comment on those, but if the quality is anything like the ones we ordered, I am confident they will also feel amazing.

The hybrid latex mattress is super luscious to sleep on, doesn't go boingggg and we wake up like we've actually rested! We both have crappy backs with scoliosis, sciatica etc.. and I can highly recommend this mattress for an amazing nights sleep!

And no, I have nothing to do with the company.. I'm just a thrilled customer who got an amazing bargain & need to share it!

Here's some more official stuff from their website — and thanks again for being super kind x


Reference P10-AUK-BS01-GWM01
100 day free trial
10 Year Warranty

Hybrid Mattress for Better Sleep: BedStory Latex Hybrid Mattress is designed for all sleepers for a better night's sleep, such as back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Medium firmness mattress provides enough support to your back.

The Spring is Silent: All wrapped-coil inside the mattress moves independently, which helps to reduce the sensation of movement, you won't be woken up when your companion moves in the bed.

Medium feel mattress for dreamy sleep:
Bedstory mattresses are moderately soft and support your body, releasing your stress and relieving back and spine pain.

The spring is silent for your companion:
All wrapped-coil inside the mattress move independently due to the unique Independent Encased Coil Structure, this helps reduce the sensation of movement which means you won't be woken up when your companion moves in the bed.


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    Umm, how? This seems disturbingly cheap

    • Yeah I thought $1600?

    • I thought the same thing, but they BOTH arrived and as a bonus, they are actually awesome! Hubby has always been obsessively particular with mattresses over our 27 years, so I certainly took a risk! But all I hear from him is how good the mattress is (thank god lol).

      I feel almost guilty that I own something so good & great quality at that crazy price. Ooh that feeling of the guilts. Is that just me?

      • +1

        Can I ask ….. I understand that you had the QS mattress for about a year and you liked it. How long have you had the KS mattress for now? Does it feel the same to sleep on, just a bigger size? Do you find the latex makes the mattress a bit warm (or warmer than a non-latex mattress) in the Australian summer?

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    They are $289.99 with free Delivery on Amazon so $160 is a great price.

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    There's also "BedStory® Luxury Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Coil" for $200 instead of $499.

    I'm really suspicious here. Also the text captions and FAQ questions are written in poor english. The "contact us" details are for somewhere in Chicago.

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      Use PayPal to have some protection

    • +2

      Yes I noticed they have a US global website too (. com instead of au), same company, just make sure you order from the AU website. I was originally looking on the US website second time around and realised why I couldn't log in to see my previous order! I had to be on the AU website.

      I used PayPal for payment. The name came up as 'Meishijiaju' and the title was in chinese but I wasn't concerned as half the things I buy locally online (successfully!) are the same.

      I just did a google translate on the chinese name in my Paypal receipt and it translated to: Guangdong Meishi Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

      I was also able to reach them easily via messenger - and they were seriously so kind to deal with. I know right.. very strange, but true!

      • Thanks for that information. Does that mean that you were charged in AUD?

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    Hybrid = mostly foam, but with a thin layer of latex.

    • +2

      Looking at the listing, there's just 12 mm of latex — that is pretty thin!

    • Pocket springs. You wouldn't get that in a typical foam mattress.

  • +1

    I’m really tempted to pull the trigger but website just seems slightly suss, I might wait and see if others will buy/hear from people who already bought besides OP.

    • Use PayPal to have some protection

      • I’ve got Amex as well so if I go PayPal or Amex or together then I should be fine as I have the Qantas ultimate card which has purchase protection on it.

  • +1

    That seems very reasonable, great deal OP

  • +2

    I cant find anything on their website about 100 night free trial. Plus, its says in the T's and C's

    "Sale items (if applicable):

    Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately, sale items cannot be refunded.

    Any item that enjoyed a big discount >=40% off consider as sale products."

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    They also have the "BedStory 25cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress" single for $96.00 (was $239.99). Seems like a decent price?

  • Hmm almost pulled the trigger on a single foam mattress for the kids, but I personally prefer springs so don't know for them. Plus dodgy English seems odd. I'm sure they will deliver fine.

    • it is a "springs" mattress… with a thin layer of latex at the top.
      full 22cm latex mattress will cost u 1k+.

    • +1

      Can confirm they do arrive ! I bought one in their last sale thinking the price worth the risk and they did arrive in a box. From memory, it takes about week and a half to 2 weeks from order to delivery.

  • +1

    PayPal charged to some random Chinese email account

    Should be interesting to see what happens..

    Use an FX fee free card to avoid extra charges

    • So you were charged in Chinese currency? Did the invoice/receipt mention GST at all?

      • Billed in Aud..even if they convert that's what you'll pay
        From previous experience non fee free cards add $5 fee when going to a Chinese PayPal account

        Listed as tax excluded
        Interestingly original price is listed as base price

        • The listing is showing "Tax included". I guess they ship these items into the country in containers and somehow avoid any official transaction records that the Taxation Office would be interested in.

    • They charge in AUD.

  • +1

    I canceled my ZZZ to try this out.

    Hope it arrives quick I need a new bed in the new place.

  • I need to get a mattress which can withstand about 190kg (across 2 people) without sagging asap.
    I also need it firm and yet soft (ugh!!!) my wife likes soft, I prefer hard.

    My current mattress is some king coil beast which is now at least 15 years old and it was a wonderful mattress when I got it, but over time and kilos she's slowly sagging in the middle and the wife acceptance factor has reached critical (heck even I'm agreeing with her)

    Problem is- you go on Whirlpool and they discuss cheap mattresses over $2000 (ouch)
    I realise you don't wanna go cheap on these things but that's a bit much.

    What do people here recommend?

    • I'd go with the same brand that made you happy for 15 years

  • +1

    This all seems too good to be true.. Bought one anyway with PayPal

    • +1

      Yeah I thought the same thing, but couldnt help myself. I bought the $200 one. Lets see how this goes.

      • +1

        You did well, the $200 one now appears out of stock!

    • +1

      Why too good to be true? There have been similar deals from the same company on ozbargain before-

  • +1

    Bought a single, the previous one from zzz is noisy, must be the springs.

  • +1

    Natural latex I see I buy

    • 12mm?

  • Any well priced king frames anyone can recommend? Saw a few cheap yet decent looking ones psoted on OzB but never needed one when they came up.

    • Cheap ones. Some are free shipping. I think these are copies of Artiss. But not too bad for the price

  • +1
    • Looks like the GST wasn't paid.

  • I thought it was a latex mattress, got really excited. Sound like it's a spring mattress with a thin latex topper. I've had that style before, and it did not end well for me. Never again.

    Seems like a good price though for anyone that hasn't sworn off spring mattresses.

  • +1

    I bought one of the lavendar infused memory foam toppers late last year for kids single bed - it arrived promptly & its lovely to sleep on (slightly infused with lavendar but not too OTT)
    Just took the plunge on the King Size hybrid mattress see how we go - I assume it will work on slats?

    • Should be, like most mattresses

  • +1

    Product is OOS now op.

  • +1

    I brought this in the last sale for my parents. They don't like it, not sure if I can return it as it has been a few months

    • What was their reason if I may ask?

      • Unsure now will ask and get back to you but I think it had something to do with the fact that the mattress just went down too much when they sat on it or slept on it

        • They apparently have a 100-day return policy, so I'd check your purchase date and try your luck!

    • I'm so sorry to hear this. Chat to them on fb messenger .. I wrote to them via this page -
      .. and see what they can do. If they can't return it, maybe get a photo and sell it on gumtree or facebook for them, as I am sure they could even make a mark up if they originally got it on sale!

  • Sorry to inform you that BedStory 25cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Size : Single is out of stock in AU warehouse. Would you mind changing to the king size(72*80 inch)?


    • I got the same message and I bought one before posting the link in this deal so I guess a lot more people are going to get the same message.

      • Any other places to find a decent cheap mattress? I missed out all together.

  • Did anyone get theirs yet?

    • Mine just arrived here in Perth from Victoria. First feel is firm which I like. Will give it a go tonight and see.

  • “No stock “ message for me …for king size…!!!

    • Did they offer you any other king size as a substitute?

  • Sorry for delay in response… they offered me the alternative, but when I asked to cancel they came back and said the same mattress is available..!

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