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Osprey Farpoint/Fairview 55L or 70L $99 + $15 Delivery (Free Delivery over $100) @ Sydney Luggage


Good prices on Farpoint and Fairview 55L & 70L backpacks. Might be a while before borders open up and you can use them.

Farpoint 55L Sold out

Fairview 55L

Farpoint 70L Sold out

Fairview 70L

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    Still for the farpoint 40 from early 2020 never used from a bargain, Suitcases and bags are just useless at this point, but I do still want one lol

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      You can use it for hiking local national parks!

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        These are more travel backpacks than hiking backpacks, so they'd be a bit of a compromise for hiking… Still cheap for Osprey stuff, they make quality gear..

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          Excuse the ignorance but what's the difference between a travel and hiking backpack?

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            @fufufu: Hiking packs are more light weight and comfortable to wear for a long time (all day). Travel packs are a little heavier though more convenient to pack and get stuff in and out of. Many hybrid packs around too if you want an allrounder.

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            @fufufu: I'm certainly no expert but I suspect a hiking pack would have better back ventilation, comfort, back length adjustment, drink bottle pockets on the side and/or a water bladder pocket, waterproofing is likely to be better, more straps to compress and tighten it all together so the load sits close to your back, and possibly straps for strapping wet tent or sleeping mat on the outside… Comfort and adjustability would be the main thing I assume…

            Travel packs often seem to have a side handle, a cover to go over the shoulder strap side to protect the shoulder/waist straps on airport conveyors, no extra pockets or straps which can catch on things, often not adjustable for max comfort…

            At the end of the day there's no reason why you cant use a hike pack for travel or a travel pack for multiday hiking, but a hike pack will probably need an extra cover or to be plastic wrapped to handle airport conveyors, and a travel pack would probably be fairly uncomfortable to wear all day for multiple days with a decent load…

            I bought a real cheap Blackwolf backpack as a foot in the door for multiday hiking, it "looked" ok but damn it was shocking, I ended up using it for 3 trips, 13 days total, then spent $300 on an Osprey Xenith, this thing is total luxury, it carries a load so much better and the load feels a lot lighter compared to the cheap pack, well worth the money… It's not worth compromising if you're going to be wearing a pack day in day out, IMO…

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              @FLICKIT: Love the detail… "I'm no expert"…but…defs sounds like an expert.

              Great comment m8

    • I bought that and used it for a Queensland holiday this summer. Absolutely terrific bag!

  • Oh, hoped they'd be everyday backpacks.

    These are kinda convertibles, you can make them strapless/harnessless bags. Probably useful to some.

    • Everyday backpacks are generally in the 25-35 litre sizing. These are larger for travel.

      you can make them strapless/harnessless bags

      Covering the harness is required when sending though airport luggage conveyor systems

  • Used these while on a trip to Europe a few years ago. Very compact and they unzip fully, useful for unpacking as you do not have to try to feel around but can unzip the entire bag.

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    for carrying your masks and sanitisers, eneloops, and lego…

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    I am not getting free delivery over $100

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      • Free shipping also excludes those items that are heavily reduced and are too cheap to ship for free. Shipping will be charged to your cart during checkout.
      • Does not work. I tried.

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        lol, nice clause. I get:
        Too Cheap To Ship For Free ! $25.00 Shipping

        Edit: I added a little $5 powerpoint adapter to get it over $100, and the shipping went to $50, lol

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          Aww shit, sorry everyone. I didn't buy one myself so I was unaware of the fine print re shipping…

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            @jaypee06: If you need one it's still quite a good deal at $124 delivered, they're around the $200 mark everywhere else it seems

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    I've visited over 50 countries with Osprey.
    Amazing brand, the backpack looks tired but still can be used.

    My next bag will be Osprey for sure.

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      Ye nah not enough for my liking. Anyone with more countries travelled who can attest to these bags? ;)

      • Well Fulltimepanda's bag has been through hell. Is that a country? I think it might be one of those dangerous overseas countries…

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          He was just joking mate, don't take it too seriously.

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          He/she was taking the piss mate. It’s okay. Your feedback was well received.

  • If it's available instore (town hall, syd) would be able to skip on that $25 shipping

    • Was looking for that as well

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    I've taken the 70L model on a few trips now - looking back I would have gone a single 70L bag and a separate day bag over the 55L+15L in the 70L Farpoint. There's not a whole lot of a usable space in the day bag, 1L water bottle + jumper/jacket/hoodie pretty much filled it up for me. You're digging around for everything else which I find pretty inconvenient.

    Sturdy as packs though, mine has been through hell and I'm trusting it take me through at least another 10 years worth of travel.

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    You might also consider the Osprey Porter 65L. It's $99 marked down from $229.95, but seems to be one big bag rather than a 55L pack plus a 15L daypack. They still seem to consider it too deeply reduced for free shipping, though.

    • how is this for bagpacking?

      • The Porter range is more like a backpack version of a suitcase, as it has top flap and well-organised interior. It's perfect for taking on a trip where it might be on your back for an hour or three while you're out and about on the way to your next destination, but it's not a serious hiking backpack.

    • The Porter 65 is too big for carry-on, but I can highly recommend the Porter 46 if you just want to take one carry-on bag.

      With good packing and use of some compression packing cubes and the Porter's straps, you can take enough for a week or more in the Porter 46 (and wash your clothes if you're staying for multiple weeks/months).

  • Do they have a laptop pocket? One of those and I'd daily this

    • I have the Farpoint 70L. The 15L pack has a laptop pocket which I believe can fit at least a 14" laptop. It is going to be right against your back which I don't know if it will be comfortable if you use the day pack only.

    • Do you live in the office?

      • If he lived in the office he wouldn't need a bag at all, now would he? No, he obviously works in an office, and sleeps on the streets.

  • Cheers OP - bought 2 of the 55L (One for a mate - $25 shipping asme as one)… Does anyone know if these are small enough to take as a carry on for flights once we can travel again? I usually try to stay below the 7kg but the 25-32l bags I usually take are just a little on the small size….

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      I did use my 70L as a carry on a few times. I packed it under 7kg and made as small as possible by tightening all the straps etc… However, I think it's a gamble, as the size of the frame is actually slightly too long.

    • I think the 55L is just the 40L with a detachable 15L day pack. If so, I know the 40L is widely touted as the perfect carry on bag as the dimensions fit almost all airline carriers' dimensions.

      • On second look 55L is slightly different shape, so you might have to tighten straps etc to make it smaller.

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      Thanks for the info - just did some searching:
      S/M 3173 IN3 / 52 L 60H X 33W X 30D CM 1.7 KG
      M/L 3356 IN3 / 55 L 63H X 33W X 30D CM 1.77 KG

      From what I can find in Aus the carry on size is 56cm x 36cm x 23cm so this is just slightly oversized - I guess probably OK for some international trips depending on the airline, but might be a problem with some of the budget carriers… Most likely useless for travel in Europe if we ever get to that again…. Still, a good price and I'm guessing fairly durable…

  • Anybody find a work around for shipping?

    • Buy two.

      • Then return one of them.

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    I have the farpoint 70l and I use the small backpack for my daily work purposes to carry to and from work. I used it for backpacking around Europe precovid and definitely recommend at that price point. RRP is around $200

  • Wish they had the 40L.

  • anyone know if they are available in stores? or this is an online deal only?

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    Any suggestions for a hiking pack that I can take on through hikes with my 14 year old son which could be anywhere from 3-7 days?

  • Any idea when the deal expires?

  • I got the Fairview 55L and I'm not happy with the quality at all! My previous bag lasted over 100 rough trips (and would still be going with the odd fixing had I not given it away)… this one will die way before hitting trip #10. Paid over 2x this deal price and will not buy Osprey ever again.

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      FWIW, I had a buckle break on mine, contacted the local distributor and they paid for return postage and a free repair.

      All their bags have a lifetime warranty.

      • Not useful when you’re in the middle of the Himalayas.
        Quality is poor. Never again.

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    The Osprey Porter 46 is the best carry-on bag I've seen. Tightening the straps reduces the size significantly, which means I've never had an issue taking it on the plane with me.

    The Porter is much better organised than the equivalent Farpoint - it's ideal if you're travelling around with just the one carry-on bag, and aren't doing serious hiking.

    The Farpoint is a better 'hiking' bag - better straps and fit on your back - but it fits less and doesn't have some of the features of the Porter.

    PS. Melbourne CBD store Backpacking Light have the Porter 46 on back-order for $135.95, down from $199.95.

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