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Kweichow 15 Year Moutai Chinese Baijiu $1550 + Delivery @ LiquorTown


No free shipping but cheaper than Costco (for those who don’t have membership).

15 Year Old Moutai

30 Year Old Moutai

50 Year Old Moutai

500ml Moutai

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  • Thanks bought 50.

  • Basically vodka.

    • Closer to white rum

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        Closer to petrol

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          Bottle looks like engine oil

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      I have to disagree. As a Russian who grew up drinking vodka at every family gathering I can remember and recently married into a chinese family it's quite different. Vodka is flavourless, baijiu is fermented, distilled and aged to develop certain flavours. Moutai is the top shelf stuff and is delicious, but packs a punch. I grew up believing that the more flavourless the spirit, the less intense the hangover. When I first met my fasther in law, he opened an expensive bottle of Moutai (not sure how aged) over dinner. We finished it between the two of us, my wife and mother in law had one little shot each. at 53% alcohol I was expecting serious repercussions the next morning, but I woke up fresh as a daisy.

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        that how you tell you didnt drink the fake Moutai.

      • Now that's a good advertisement if I've ever heard one. If only i had $390 to blow on a bottle lol

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    This place doesnt even have a shopfront… Idk what others think but I'd keep my money with Dan Murphys or Costco so that I know I'm buying genuine.

    • I doubt any aussie business would risk selling such products. But worth trying to ask Dans to price match? Lol

      • What do you mean, they literally have it on their sites. Both Dan Murphys and Costco sell these…

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          Maybe he meant not worth selling fakes?

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            @snackerjoe: But then it goes back to the shopfront idea. Its a PO box, a mobile number and an online website. A few sales over a week, delay the shipping and zip gone. Claim AP lost them all or something and then you're free.

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              @ATangk: Yep, I get you. Anyway I checked their liquor license, ties up to their parent company name and their address (which seems to be a home residence). Facebook page created 2010, so on the surface they seem to have been in business for a while.

      • PO box + mobile + credit card, u can't even say that its a real business for sure.

    • Could you not pricematch this with Dan's?

  • Such a nice drop.

  • It was $30 per bottle in my memory.

    • thats a century ago mate! in the 90 its already cost nearly $100 USD/per bottle.

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    here we go again!

  • I drank quite a lot of other branded stuff in northern China - I've never seen it here but the bottles were ceramic with key slots at the top and the whole top of the bottle had to be snapped off… No idea of the brand but by comparison to the 15+ degree room temperature SNOW beer (in -30-50 winter!!?) it was fantastic…… Very tempted…Not…..

    I assume it's better than the wooden bottle of Confusius family liquor which a mate brought back to the UK…. A small spillage on the pub carpet made the place stink for weeks!!

    • haha very funny.

  • Thanks bought 2.

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    My partners granny opened a 30 year old bottle of this the other night whilst we talked and celebrated the life of her grandfather as it was his final night before he headed to heaven. The wine tasted like liquid paint it was terrible but it was nice having all the family around taking turns tasting a terrible wine. Fair to say the granny was shocked when she realised she had opened (and wasted) a $4k bottle of wine for us all to think it tasted terrible

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      ..This isn't wine lol

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        Partners Granny said it was Chinese wine so we went with that , no point fact checking beverages at that sort of occasion.

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    With clear layers, the rich, mild and aged Jiang fragrance, the 30 year old Baijiu (a traditional Chinese spirit) presents a rich, baked aroma and smoky flavour. It has a mellow and smooth mouthfeel as well as a long-lasting, round and sweet aftertaste. Sorry, my bad, I was drinking the Listerine.

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    This costs an Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and DualSense Charging Dock dollars.

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    I got one years ago. Tastes very earthy. Or like it has been strained via dirt.

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      Dirt + earthy = Fijian kava lol. Look it up!

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    guess landlords need to spend the money they get from renters on something.

    for chinese this might be like top end cognac for westerners, and dans has cognac for $5k+ and it sells.

    • I don't think its comparable. Everyone and their neighbours dog knows what maotai is over there.

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    It is not really for drink, it is an investment thing.

    I would not buy it as I do not like the taste and I do not like the history behind it.
    FYI: https://5455.org/history/112413.html

    • possibly interesting history ………if you can read chinese.

  • Imaging selling Vegemite in China, probably the same.
    My son just started his Uni one year ago, basically spent all his money on wines with his mates, tried a lot of different ones, and he told me he like Chinese Baijiu, comparing to Vodka etc. since never made him headache the other morning even it's a real strong wine, but he doesn't like alcohol, never drink by himself.

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    I make better stuff in my backyard with grapes why would you waste your money?

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