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Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers $105.56 Delivered @ Edifier Australia via Amazon AU


Been doing some research on (computer) speakers and happened to come across these. Seems a good price given OzBargain price history.

A tad large for my own space, but may be good for others.

Sold by Edifier Australia, fulfilled my Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not sure about this particular model but I bought my R1580MB for around the same price a while ago, sound quality is good, easy to setup, plus it’s got Bluetooth, fantastic speakers overall

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      Nice one. I was strongly considering the R1700BT for computer speakers, but I think they’re just a bit big.

      Edifier appear to make good speakers in general for good prices, so seems you can’t go wrong.

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      It’s okay. Better than Logitech anyway.

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    Just ordered the r1280BTs for $149 from the same sale and an 8" sub to go with it. Arrives on Thursday, can't wait.

    • What sub did you get?

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        Q Acoustics 3060S

        • How did you connect it up? As in speakers to the sub. Been trying to figure it out but I am not very good with audio stuff

          • @azngamer: Haven't connected it up yet. But the r1280dbs have a sub-out port on the back. It also ships with a 3.5mm to RCA (left and right channel) conversion cable. So you plug the 3.5mm jack end into the speaker's sub out port and then run the RCA left and right cables into the left and right inputs into the sub.

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              @ifreddo: There's no sub out port on the ones in this listing though.

              • @jonathonsunshine: You're right, not on this one. I purchased r1280DBs. I mentioned that in the earlier post. These are the 'T' model.

                • @ifreddo: Hmm so 50% more $ for sub out?

                  • @richmond12: I think its really just cause the T is on sale

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                    @richmond12: You mean 50% more price? If you're comparing to my speakers - the R1280DBs, then you are getting heaps more for the extra $50 - Better frequency range, bluetooth 5.0, optical, extra RCA connections and sub out.

                    If you're comparing to the R1280Ts (which are the updated version of the R1280T), then it's only an extra $25 based on current sales. For an extra $25 you can get the sub out on the R1280Ts model. Totally worth it IMO.

                    • @ifreddo: Hmm I see thanks. So you would recommend any of these over the current deal?

                      • @richmond12: Definitely recommend the upgraded R1280Ts for $132 over the R1280T. The value proposition is too good for the price increase and you can add a subwoofer at a later point.

                        And if you think you are going to hook up a number of different devices to the speakers, and want a bit better sound experience, then I'd stretch to the R1280DBs for $149. Reviews are subjective, but check this out form Techradar: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/edifier-r1280dbs

                        • @ifreddo: Cool. Recommendations for a cheap sub? Yours is like $700!

                          • @richmond12: What's your budget? I negotiated mine down to $550 after contacting multiple stores. So don't accept the advertised prices for audio equipment. Retailers are always looking to squeeze out a sale.

                            I'm not too knowledgeable on subs, but I was also considering the Audio Engine S8. It has decent reviews and I think you could get it down to $450 with some haggling. Scorptec have it on sale for $479. It's tiny and packs a punch. It hits frequencies down to 27Hz range which means it'll totally rumble a small room and pair well with the R1280Ts whose frequency range starts at around 52Hz.

                            • @ifreddo: Okay thanks. Maybe that can be a future add on

                              What about Edifier S350DB?

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                                @richmond12: It's a great option if you want an included sub. And when it goes on special for $299 it's a total bargain. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the s350db. Only a couple of issues, the cable length between one of the speakers to the sub is quite short (1m-1.5m I think?), so it limits placement options. But if you're using at a desk and not a TV then should be fine. Others have reported a 'whine' noise coming out of the speakers when no music is playing. Apparently they fixed this with the newer version (s360db). You can avoid the whining though by probably turning down the volume or turning the speakers off when not playing audio.

                                My sub will eventually make its way over to the lounge in a 3.1 setup. So I spent a bit more on it so it can handle a bit of home cinema.

                                Make sure you check out Z reviews on YouTube. he did a great review talking about all this stuff for the s350db. Just make sure no kids are around when watching his videos, he tends to swear a lot.

  • Seems a new “thing” to purchase speakers without first having listened to them?

    • Sorry, what do you mean?

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        Once upon a time, people wanted to hear speakers before purchasing.

        • -5

          Yeah lol, I get it. Just not sure where the comment came from or how it fits into this thread..

          • @ifreddo: You can’t listen to these before purchasing because they’re from Amazon.

            • @PainToad: This is my point (and cannot understand getting negged for my comment). I’m simply surprised that so many buy Edifier speakers without auditioning them (if they could), and simply accept the price as a good indicator.

            • +19

              @PainToad: They're $100 speakers…are you really going to go to that effort of auditioning them lol? With all the reviews, Edifier's reputation for packing above it's weight in terms of sound and quality, and all the audio demos online - you're not really gonna go wrong for $100 bucks. Plus, Amazon have one of the best return experiences of any retailer.

              • +1

                @ifreddo: Didn’t say it was my opinion. Just explaining it.

              • +3

                @ifreddo: These are not $500-$1,000+ speakers from an established hifi source like B&W Mission Jamo etc.

                There are hardly any B&M stores that showcase $100 china speakers except for the Officeworks and HN their Logitechs.

                So be realistic. Where would you audition most cheap PC speakers?

                I bought the P17 passive from them for under $100… they are actually quite decent but then I've only hooked them up to an Onkyo receiever and a huge poweramp and they do perform a lot better than the $100 would suggest.

                I feel like if $100 is too much for people to buy sight unseen (or unheard!) then yeah…, Officeworks is about your only choice.

                again, also not directed at freddo.

                • @tonyjzx: Not exactly sure what you are saying but I think we agree?…not sure if you meant to direct that comment to me..

              • +3

                @ifreddo: How do you do a audio demo online listening through your old speakers lol. I once pointed this out to a mate who was showing me a YouTube vid of some headphones he wanted to buy when he said "listen to how good they sound", I just looked at him perplexed lol

                • @sk3iron: It's totally possible, but you need a good pair of headphones and a reasonable quality audio source. Many audiophile review channels on YouTube offer sound comparison tests.

                  It's never going to be perfect, but sound demos can pick up on differences in bass and speaker tones between various syatems. Check out:


                  There are whole channels dedicated to sound testing. Again, if you have a good pair of headphones, you can definitely pick out differences between speakers vs original sound tracks to see what sounds better to you, check out:


                  • @ifreddo: I guess if you're testing on better hardware checking out inferior; my point was for the vast majority of us which is the opposite… those looking to upgrade, checking out vastly superior hardware, testing on inferior hardware and claiming to "hear the difference". Audiophiles are not looking to buy $100 bookshelfs anyway in general.

                    • @sk3iron: The easiest thing is to get old and not be able to hear subtle variations in audio. CHEEP speakers here I come.

                      • +1

                        @Naigrabzo: When I started turning on subtitles for everything I knew the end was near. It started by getting up middle of the night not being able to sleep and watch TV at low volume to not disturb the family, now I just leave them on all the time.

                        • @sk3iron: LMAO!

                          I use $40 bluetooth earphones to watch late night tv these days. But I know that the end will come.

    • +4

      For a hundred bucks what do you have to lose. Other than a hundred bucks.

    • +3

      The internet has brought good reviews, online ordering, and online prices to practically everyone. It’s new and great

    • For $100 speakers? Doubt it.

    • +1

      Lol so all e-commerce for TVs and speakers etc is invalid?

    • These are fulfilled by Amazon. If they don't sound good enough they can be returned within 30 days for 'change of mind'. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/display.html?node...

      • +1

        So, better than trying them in store, you can try them in the actual room where you're going to use them.

    • Its amazon - buy try - return if you dont like them

      • Not free return. $7 it charges me

  • Own them myself, they're compariable to my old Logitech 2.1s(the ones with the big sub and weird tear shaped speakers, Z403s?) despite lacking a sub they give really decent bass.

    • -3

      Comparable to a Logitech 2.1? Yikes. In other words it's terrible and people should buy elsewhere

    • +19

      As a point of comparison
      Speakers that cost 4 times as much

      Not really relevant is it?

      • +1

        Touché but I guess my point is, given the hype around these, they aren’t great, or even good speakers. They are ok and good for the money.

        • Can you suggest better or 'good' speakers at this price range?

          • @ifreddo: Nup. Hence why I upvoted. I own these but I’m still looking.

    • +2

      These are way overhyped on the net, I had the 1700bt and sold it. Suggest people spend a bit more on a proper stereo bookshelf and amp, something like the elac debut6.2

      • +3

        A bit more? They're $700, let alone the cost of the amp.

        • Ok so they’re $500 and have been as low as $361.

          But yeah the lack of being powered again puts them at significantly more than these.

          It would great to find some excellent speakers for cheap but I think it’s still worth looking as these Edifers these aren’t that.

        • -1

          It will last you years, so 500 extra is not that significant

  • I m still using my Creative Gigaworks T3 2.1 speakers.

    • +8

      Thanks for sharing

      • +1

        What are you using, Merlict?

        • +4

          Edifier S880DBs on the PC, and an ancient set of Logitech Z5500(?) on the TV for dat bass. Thanks for reading my blog.

    • +1

      I'm gonna one-up you and mention that I'm still using my Creative i-Trigue 3400 (2.1) from 2007. Hence why I'm looking forward to a mini upgrade.

    • +1

      I’m still using my Logitech z4 2.1

      • +1

        +1 you win

        • +2

          May be not. I still have my Logitech z230 2.1.

          • +1

            @pork chop: I still use my Z-2300. THX certified baby.

            • @Plutonus: Amazing work guys. I actually go a compliment for how good my speakers sounded.

            • @Plutonus: These speakers never die! They're still going strong for me 😁

          • @pork chop: hmmm….still using my Creative SBS 370 2.1

    • +1

      I'm still using my Microlab 6C speakers. They are enormous for PC speakers but luckily I have the desk real-estate. Probably about 5 years old now, think I paid around this $110 mark for them. Can't remember if they were popular on here or Whirlpool. Anyway, this has turned out to be a long story, and not that interesting….

  • Do they need an external amplifier to work or have a built in one? Thanks

    • These are powered speakers.

    • They're powered/active speakers, meaning they don't need to be powered externally by an amp. Power cable goes straight from speaker into the wall. Passive speakers generally require an amp to get power.

    • Powered speakers have an integrated amp already :)

  • Great speakers, especially for the price. Ok yes, I have Sonos Ones and they are better but not $300 better (for a pair). These are seriously good for the money, they lack a little in bass if you're putting them in a larger room but in my bedroom they have easily enough punch. Recommend to anybody, and friends who have bought them also love them.

  • +1

    The r1280DB in black are also for sale for $119. Offers an upgraded remote and Bluetooth. Long wait time it seems for delivery


  • The R1280DB’s are what I’ve got, the Bluetooth version of this. In the specs the difference in freq response is FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 55Hz-20KHz 75Hz ~ 18kHz +/-9db ( the later being this deal 1280t’s).

    Which range of frequencies is better?

    • The lower the frequency range, the better. So r1280dbs definitely win on that front vs the r1280t. Edifier put new drivers in them which open them sonically, proving lower lows to pump out a bit more base.

  • Well this go well with my el budgeto projector tv Vp6 I got off ozb?

  • Was going to get a set of these for my elcheapo Big W JVC TV, but was tossing up between these and one of these https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01EHSX28M/ref=ppx_yo_d... , to connect my Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC headphones. TV is in bedroom and only ever me watching it, and with headphones I won't make any noise in the house. Any opinions?

    • -1

      Don't have electronics in your room.

  • I bought this. But couldn't work out how to connect to Samsung led tv. Anytime have instructions ?

  • How do these compare with audio engine A5+?

    • They're not really worthy of a comparison. The A5+ are $500+ speakers right? The A5+ would be considerably louder and better. Would depend more on your budget.

    • -1

      Same as how a Mazda 3 Neo compares with a Merc A45.

      I would get the Edifier for $99 and switch over to the AE when their price gets anywhere near to $99.

      Full disclosure: I own AE A5+

  • I hate to be this guy, but how would these go with a record player for general listening? Not studio monitoring.

    • +2

      IMO quality isn’t there to be worth investing in vinyl set up and then pumping it through these.

      But if you have like an op shop turntable and need something to play your dad’s old LPs then sure why not.

  • can anyone recommend no fuss speaker setup to be used with tv (sony x90e 55inch) in a lounge area.I had last year bought the whole 5.1 from bose (soundbar 700, base module & satellite speakers) but had to return it since it caused the windows vibrations.

    • What's your budget. You could get a decent powered/active 2.0 stereo setup (without the sub) if you're happy to miss out on surround sound. They would plug in to your optical on your TV and would still provide a lot of bass that is adjustable. They just don't have a centre channel, so you'd be missing some of the clarity of voices from movies and tv shows however this is not a deal breaker. It would just sound a tad different from a traditional surround setup.

      I would also recommend a soundbar killer, i.e. Edifier s360db (currently on sale on Amazon). You can adjust the bass from the speaker if it's rumbling your windows too much. The old version s350db for $299 is also decent, but will limit your speaker placement options because the speakers are wired to the subwoofer. The s360db has a wireless subwoofer. These can also connect to your TV via single optical cable.

      These options or get thicker glass in the living room!

      • thank you. Well, I'm renting so can't do much about the glass. Looking for something that can output voice clarity/enhancement for movies and shows.

  • +1

    worth changing over from logitech z623? currently hooked up to my TV

    • +2

      Nah I'd either spend a bit more or keep what you have, not a huge upgrade for movies / games.

  • How do these compare to a Jbl 3.1Ch soundbar without the sub

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