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eufy Cam 2 Pro 2 Cam Bundle US$350.85 (~A$465.04) Delivered @ ANKER via AliExpress


Been looking at buying these cameras but local models dont seem to have 2k resolution plus the price at aliexpress seem to be fair as well.
Free delivery is showing end of March ETA for delivery, if you can wait and are ok with overseas model, I think its a good price

Not as cheap as the previous toby deals offer but close.

Mod Note: Update link to the eufyCam 2 Pro and price in title to include tax.

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  • Might just be me but that deal is the Eufy 2 not 2 pro? 2 pro for me is on another link and showing at 422 which is still a good price. I got mine slightly under this for Chinese new year sale.

    2 pro is at https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001391942372.html?spm=21...

    • Updated URL to the Pro Model.

  • I’ve been looking too. Haven’t seen any great deals at this point in time. Am not sure 2k is going to provide much more on pro model than 2 or 2c. Pro does give longer battery life than the 180 days on regular 2c? I think Eufy have put out a solar panel for all these models now. Would love to know how these cameras are going for those who have had them a while. Max human detection distance is what I’m keen to find answer to.

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      Bought these in the last sale and like them. I reckon the detection distance is about 5m, I'd need to do a proper measure though. For me it means that the camera doesn't notify or record until someone's halfway across the garage so I probably need to move it. Also mine are mounted about 2.5m high which I think is higher than recommended.

      • Looking at these for a rental but I can't drill anything in. Do you think 3M command adhesive would work for mounting.

      • There is an American Filo guy who reviews all of these, he's the best I've found. Not able to find him for you right now but search on Youtube he will show up.

        • LifeHackster

    • Have had the Eufy 2 from bunnings for over 7 months now, battery lasts as long as stated. Got the Eufy 2 Pro around 1 months ago, must say i dont see much difference between the pro and non-pro. It is supposed to be 2k, but due to compression looks about the same to me

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    I have the Eufy Cam 1 with Homebase 1. I would've sworn by these for the first 6 months of use, but now I just have issues galore with them.

    I think the firmwares were updates automatically and then suddenly the cameras stopped working, or if they did work, it required me to do a full system reset and re-connect cameras to the base, and then they'd only work for a night then stop working the next morning.

    As it is now, the cameras are working perfectly but I can't rely on them as they now intermittently stop working, but connect again all by themselves. Nothing about my system or setup has changed.

    The only issue that may be the cause is that the cameras rely on 2.4GHz and possibly a case that my area is being flooded with other signals in that band.

    • Maybe someone even more systems techie might have some solution clues. I think you are probably spot on with the 2.4 band flooding. Do you use Mac filtering? I think relying fully on battery operated wireless cams is always going to present with issues at some point. Wired with wireless as adjunct probably ideal, but the convenience of these cams is so tempting when working.

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