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FTTP/HFC nbn Unlimited Data - 250/25 $99/Month, 1000/50 $99/Month for The First 6 Months @ MyRepublic


Home Superfast (250/25Mbps) plan for $99 per month for the first 6 months, then $109 per month.

Home Ultrafast (1000/50Mbps) plan for $99 per month for the first 6 months, then $129 per month.

As at 10 February 2021, 94 per cent of the 2.5 million premises in the HFC footprint can access the nbn Home Superfast wholesale speed tier, and 46 per cent of premises in the HFC footprint are able to access the nbn Home Ultrafast wholesale speed tier.

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    While not suitable for everyone, I just got the Netgear Telatra 5g modem ($599) for free on a 12 month $69 mobile broadband plan with 150gb but they also processed the $10 per month bill discount on the spot so took it down to $59. I get 200mbps in Lilyfield Sydney. I actually got two of them (took a $500 voucher with the second service) so that I could get 300gb. It should work out well as Telstra just announced mobile data sharing from later this month on up to 10 services on the same account.

    The modem has an ethernet port so I connect it to my mesh router network.

    • 150gb yikes

    • That would work for me… anything special you did to get the discount?

      • Sorry, I forgot to mention that this was with JB-HiFi. It's interestingly not an advertised plan at the moment. Nor is the Telstra Netgear 5G modem on their website as a product. Nonetheless, as soon as I mentioned a desire to get a similar deal to one that I saw at The Good Guys the manager at Leichardt immediately mentioned the plan and the fact that I could get the modem for free. So it's maybe worth calling your local JB-HiFi and asking first.

        Link to modem at The Good Guys as it's not listed on the JB website:

        • cheers!

    • +7

      What's the point in having 200Mbps if you only get 150GB data? I'd blow through that in a day

      • +3

        150GB in a day? that is a lot of blowing my friend!

        • Not really. Download a couple games at 60GB each and throw in a bit of Netflix streaming and it's gone.

        • if you use your hand it isn't blowing

      • I blow that in 30mins when I maxed out my speed.

    • Data sharing is back?!

    • +2

      150GB download limit? Sounds like the 500MB limit plans back with bigpond.

      • Bigpond, haven't heard that name in so long, ha!

  • +12

    Do not use MyRepublic for anything. Ever.

    • Tried twice at two different properties to get on their service. Ended up giving up.

      • What's the issue?

        • +2

          Super slow during peak.

        • +1

          First one never got connected properly not sure what the issue was. Second time was connected internet to the wrong property. I had to threaten them with going to the TIO to cancel the contract.

          Never had a good experience with them you pay for what you get.

    • +2

      agreed´╝î the worst ISP I have ever used

  • +9

    MyRepublic never again.

  • +1

    $129 after 6 months, No thanks.

  • +4

    Comes with Panadol for headache?

  • +3

    Prepare to get 1/1Mbps for 6 months.

  • What's the issue with My Republic

    • They do not allocate enough bandwidth. Too many users (who signed because it was cheap) and not enough bandwidth, mean that your 100Mbps service is more like 1Mbps during peak hours. It was so bad that I couldn't stream a standard definition video on youtube when I was with them.

      • I am with MR from day 1 and have not seen any issues with my connection so far, so I am happy with them, I had to contact them once and obviously the wait was little longer, not sure if that has improved these days as I have not been required to call them.

  • I had a rough patch for the first month or so, but even during WFH MR has been rock solid with really good speed. I'm managing 1.3TB a month with no real speed or dropout issues, and we'll likely stick with them now the contract is up.

    As always, YMMV.

  • can anyone get this or only people in select areas? I have HFC in my area, and we're not a gigabit town as far as I know.

    • It depends on what POI you're connected to. Some HFC areas support 1000mbps, others only support 250mpbs.

      To check, type your address here: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-poi/
      At the bottom it'll say "Speed Tier Availability"

      • Premises technology HFC
        Premises service class 24
        Premises service class description Serviceable by HFC, Location has a wall-plate/socket & HFC NTD and is 'Ready to Connect'
        Premises readiness Ready to connect to the nbn!
        Rollout Region ID 3DAN-61
        TC-4 High Speed Tier Availability 250 Mbps

        interesting, it says 250. Is that the theoretical max or am I actually likely to reach those speeds? Sometimes I struggle to get 5Mbps at peak time, though recently that hqasn't been the case.

        • Same situation as you, on Optus 100Mbps and getting about 90 pretty much any time.
          May go to 250 one day, would expect to get 200+.

      • Hmm mine doesn't list the speed tier availability - the last info is the Rollout Region ID. Does this imply I'm stuck on 100mb?

        POI name Acacia Ridge Depot
        CSA name Acacia Ridge Depot CSA
        Premises location ID LOC000044456950
        Premises technology HFC
        Premises service class 24
        Premises service class description Serviceable by HFC, Location has a wall-plate/socket & HFC NTD and is 'Ready to Connect'
        Premises readiness Ready to connect to the nbn!
        Rollout Region ID 4SRW-60

  • THE only reason I'm be getting NBN is for unlimited data, my mate goes through 500gb a month on his plan every month it doesn't take long with 4K streaming etc

  • +1

    Never going with this company again. Much better spending a bit more on AussieBB.

  • +2

    MyRepublic never again. Worst ISP ever.

  • Worth paying extra for the same speed with aussiebb. Only isp worth giving your hard earned to.

    I know this is a bargain site but some "bargains" just arnt worth it, especially when it comes to isp's.

  • When I was having My republic Internet connection
    was always had issue with slow speed, As I was in a contract couldn't wait to get off them.

    When the contract was over I rang them to disconnect and I had to do the same for next 2 months every week till I got that disconnected and got into ABB.
    And every month the amount was taken from bank, had to reverse them later on.

    Instead of Sales line if you try calling technical help, be ready for long longgggg waiting periods. overseas call centers

    Too much hassle..

  • months of issues with my republic and it all solved itself within 48 hours of contacting telco ombudsman, they let me cancel the service and keep the unimpressive FTTN modem.

    there were no redeeming qualities to the support team, they were less than hopeless on a good day.

  • what i want to know is whats FTTP experience like with myrepublic ?

    i don't really expect anyone to offer a good experience with FTTN

    • Good experience with MR so far on FTTP, only took few minutes transferring from another ISP.
      DL 198 Mbps UL 18 Mbps at 7pm.

      • Cheers

        anyone got any stats for there gigabit connection ?

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