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EKO 65" 4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Assistant $699, EKO 65" Smart UHD LED TV $579 + Delivery/Pickup @ BIG W


A couple of EKO 65" TV's on sale at the moment at BIG W.

Not too sure about the differences between the models. One has Android TV the other is just a Smart TV.

The one with Android TV normally sells for $899 and the Smart TV version for $699.

Note these are not the QLED Borderless versions (not sure if they're still making it).

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings. Info here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards

Thanks to @Dogsrule for the heads up on the cheaper Smart TV version.

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    Big W seems to have an unlimited supply of cheap TVs.

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      If they keep selling they'll keep manufacturing and selling them.

  • Got the 58" equivalent Android EKO for my Dad for Christmas and yeah, brilliant TV! Crap sound quality from the built-in speakers but that's normal for most TVs these days and very easily solved with an inexpensive SoundBar.

    • Got any recommendations on cheap sound bars?

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        Not right now sorry but plenty come up on sale over time. Keep your eyes peeled here on OzB!

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        Samsung 2.1 is OK. Under $200 when on sale

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        YAS-108 or 109

  • Looking at the forums/past deals for this brand it seems they are hit and miss people having issues with them not turning on, wifi constantly disconnecting, etc. I wonder if these niggly issues will worth the saving in purchase price?

    • Totally worth it. Any issues have been rare and intermittent for me - nothing that a quick reset hasn't fixed.

    • Mine is also doing good. It's the QLED one from a previous deal. Great processor and picture quality for the price.

  • Can't seem to find the model of this. I am trying to find out if it is wall mountable?

    EDIT is this the model?

  • 4k @ 30 fps ?

    • Why such assumption? Would be too poor to be true… can it be true?

      • Ok, so does anyone know orrrr

    • There's a youtube video someone uploaded of the TV here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO3KdjjhGss&feature=youtu.be

      Says 3840x2160 @60

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        haha that someone was me :)

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      What's your question exactly?

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        It's a nihilistic plague, look at the comment directly below.

        Imagine people speaking like that. So surreal :) And reading it is harder, it's without any intonation and little context.

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          Just wow…

          "Just give me the information I need"….which is???

  • whats the refresh on this 60hz? will I see a difference between this and Samsung Q80 or hisense equivalent? some gaming but not much mainly for movies

    • whats the refresh on this 60hz?


      Edit: Never mind, I might have misunderstood you.

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    Very happy with the 75 inch Android 10 I got the other week for $900. This is the Android 9 version though.
    It can take a while to start up Android if in deep sleep.
    Android TV is OK but I prefer to use the Chromecast TV. Interface is a bit nicer, bit snappier and allows me to turn off/on TV using Google home ( Android TV also works with Google home but won't turn on if in deep sleep.)

    Early days for testing reliability though.

    • To turn off, hold OFF for 3+ seconds and it offers full off and not, fast/low power standby (or if you crash it, use the wall switch as the rear one was as useless as the remotes was ~ only happened once… turned off dev settings after reboot from restored wall power!)

  • Is there any difference in the panels or is it purely just the smart features? (This would just be used as a Chromecast tv only)

    • I'd assume so they appear to have very similar features.

  • Try to avoid the non Android tv version (model number ending with USN). I purchased the 50 inch version last week and have been having problems with sound bar settings on HDMI Arc keeps resetting (have to manually turn the soundbar on & reapply settings) remote control buttons except the power button all stop working after a day or two (have to unplug tv and then plug it back in to fix this).
    These issues seems common as per the reviews.

    • I think those issues come with both TVs. There’s a few bugs and stuff for both

  • All the info from my EKO 75" post, aside from size, apply's to this TV too if you want more info @ozbargain.com.au/node/602212

    • The 75 inch was android 10 though, do you think there will be new better android 10 versions of this 65 inch coming out at a similar price soon?

    • Might need to be careful which tv Big W hand out as I picked up my tv today seems they have given me the older Android TV 9 model. Confusing as anything as they are both model no. K75USG, but:

      K75USG - 75" 4K Ultra HD Android TV 10 - SN: AGL0967

      K75USG - 75" 4K Ultra HD Android TV 9 - SN: AGL0879

      I've been given the AGL0879 model by Big W

  • TEAC SOUNDBAR + SUBWOOFER SB21204BI 2.1CH HDMI ARC Bluetooth 5.0 REMOTE OPTICAL $115 delivered

  • Bough with giftcards, ty OP, and ty srhardy for your comentary in the 75" thread

  • I bought one, seems great for the price.
    Sound sounded a bit tinny, I had to adjust the equaliser a little bit, sounds pretty good now.
    Picture is great.

    • Did you get the Android version or the Smart TV version? I got the smart TV and super happy with it! $540 odd after discounted coupon codes.

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    I picked this up yesterday as I missed out on the $649 deal a month or so ago.
    I managed to drive it home in the back of my car with the seats down. Its a pathfinder so has a large boot space. The packaging is really good, so I cannot see any issue with laying it down flat. The box also indicates which is the front/screen side.

    Setup is super easy and quick if you already have an android mobile phone. Everything pretty much happens at a click of a button.

    Menus and remote works just fine. I'm not using bluetooth remote or google assist, I turned all of that stuff off.

    Watched the tennis for a while and it looks amazing. I'm probably not a picture snob. There is a big difference between the HD and standard channels, standard channels seem a little fuzzy / somewhat pixelated. Is this the lack of upscale? Channel 94 gets a bit of a workout when we just have a quick lunch or break, and it looks worse than the old tv, but that was a 15 year old 36in Panasonic 1080p.

    Netflix and Prime, easy setup and look incredible.
    The audio performs way better than I expected. Movie mode with surround sound turned on seemed to be the best balance between audio and music for my ears, don't think I will bother with a soundbar any time soon.

  • Any recommendations for a sound bar?

  • Is there anyway to just disable all the "smart" features? I have a PC hooked up to my TV so I just want a dumb TV

    The 58" is also down to $479, bloody tempting to replace my 7 year old 1080p samsung at that price, bound to be an improvement.

    • If you don’t connect it to the internet it won’t be very smart haha

    • +1

      Buy the non-android one. The other one is not that smart anyway.

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