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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X for $659 + Delivery with Same Day Dispatch from NSW @ Titan Tech


Hey OzBargainers :) We have some spare stock of the 5800X, Not as cheap as overclockers UK but decent price for Australian stock

Full retail box (Not the tray only version)

We have 3 left - Same or next day dispatch via Australia post. (1-5 days delivery time depending on where you live relative to Sydney)

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Titan Tech
Titan Tech

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  • Good price!

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    For clarification: $659 + delivery

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      Amended, thank you :)

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    Not sure what to make of this - found a recent thread with comments basically reporting these guys were scalping 3080's on FB.
    Comments from Argh this seller on fb has 10 x 3080?! And I can’t even get one card! https://www.reddit.com/r/bapcsalesaustralia/comments/ko9lgk/...

    "I messaged this twat the other day. He provides invoice and owns this store www.facebook.com/TechTitanIT He's not negotiable. Even if he is a small retailer running a legit business I would not trust my hard earned cash of $1900 for a 3080. You're now looking at 3080ti prices. Its funny how the actual card is not on his website either.."

    "He runs the website techtitan, which posts deals on ozbargain I'm pretty sure"

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      I find this completely wrong and honestly offensive.

      That was a VERY fair price for these cards.


      As you can see this is even UNDER the retail price.

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        Prices were lower 40 days ago, so it was above the retail price back then.

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          It was 50$ over retail because we are a small business and had to buy close to $30,000 worth of stock to get these cards.

          Prices at retail may have been lower 40 days ago but at the supplier level, we have been seeing price increases since last year, its been quite difficult.

          We don't base our prices on retail, we base them on the current distributor price

          • @Titan Tech: ignore him mate, the guy is a clown.

          • @Titan Tech: This Strix was selling for $1799 40 days ago, so it was $150 more. You might have your reasons, but you shouldn't claim it is under the retailer price then correct yourself it was only $50 and still be wrong.

            I don't care you are selling it above MSRP but at least be honest about it.

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          Not true really, it all depends on when they got the goods, those websitr that still had lower price at the time was probably due to their backorder before the tariff went in to effect at the start of the year

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        VERY fair? No.

        Fair? No.

        Acceptable? Barely.

        Hotel? Trivago.

      • You were selling them inflated I know because I was searching for a 3080 about a month ago. Around $300+ more than everyone else, but everyones got to eat… Lots of overheads for a small business I suppose

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          We first posted them at $1,900 each which was 50$ more expensive than other retailers.

          We had lots of offers at $2,000 plus.

          MSRP then increased and this became the standard price so we then increased the price above retail value by 50$.

          If this is scalping then fair enough, we're guilty, but honestly, I don't think this is too unfair.

      • -1

        ignore them, they will complain over $50, and not take in consideration of the current situation, and they are the same people that would spend $50 on milk tea in a week.

        You are a business at the end of the day, anyone in your position would of done the same thing.

        • Haha, milk tea. You mean bubble tea?

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        You don't have to justify your actions to anyone as far as i'm concerned. You aren't selling a vaccine - you're running a computer business. If demand outweighs supply then you either increase supply or increase the price #capitalism101

        If people don't like it - vote with your money and buy it elsewhere. I don't think Titan Tech will lose any sleep over it -_-

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      Thats cheap lol, look at mwave 3080 strix price, $2100 for a white strix


      The price shown in that post is currently the msrp

      Here's the link from ple, "everyone beloved retailer"


      • PLE can get (profanity). They're the only retailer I made purchases on (and the first one I made purchases on) which never delivered. They're only good if you are waiting on a cost price EVGA, but then the XC3 I originally bought seems to run hot.

        In the end of the day I don't even play enough games to justify more than the 3060Ti Strix I picked up. But even then, I got that for $700.

        • Was just meming lol, but most people would agree that ple wouldn't scalp

          • @ln28909: They wouldnt scalp for the EVGA's only, but whats worse than giving you a product at an inflated price? Taking your money and not giving you a product for 5+ months.

            • @ATangk: Ple are scum, period

              Will I still shop from them, sure why not, they have a good range of watercooling product

      • Lol

      • https://www.pbtech.com/au/product/VGAAS33087/ASUS-ROG-STRIX-...

        PBTech still have the Strix non-OC for $1771 on preorder.
        Not many other places left at that price.

        Personally now I would be waiting for the US to get stock again and buying them from Best Buy for USD$929. (about AUD$1350 after taxes)

        • there is no chance of you getting them from bestbuy lol, bots in the us are much faster and in abundance than Australia

    • Yay internet justice. Some of the comments on that Reddit thread are pretty concerning, especially this one:

      "I recognise that window in his profile pic, lemme deal with this scalper."

      Fair enough it has 5 downvotes but that's pretty threatening. It's not like people buying PS5's and selling them for thousands of dollars - this is a hundred bucks difference, max. I'm not sure we need to link to a Reddit post where someone is making casual threats about a seller over that kind of price difference.

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    Great CPU! fair warning though these CPUs get much hotter which is fine, but don't be shocked if you hit 70c-80c with an AIO.
    Would recommend a solid CPU cooler for sure even without OCs.

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      I've had one for a while now and can definitely vouch for this, though I'm still using my Cooler Master 212 RGB Black Edition to cool it and it only ever barely touches 80c in games. Max boost I've seen is 4950mhz which is incredible.

    • Have been keeping an eye on mine since finishing my build a few weeks ago, fully air cooled (9 case fans - 3 at bottom intake, 3 on side intake, 3 at top exhaust), with a Noctua NH U12S. 3080 FTW3 Ultra (I got super lucky). Under heavy gaming load (mainly Valhalla of late in glorious 4k super duper everything at max) the CPU temp is around mid 60's, pushing towards 70 at peak. Should add - that's all stock with no O/C as yet (I'll try it soon).

      • Using Kraken z63 with very small undervolt (-10) and am hitting around high 60 and low 70s during gaming.

        Cinebench R20 gets it to 80c

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      CPU temps are way overemphasised. The 5800X as much power as you let it. If you have a smaller cooler it'll hit higher temps and draw less power. That sounds bad, but in reality it won't matter at all, and it's a good thing because it's actually using the performance and thermal headroom it has available to it. No point having a CPU that only hits 60 degrees under load but drops clocks speed to get there. Turning on Eco mode nearly halves the power consumption with a 65W power target, but only drops multrithread performance 10%. Most basic 120mm tower coolers will handle 100-140W which is more than enough to get 99% of the performance of the 5800X. In most lighter CPU tasks like gaming it'll never draw that much power and you won't see ramped up fans or high CPU temps.

      • Correct 2nd sentence - "The 5800X will use as much power as you let it.

        This is a very simple, clear and practical explanation on the direction modern CPUs are taking with regards to operating envelop and considerations for expanding that envelope.

    • The algorithm lets the CPU boost higher within a temperature range. You can throw a better cooler on it and it'll still get hot because it's giving more performance. It's basically how Zen has been designed since Zen 2. I still wouldn't say these CPUs get terribly hot. I have a 5900X under a fairly old Noctua NH-D14 and the highest I've seen it go is 90C in a bursty load. In an all core load it barely breaks 75C.

    • Learned that the hard way.

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    Gotta respect the transparency in the original post and replies.

  • Hi, do you have 5900X for sale? Thanks

    • This is the rarest CPU of all of them so far I'm afraid. We actually only just 1 in stock which is allocated to a build. If you see one under $1,000 I would grab it before someone else does.

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        Here i thought I overpaid when i paid $900. 😬😬

  • any news on when ryzen 5 5600 coming out

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      We have these in stock but they are $529 each.

      Most retails like scorptec and umart are selling these for around $549 now so that seems to be the standard since price increases.

      We used to get these under $470 and I'm not sure if price will return to normal or not but for now $529 is the best we can do, we have 4 in stock right now. :)

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        I think you are talking about 5600x, not the 5600 he mentioned.

  • Thanks for the great price. Really wanted an 8 core, but the pricing of the 5800X puts it in a weird spot.


    • See the discord link here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603639#comment-10072176
      Felt the same way about the 5800X but was able to get one under RRP. (AUD$606 delivered)

      • You must have been one of the lucky ones who ordered when the pound tanked. I had to wait for a new card to come in because I didn't want to pay the international transaction fee and by the time it arrived the exchange rate was $620 aud πŸ˜”. Ah well I guess $14 won't kill me.

        • Yeah last time I looked at the OCUK deal it wasn't worth it against Australian prices. Now the 5800X is scraping $800, OCUK looks pretty good again.

          But I managed to grab one of the three on offer today here and $50 for Australian warranty is fine by me IMO.

          • @CammKelly: Just checked my invoice and found i was charged Β£316.66 so it wasn't a favourable exchange rate (or at least not just that), they must have had a special.
            For reference that AUD$568 at time of this post.

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    Currently just 1 CPU left. Marked as out of stock.

    If you missed out on this and would purchase please reply to this comment so we can gauge interest and we can order some more in (2-3 days)

    • Hi

      is the last CPU still available, also can you comment on where the pickup location in sydney would be?


    • interested!

    • Interested!

    • Hi Yes I would be interested. Thank!

    • keen on a deal for the 5 3600!

    • I will do my best to get the following deals posted within the next few days!

      AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - $270
      AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - $450
      AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - $529
      AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - $699
      AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - $529
      AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - $659

      Intel 10700K - $459
      Intel 10900K - $639

      • What if we already put in a order through your site - will they be recognised? (I think this was after your 3 allocated stock were sold out)…

        • I think I'm in the same boat. A friend linked this to me and I opted for pickup however these aren't sold out; I'm assuming we've been backordered?

          • -1

            @Surreality: order 744 and after have been refunded.

            Your numbers have been put on a callback list and I will give you a buzz on Monday or Tuesday soon as we have some more!

    • Thinking about 3700X or 5800X

  • Question: Can a B450 board go with this processor?

    • +1

      Some can if you have a Zen 2 CPU to use, to update mobo bios -off the top of my head.

      If you actually need help, probably best if you say the exact model of your mobo, so someone who knows more can help you out.

  • Interested!!

  • Any discount on the 5 3600?

    • +1

      Nothing amazing but we have the following;

      AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - $270
      AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - $450
      AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - $529
      AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - $699
      AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - $529
      AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - $659

      Intel 10700K - $459
      Intel 10900K - $639

      Most of these are not on the website but feel free to ask me and I can add them for you :)

      • +1

        You should make another post for the 3600, and the 10900K, those are great prices afaik!
        Maybe even the 5600X seeing as how OzBargain has been for the past few weeks!

      • would love to grab a 5600x, and im sure others would as well.

      • @titantech is it possible to put orders through now?

  • Titan tech finally posting again but no prebuilt promotions. Sadge

  • Do you have any 3300x

  • Overclockers.co.uk are expensive now.

  • Question i got x570 aurus pro gigabyte and ryzen 9 5900x, when i built it doesnt boot and no usb power as well only lights come out. Is todo anything of the bios update?

    • You will need to do BIOS update to get the motherboards to work.

      We can do it for free if you are in Sydney?

  • Is that the reason my new built pc dont boot up and no usb power? Yes im in sydney can i go tomorrow?

    • Contact number is 1800 011 341 :)

  • And also dram red light

  • What company do you use to ship all your pc's?