This was posted 9 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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JVC KW-M745DBT Head Unit Apple Carplay/Android Auto $399 (Was $599) C&C or Delivered @ Supercheap Auto


Great price for this unit. Capacitive screen, DAB radio and (wired) Android Auto / Car Play.

ISO connector for easy install (only a secondary is harness required).

There appears to be reasonable store stock around. I picked up one from the Pakenham store and they confirmed 5 more were remaining out the back.

(Be gentle, this is my first deal post).

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  • anyone had issues with wiring up this to steering wheel controls?

  • Great value! If it wasn't for the fact that I just took delivery of a feature-equivalent Pioneer unit I'd be all over this!

    • what did you end up getting and cost? I'm an old school pioneer fan boy and the rest of the set up in my car is pioneer
      want to upgrade my current pioneer unit to include carplay but have been out the game so long I've no idea where to start

      • Got one of these for $560 a week or so ago and posted the deal as they're still well over $600 at most places. I know JVC isn't the greatest but for $400 this unit is exceptional value for a factory replacement which is really all I got the Pioneer for anyway. Obviously different if you plan to build a mid-high end system around it though.

        • yes I saw that deal also… thanks for the info

    • Supercheap also have a deal on a pioneer system that is much the same, if not better

      Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT Apple CarPlay & Android™ Auto Head Unit

      Was $599.00
      Now $459.00 ^
      End Date 21/02/21

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        No DAB+… and that's a deal-breaker for me :) The Pioneer I bought is basically exactly that unit but with DAB+.

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        True, but they have virtually no stock in store or online of that model. This JVC model seems to be more abundant.

  • Is the DAB antenna really not included?

    • I'd say not. A DAB Antenna wasn't even included in the Pioneer I got a few days ago! Crazy… but I'm going to experiment with a splitter adaptor this time and see if the standard antenna is up to the task.

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        They're usually not. I used a passive splitter, got terrible FM and DAB reception. Then I got an amplified splitter (ordered from Germany!), got good FM reception but poor DAB reception. Then I used a windscreen sticker DAB antenna - it was like night and day. Perfect reception almost anywhere in the Sydney metro.

        • Yeah, I was keen to give the splitter a go after semi-OK feedback from a friend who used a cheap passive one. I used a stick-on Pioneer supplied with a DAB+ Double-DIN unit in an old car many years ago and it seemed to work 'OK' but thought I'd give the splitter a go this time around. I suppose time will tell…

          • @SteveAndBelle: Weird, I bought a single DIN pioneer a few years ago and it came with the windscreen antenna

            • @AMLagonda: Yeah, my previous Pioneer Double-DIN did too but it was obvious that it was an afterthought 'bonus' by Pioneer as it was in a full retail pack jammed in the box with everything else. This latest unit didn't have it :(

        • Lucky me, got an antenna built-in to windscreen.

    • There is no DAB antenna in the box

  • I've got a Camry 2011 with a factory fitted camera, would I be able to replace the unit by myself and also get that camera to work? Or will I have to purchase additional adapters?

    • You'll need a swathe of adaptors I'm afraid. I'm installing a similar Pioneer unit into a 2013 Corolla and just blew over $150 on adaptors to suit. This is the main set I got which also seems to cover Camrys but only back to 2012. Look up the AeroPro site to find the exact set for your car as you're may be cheaper… especially if it doesn't have the Steering Wheel adaptor.

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        Sure, thanks for the info!

  • Will this fit a 2005 Ford Focus?

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      Of course, just might need a facsia change and an aeropro harness to suit.

    • I'm about to install one in an 07 LT Focus. I only had to get a single ISO to Focus harness, antenna adaptor (euro) and a faceplate. I purchased a kit off ebay that had all 3 for $22. Am I allowed to post links to ebay here?

  • Thanks - bought one this morning and installed to replace the Kenwood DDX to get Android Auto. Needed the ISO adapter, which was in stock for 18.99.
    Used the existing steering wheel adapter, camera, mic and DAB antenna from the DDX.
    Works well.

    • Android Auto works? reviews on their site say it doesnt and only mirroring works somewhat?

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        Android Auto works with my S20 FE, no problem.
        I havent tested many features yet, but it shows the map, and lets me run spotify, audible etc.

        DAB radio works well with the existing windscreen adhesive antenna from my old radio.

        I tried the mirroring as well, you need to install the mirror app, and just shows a low res version of the phone on the screen where it is difficult to see as everything looks loo small, and not really responsive.

        When you switch between Android Auto and Android mirror, you need to switch the radio off and on for the change to take effect.

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          Just to add, my testing of Android Auto is on Android 11 which only recently came through for the S20 FE (so have not tested it on Android 10).
          I will test it with my LG v30 which is android 9 and update

          • @DisabledUser58080: LG v30 also works with Android Auto on android 9
            I suspect the review that said it forces you to use mirroring instead of Android Auto most likely had the radio configuration set to that and was not aware - In the radio settings, you can change between the two options, and I found you need to restart the radio for the change to take effect.

  • Where i can get facia for old 2007 corolla? And what else i need to fit in other than the harness

    • Depends what's already in your Corolla. If the stock head unit is already double-din sized (or thereabouts) you may only need these. Assuming your Corolla has no steering wheel controls or reverse camera then all you should need is the harness and you're away!

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        Yup already double din. Seem i can find that from supercheap as well. Thanks

        • I've had four Corollas over the last 25 years so know a thing or two about their in-car entertainment systems ;) From memory when installing the new head unit into our 2003 model I just had to add those 'ears' and within minutes I was done! Very quick & easy. The previous (2011) & current (2013) Corollas are a lot more effort but only due to all the extra stuff inc. Steering Wheel controls & Reversing Camera. The adaptor cables required are many!

  • This or the Sony XAV-AX5000 with physical buttons when its on offer? (I'm an Android Auto user)

    • No DAB+ on that Sony… so 'this' (if DAB+ is important to you) :)

  • Is the Bluetooth capable of having two phones connected at once?

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      I just tested this with two phones, and paired both of them.
      You can switch between two phones from the bluetooth menu, but only if neither is connected by USB. If using Android Auto, you cannot connect to the other phone.
      I only tested with audio, haven't tested phone calls like this yet.

      • Thanks for that. Guess the work calls can go to voicemail while I'm in the car haha

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          I just tested a call to the second phone while the first is playing Bluetooth audio, and it just rings on the second phone phone handset - no alert on the radio unfortunately.

  • I’d never have another JVC unit in my vehicle ever again, no matter how cheap it is….

  • Looking for my first aftermarket headunit. Would this unit be good value even if I don't need DAB+, or are there compromises made elsewhere to fit in DAB? I mainly want Android Auto but don't know what else is important in the specs and how it compares to other units in the similar price (so much information out there!) Still learning.

    • You've only got a few days left so I'd be quick… but if you're not fussed with DAB+ then I'm sure you could get something for a similar price and maybe with slightly better features for around about the same price, like this Pioneer for example. I haven't used this JVC so I'm not sure how good/bad it is but I remember reading that it's a little less capable in the AndroidAuto department than other head units however you'll have to research that to find out the exact details. For $399 it's great value but of course if it doesn't work the way you want then it's not so great in the scheme of things.

  • So what would I need to install this on my Hyundai Elantra (2012). I will buy the facia for my model but am confused about the harness.

    • is your friend

      • Cheers. I ended up getting this installed and am LOVING IT!

        • +1

          Installed mine today, so far so good

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