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Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse $75 (RRP $99.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


From my research this seems like a very good deal for this mouse.
Note that this is one of the few decent mice that has both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity
It also has a switch allowing you to pair to up to three devices. Lots of other customisable buttons too.
Got mine today, tracking is excellent for a wireless mouse - better than the Logitech M705 that I had prior, but with a similar 'weight' which I like.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good mouse, I can't believe I paid $20 for it.

    Edit: I did a search - the mouse is good, the price has been much cheaper in the past. Sorry OP.

    • Great mouse, but has been cheaper in the past (just hit search). Buttons are well placed in easy to reach positions (unlike the MX series where the switch button is on the bottom of the unit. Also really rate the fact that it uses a AA battery (easily replaceble) instead of a built in Li-On battery.

      • Bear in mind there is an older cheaper model of this mouse still called M720 but it’s not as good

    • Remember i paid $19 for this mouse since 2017. It is still going strong. Replace about 4 batteries for the whole time. Very happy with this mouse

  • Great mouse.

    I, too, went from a M705 (which I used for a week before the tracking completely failed) to the M720. Did you have the same issues with the M705? Before the M705, I was using the M620 for 10+ years. And the MX700 back before eneloops were invented. Anyway, my life story.

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    It's a decent mouse, bought it for $58 from Scorptech last year with $30 Shopback bonus (equals $28). At this sort of price range though, I would 'upgrade' and go straight for the Logitech MX Anywhere 2s. it costs $78 from Umart or 79 at Bing Lee. JB HiFi will price match this.

    You can buy the m720 on eBay for $65.99.

    One downside is that the rubber grip feels "sticky" at times, and it makes you feel as if your hand is dirty when you're using it. I don't get this feeling with the MX Anywhere series.

    • I agree, I have both the M720 (recent version) and MX Anywhere 2S, and for me usability wise 2S is way better than M720.

      M720 is bulkier and a bit sticky, 2S just glides easily, is lighter, click buttons are of better quality.

      2S is a little smaller in size than 720, so makes it easier to carry while travelling.

      Got my 2S for $54 around 1-2 years back from The Good Guys sale.

  • good mouse, not a great price, i am using one right now, i grabbed it with a K850 keyboard combo for a video conference space in our house as the keyboard isn't too loud for teams meetings. Battery life seems good so far and i have switch to bluetooth before for the phone it works well.

  • $75 on their own store - Scorptec - NSW VIC - https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/mouse-&-mouse-pads/mouse...

    Other places have it at $75
    JW computers (NSW) - https://www.jw.com.au/logitech-m720-triathlon-wireless-mouse
    PLE (WA VIC stores) - https://www.ple.com.au/Products/626091/Logitech-M720-Triathl...

    Price beat at OW to bring it down to $71.25

  • Isn't this the same model for $65.99? I've been waiting for it to drop around $40 again

  • Awesome mouse! I use this with the K850 logitech keyboard. They came together for $120 or something. Totally worth it and prefer this combo over the MXs.

  • Awesome mouse and my favourite of them all. The usual price is $89, which is already overpriced. No-one should be selling this for $100.

  • Great mouse, this is literally a budget MX Master (minus the side scroll wheel)
    Got 2 for $20 each from TGG sale 2 years ago. Cant complaint at all.
    $75 is a bit too much though

  • $75 is the standard price at PLE: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/626091/Logitech-M720-Triathl...
    back in November, it was down to $45 at JB hifi: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584252

    the regular price of these mice seems to be going up

  • Have 4 of these mice within the family, very good mouse, price a bit average. If not desperate, hold out for sub $50.

  • I wish they'd make a decent corresponding keyboard with the 1 2 3 computer (iPad?) Connection options too, like this mouse.

    I think there's one but it's expensive and not a great feel I think

    • I’m using the MX Keys with the M720, great combination. Never skips a beat!

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