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[VIC, Hack] Euro Premium Plates $690 (Normally $895) @ VicRoads Custom Plates


Euro Premium Plates are available in Victoria. The Euro Premium Plates start with the letter V and follow with up to 5 characters. The standard price for a Euro Premium Plate is $895.

For the Hack, order a standard custom plate with the combination you're after (i.e. V xxxxx) for $495. When this arrives, order a restyle of the plate to Euro Premium for $195. Total outlay $690. It is an additional $50 per plate for the 'mini' style.

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  • +3

    I cant count that high how many things I'd rather spend 700 bux on..

    Remember personalized plates are easier to remember than random letters/numbers…

    • +1

      So you are hinting if you are a crook best not to apply for personalised plates, good thinking

  • +2

    Mitsy is taken, but you can have Nitsy.

    • +8

      We need more Bort license plates in the Gift Shop. Repeat, we are sold out of Bort license plates.

  • +1

    customised plates: the peak of motoring narcissism.

    also, why the hell would you give the govt. more money than you have to?

    good thing i ride a bicycle (triggered comments in 3…2…1)

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      why the hell would you give the govt. more money than you have to?


    • -2

      Maybe it's not about giving more money to the government, but to just show off that your have money

      • +1

        that's why i hang my glitter eneloops off my rear view mirror. extra bling.

      • Why would anyone care?

        • exactly

    • +1

      I wish I was vegan and rode a bicycle. Unfortunatly I am a man.

      • hook. line. sinker.

  • -1

    That is the summum of pointless purchases. Talk about buying something trite which interests no one but themselves. Why would you pay for a plate? I'd rather pay to improve the car than burn cash on a plate.

    Ps:I'm not throwing shade on the poster. Thanks for posting. Only the product is crap

    • +7

      I have a personalised, euro plate but that was purchased by the previous owner of my car. Honestly, I would prefer if it was a regular euro plate, but that said, I have bought personalised plates before.

      In defence of personalised number plates… sometimes they can be meaningful and not show-offy. Kind of like a tattoo, but for your car, that may be something meaningful and relevant to the owner.

      For the vast majority of people cars are just a tool to get from A to B, but for some enthusiasts, cars can be an expression of themselves, and the owners may think of and style their car in the same way as others would dress up for a dinner date. A normal plate can be a distracting jumble of letters/numbers that detracts from the visual impact of their pride and joy, so to spend several hundred dollars may be worth it to them. :)

      • +1

        I understand your point. I don't agree but I understand. Thank you 🙏🏾

      • +7

        The fact that you have to explain individualism and personal interests is just ridiculous.

      • Well said.

      • +2

        I find personalised plates extremely distracting to the beauty of the car. A Jumble of letters/numbers is no different to the jumble of designations around your tyres or around the engine bay or the badges it wears. The anonymous numbers and letters are also a product of the time and period you bought your car, it's a time capsule that provides visual information to someone looking at your car that personalisation would not. "Victoria - The garden state" would flood memories of anyone looking at your 1992 classic.

        They provide the anonymous stock feel that says you respect the engineers and designers of the car and would not want to self impose your self importance over someone else's work, you simply own a piece of art but nothing more, it is humble.

        Having sensical lettering over a car completely breaks visual coherence because it draws your eyes towards the owner of the car. What sort of person is "I (heart) BTC", why is your car called "MR FAST" when you drive below the speed limit? It's never about the car.

        I perfect understand getting themed plates, because you want to get a better matching plate style/colour but personalised plates is one those things you thought would be cool at the time but never is.

      • +1

        I don’t think many people understand the reasoning behind international plates, but let me explain as a car person.

        Most cars come with a plate recess in the front or rear bumper bars to allow for a plate.

        European cars seldom modify their plate positions for any other markets; or they’re often imported with a long plate bracket and delivered in Australian showrooms that way.

        Australian plates often need redrilling through the centre of the plate to fit some European cars too.

        Therefore, Euro plates fit the particular recess for that car. Not the slimline ones, but the regular ones.

        Euro plates don’t need to be personalised. You can get this with some random numbers and letters too. We used to sell them at a dealership on cars for about $500.

        It’s no different to the Vplates USA and Japanese plates. For imported USA and Japanese cars respectively, to fit their bumper bars.

        Non car folk might not get it, but this is the reason why vicroads and I think nsw transport started to sell the plates in the first place. So people would stop bending and drilling through their plates.

        • Aesthetics

    • +3

      Why do people waste money on (insert literally anything)…it's a passion/hobby

  • +5

    I misread and thought "Damn those are some expensive ass European dinner plates"

  • Thanks OP, I'm going to put Euro Plates on my Hyundai Getz to trick everyone into thinking it's a European Car!

    • And everyone will think you're rich

  • I lost my vplate in highschool, now I can lose it again

    • +1

      Shame you went to an all boys high school

      • +3

        nah, was ok. i was homeschooled

  • Cool VUCKER available .

  • Good hack…I prefer the Signature plates myself.

    If only I could afford the Heritage plates…that's in another league.

  • I don't mind the idea of custom plate… but… $993 for 2x mini Euro Premiums?


  • +2


  • Personalised plates are awesome. The moron who hit me on my bike and drove off had an easy to remember one - I only got a fleeting glimpse but was able to easily remember it and police were able to track him down as a result.

  • the plate "T8ARSE" is available :) FYI.. @tightarse

    • = t eight arse?

    • Depends on the attention you want to attract :), frugal, or the "Eyes wide shut" types

  • Thanks OP. Linked over at BMW Owners Club too.

    • +1

      same but with the Maserati boys. Had a small squabble with the Lambo boys recently so did not share this with em

  • OZBGN is available

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