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Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 Lens $799.20 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($699.20 after Sony Price Match & AmEx Sony $100 Rebate)


Well-reviewed for fast focus, light weight, sharp and great value for money lens for Sony Alpha users - FE 35mm F1.8

Digidirect $799.20

Requested Sony to price match

Sony then approved price-match and request for new account creation.
Upon new account creation, Sony manually add approved pricing to cart (took a couple of business hours) - $799.20.
I was surprised with $10 new account creation credit applied to cart - making it $789.20.

AMEX Card Holder, if you've the Sony Spend $600, get $100 back deal saved to your card - I pretty much just saved it to my card this morning, hopefully still hasn't reach first 30,000 quota by now, that should bring your total price down to $689.20.
AMEX promo was triggered instantly, received email notification.

Same method applies to Sony 85mm F1.8 (after pricematching Digidirect & AMEX rebate) - $553.20
$663.20 Price Match Digidirect - $10 Sony new account credit - $100 AMEX Rebate = $553.20
I actually paid $654 for it from Digidirect after Sony cashback on boxing day.

Or the A7 III Body - (after pricmatching Digidirect & AMEX rebate) - $1800 (Best yet I've seen).
$2310 Price Match CameraPro or Digidirect - $400 Sony Cashback (expires 28/2/21) - $10 Sony new account credit - $100 AMEX Rebate = $1800

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    For those who has the A-series Sony mirrorless (A6000, 6300, 6400, 6500) that has APS-C sensor size
    probably a cheaper option to get the Sony E Mount 35mm f1.8 OSS Lens for $463.20

    But to take advantage of the AMEX Sony $100 cashback
    will need to add up to the $600 (eg. buy one more lens)

    Besides, another good buy is the Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens for $663.2
    with Sony pricematch and AMEX offer bring it down to $563.2

    • I wonder if this lens is better optically than the APS-C version?

      • Depends on your camera body
        if the camera only have APS-C sensor
        putting a E mount or FE would have nearly the same result

        But if the other way round
        putting a E mount lens to FE camera (eg. A7 III)
        then the image might be cropped

        This is a good article for the explanation:
        Sony E-Mount vs FE Mount Lens (What You Need to Know)

        • I understand the cropping factor. The full frame Sony bodies even have an option in-body to crop the image if you're using an APS-C lens. I'm wondering through if the image quality of the lens is better with the full frame version versus the APS-C lens.

          • @dust: From my understanding there will be no image quality improvement to put a FE lens to APS-C camera
            The only pros you get is allowing you to future proof if you want to upgrade to FE camera in the future

            Otherwise, there are a few issues or things to consider
            - FE lens are more expensive
            - FE lens are heavier and weight is harder to balance (due to the compact size of the camera body)
            - Field of view will be different due to focal length / size (eg. 50mm FE lens become 75mm in APS-C camera)

            So in summary, IMO its not worth getting a FE lens for APS-C camera unless you consider to upgrade in the future

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              From my understanding there will be no image quality improvement to put a FE lens to APS-C camera

              You would have to look up reviews for the specific lens. Many are sharper in the center vs. the edges, so by using a FE lens on an APS-C camera, you're using the best part of the lens.

      • No, you actually take a hit. Always better to put a crop lens on a crop body. The reason being is that a full frame lens will be cropped, so you're losing out on detail. A crop lens is constructed differently so that the image circle is smaller. So you aren't losing detail, it's just focussed into a smaller area.

    • Would also recommend the APS-C version since it has OSS (Image Stabilisation), whereas the FE lens does not. Most Sony A-series cameras don't have IBIS so this is useful.

  • This is a pin sharp lens. Fantastic lens. I love it.
    It's a shame Sony don't have the instore CR any more.

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    Thanks for sharing op!

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    Lots of good deals at 20% off.

    So do I pay the mortgage or do I buy these lenses on the basis that as the economy recovers, I end up having to pay more in the future?

    $1,190.40 https://www.digidirect.com.au/tamron-17-28mm-f-2-8-di-iii-rx...
    $1,023.20 https://www.digidirect.com.au/tamron-28-75mm-f-2-8-di-iii-rx...
    $1,670.40 https://www.digidirect.com.au/tamron-70-180mm-f2-8-di-iii-vx...

    $1,519.20 https://www.digidirect.com.au/sigma-24-70mm-f-2-8-dg-dn-art-...
    $1,351.20 https://www.digidirect.com.au/sigma-85mm-f-1-4-dg-dn-art-len...

    Hmmz :S

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      I have the Sigma 85 1.4, best lens i own.

      • The new Sigma art would be fantastic for film makers, with aperture control ring to quickly control exposure when filming on rig. But I mainly do stills, hence settled with the 85mm F1.8 Sony.
        In saying all that, I don’t mind my Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art for Canon mount. It’s like the bazooka of prime lenses.

      • Yes and it's very tempting, I try not to look at the galleries in case I get an incurable case of gas.

        The Sigma zoom is as cheap as it gets too.

  • Can anyone recommend a good all around lens for a beginner? I bought a Sony A7III a month or two back but am yet to buy a lens. Don’t have an Amex card for this deal but would still like to grab a lens. TIA

    • Depends on your budget, if you're a beginner but find yourself in 12 months you really want the 24-70 g lens (you likely will) then just suck it up and get it now, its about $700 off right now.

      • I am willing to spend up to about $1500. I’d rather spend a bit more now and know I am getting a lens that will last me a while. I think it will mostly just be nature shots, a small bit of astro photography and the typical pictures of friends and family. I am not that knowledgeable about cameras but have a close friend who is fairly adept at photography.

        Would you recommend the sigma 24-70? Looks it is only $400 off on digidirect. $1900 down to about $1500.

        • +7

          I would consider the Sigma 24-70 in that case which currently meets your budget. Then later, invest in a prime (fixed lens).

          Second option is Tamron 28-75.. which I had owned for a year. . had to sell it as the 24mm wasn't wide enough for me..

          • @Koolio379: If I was to extend the budget a bit, what prime lens would you recommend. I appreciate your assistance.

        • If you're doing astro I would recommend the Rokinon/Samyang 14mm 2.8. It's manual, cheap and good for astro. You could possibly buy two primes for the cost of the Sigma 24-70mm.

    • +3

      It will help if you can tell us what you shoot or what focal lengths you typically shoot at. What's the budget?

      At a wild guess, the Tamron 28-75 is a pretty good all rounder that is also pretty fast at F2.8. If you shoot wide however, the Tamron 17-28 or Sony 16-35 F4 are great choices. For primes, the 35mm 1.8 above is a good starting point too. My first lens was a 35mm F2.8 and it was fun.

      • I am willing to spend up to about $1500. I’d rather spend a bit more now and know I am getting a lens that will last me a while. I think it will mostly just be nature shots, a small bit of astro photography and the typical pictures of friends and family. I am not that knowledgeable about cameras but I have a close friend who is fairly adept at photography.

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          It sounds like a fast 24mm prime will suit you nicely. I have a Batis 25mm F2 that has served me admirably for social and travel purposes.

          If I was looking again (as you are), I would strongly consider the FE 24mm f/1.4 GM. From reports I read, it is very close in terms of weight and dimensions to the Batis while being significantly faster and having the manual focus toggle button (very useful feature). This also falls nicely on your budget.

      • My first lens for the Sony system is the 34mm 2.8. fantastic lens and had taken Soo many memorable photos with it.

        • I love the 34mm

    • +3

      The Sony 24-105 f/4 G is a superb lens. Depending on your use case you may not miss the f/2.8 and prefer the extra reach.

      There are pluses and minuses to both. The 24-105 is a stop slower, but you can always bump iso by a stop. It also has less bokeh, but makes up for it with the extra reach.

      The 24-70 has less reach, but you can always crop. 24-70 is also bigger and heavier than 24-105. And more expensive.

      I tend to favour a 24-105 over a 24-70.

      Having said all that, I love 35mm for an all-round prime lens. It's probably the lens that is on my camera the most. I have this lens (Sony 35mm f/1.8) but am considering upgrading to the new 35mm f/1.4 GM.

    • +2

      I think as a beginner you'd appreciate an all in one lens. You can decide later what you want to do. My recommendation is Tamron 28-200. It's F2.8 fast enough aperture for many uses, has pretty close focus distance (means you can create really nice bokeh), very sharp (for a zoom lens), nice reach at 200 mm, light and only costs 1 grand. You just can't go wrong with it. It has 28 mm wide all the way to 200 mm so that you can use it pretty much for everything. After using it for a while you may decide which focal length you shoot more often.

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      Tamron 28-75 hands down. Very sharp and excellent rendering. Probably the most compact 28-75 2.8 lens you are going to find which makes it an excellent option for travel too.

    • +1

      Tamron 28-75 2.8 if you want a great all round lens - brilliant lens for all conditions this.

      Tamron 28-200mm if you are ok with sacrificing zooming ability under low light conditions for the extra reach.

      I changed from the 28-75 for the 28-200 as I already have other prime lenses.

      Both of these are very sharp thorough the zoom range and also have fantastic macro abilities which you wont get with the Sony allrounder lenses.

  • Cashback expires 28/2, not 28/11.

  • priced match request submitted, still waiting for approval from sony.

  • Bought my 35mm FE a couple of weeks ago in the DigiDirect 15% sale with AmEx CB. $50 cheaper now. Still was a good price.

    • same here….PM digidirect in Sony too but its around $50 cheaper now
      Tho I bought the E mount 18-135 lens for my A6400 ($604 after AMEX CB) vs $ 563 now

  • Any one had issues using their Amex on Sony website ? It is throwing an error, when called customer care they advised that Amex is not accepted at the moment so use other form of payment :(

    • If you live close-by there is physical Sony store located in Westfield Chatswood, NSW and Westfield Parramatta, NSW.

      And if you have >1 Amex card, could request to split payment (if spending $1200+).

    • How convenient!

      Run an Amex promo then price match with the competition but don’t give customers both options!

  • I have the 85mm f1.8 lens (https://store.sony.com.au/lenses-full-frame/SEL85F18.html)

    Love it, awesome Bokeh. Perfect portrait lens, but does have some limitations being 85mm.

    I'm waiting for the new FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 for general purpose photograhy.

  • +1

    Awesome deal, thanks OP! Appreciate that you added the instructions and relevant links.

  • I can understand the need for a 20-25mm and 40-45mm lens, but what would you need a 35mm lens for?

    • +2

      35mm is a great all rounder lens, I took only 35mm+ A7iii for both my family Japan and Swiss/Italy trip.

  • Sony 24mm f1.4 GM comes down to $1532 with the same method.

    • Which one would you choose, The 24mm f1.4 GM or the new 35mm f1.4 GM?

      • Bought 24mm GM and listed 35mm f/1.8 on gumtree/FB marketplace yesterday.
        My research suggests 24mm can be more versatile if you don't mind using it on A7 in crop mode, essentially you get 36mm f/2.1, 11 megapixel image on A73 or 24? megapixel on A7r4. In saying that, main reason for me to get 24mm over 35mm is I like the more dramatic perspective 24mm renders. Optically speaking, both 24mm and 35mm GM seems to be equally excellent after watching every review on youtube.
        My plan is to keep using 24mm and learn to shoot with it as it, if it doesn't work out, I'll wait for 35mm GM to come down in price and get that.

    • Purchased this - such an excellent deal on one of the best landscape lenses out there.

      Can't wait for some astrophotography with this beast.

  • Still waiting for the next Sony lens cashback promotion.

  • Anyone got an email from Sony cancelling the order?

    • Mine’s saying in transit. When and what did you order?