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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum $298.99, Dreame D9 $399, Dreame F9 $359 Delivered @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, another excellent deal for Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Please use coupon code GB100 with extra $100 off for Xiaomi and Dreame Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Robot Vacuums

Comparison Dreame F9 ($359) Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen ($298.99)
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 1800Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 420ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes No, Whole House Map
Mopping E-tank(200ml) N/A
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone N/A
Selected room cleaning Yes N/A
Auto Charging Yes Yes
Smart Room Map Yes N/A

Dreame Robot Vacuum, Come with Dreame Australian Local Official Warranty.

Comparison Dreame F9 $359 Dreame D9 $399
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 3000Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 570ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes Yes
Mopping E-tank(200ml) E-tank(200ml)
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes Smart Top Up
Smart Room Map 1Map Upto 3 Map Via Firmware update Early March

Roborock Robot Vacuum, Do not need coupon code, discount price applied. Come with Roborock Australian Local Official Warranty.

Comparison Roborock S6 Pure $639.2 Roborock S5 Max $799.2
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa
Dust Bin 460ml 460ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes, 3 Maps Yes, 3 Maps
Mopping 180ml Manual Water Tank E-tank(290ml)
Zone Clean/ No Go Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes,Smart top up Yes,Smart top up
Smart Room Map 3 Maps 3 Maps
Specification Roborock S6 MaxV $1019.15
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa
Dust Bin 460ml
Battery 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes
Mopping E-tank(300ml)
Zone Clean Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes
Multi-map 3 maps
AI Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Yes


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  • As S7 is about to come out, how's Roborocks history of supporting its older products?
    I'm confused if I should pull the trigger for Dreame D9, wait for a better deal for S5 Max, or wait for S7. Any suggestions?

    • +1

      S7 probably wont be in Australia until later this year, as it hasn't even come out in the USA yet.
      S7 will likely be priced to be double or closer to $900 so significantly more than what you will be paying for the D9.

      You could wait for a better deal on S5 Max, but i guess it depends on how long you are willing to wait and is the lost time spent on vacuuming vs having a robot vacuum earlier than many months later. Time is money, and depending on how you look at it, it may be worth just buying the D9 or any other robot vacuum.

      • Thanks for the advice. Ordered D9.

        • I ordered 1x D9, but thinking of buying a 2nd one …… too lazy to bring it up and down and want to be more just set a forget (except for emptying the bins once a week or so)

  • Hello @Gearbite I'm waiting on delivery of an M1 - order ##19992 - is there anyway you can reduce the price paid? appreciate any assistance

    • Wonderful service, thank you :-)

  • +1

    I bet there will be a lot of requests for refunds form Kogan today. Especially as Kogan have pushed back the date for dispatch to end of April for those who ordered in Jan.

    Just ordered a D9 from Gearbite.

    • Haha depends. Quite a few of them used gift cards.

    • Man I messaged them. I don't have the option to hit cancel.

      • Update: They said they cancelled it and refund should be available within a couple of days.

      • Same. Did they send you the power cable? They did for me, so I'm assuming thats why there is no cancel button.

        • I didn't receive mine yet from Kogan as they pushed it to April. I messaged them and rep confirmed it's cancelled and to allow a few days for a refund.

          This is what my order page looks like https://imgur.com/a/1hNQOUz

  • Ordered a D9 thanks OP.

  • +2

    Hello @Gearbite,

    1) Last time you mentioned Kogan is selling international version which is why it was cheaper than your price whereas you were selling Australian version. Could you confirm if this is Australian version?
    2) You mentioned the maps update in March will fix the maps issues, if this doesn't get fixed, can I return this in March/April for a full refund? Would I have to to postage in this case?

    Please answer so I can order with a peace of mind

    • Yes, this is Australian official version. If you do not happy about update, you can alway contact us regarding return.

      • Thanks for you reply.

        If you do not happy about update, you can alway contact us regarding return

        But would you provide a full refund in this case with no postage charges to send back?

        • +4


          • +3

            @Gearbite: This rep always sorts out issues reasonably.

          • @Gearbite: I was also having the same question, you're reply shows great commitment/promise for customer service…
            Ordered one already, now waiting for delivery as shipping information added to my AusPost app. thanks

  • Ordered the D9, thanks OP!

    Been fighting with Kogan about this model since November 2020. Changed order date 5 times after stating guaranteed shipping before Christmas. Their latest time is now the 21st of April!

    I hope this one ships soon.

    • +1

      Will ship on Monday.

  • Ordered the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen. I only have a 1 bedroom apartment & live alone so hoping it's good enough for my floors.

    • Been using mine over 3 years. Incredible bit of machinery for 300 bucks…

  • Do NOT buy the D9. I have trying to work with the thing for months. The software is buggy, improved by still a pain in the ass. The hardware also has issues. Sensors always think they have been blocked. It also keeps getting confused on where the charge station. Brought from Gearbite back in October, they offered three months return but I don’t think they will provide any return now. Even though under the ACL they probably should be offering a minimum 12 months.

    • Hi, If your device still has any problem, you are still able to request return.

      • Thank you will be in touch.

      • Hi Gearbite rep.

        Im in the same boat here, bought during launch through the deal posted here.
        Having the exact same mapping issues constantly resetting, and its getting extremely frustrating.

        Are you able to do anything about this?

        • Did you update your firmware?

          • @Gearbite: Yes I have version 3.5.8_1072

          • @Gearbite: any further suggestions? Am I still able to request return similar to ImpulseMan?

            • @VRZ: New firmware update should available on March. You can alway return if that does not help.

              • @Gearbite: Ok thanks,
                I'll give the new update a chance when its released.
                If it still does not perform as it should I'll reach out again.

              • +2

                @Gearbite: Hello. Do you have info when exactly in March does the new firmware update comes out? I mean the date of release. Thanks.

                • @Gizmo123: Once have exactly date, i will update here.

    • Actually under ACL they should be offering minimum 24months. As it can argue that a vacuum cleaner of this price should at least last 2 years.
      I know JB Hifi and quite a few large electronics store has made 24months standard now.

      • +1

        Ye you have a point mate. I’ll update you all on how their returns process goes. So far communication is great through this forum.

    • I agree the sensors are weird.

      My original Xiaomi robot tracks along glass etc fine, or the rails in a baby gate and knows the gaps are too small to fit through.

      The d9 continues to bump into windows over and over, and same for baby gates.
      Seems like software but weird that is still not fixed.

      • +1

        Hi guys, just an update - returned already organised decided to upgrade and the team were happy to do this. So far excellent communication and service.

        Will update once I receive the replacement.

        Very impressed so far, wouldn’t hesitate to buy a product through them again.

        • Yes please update. I think a robot should simply work, not "improved but still some issues".

          • @nfr: Will do mate.

          • +4

            @nfr: Hi mate, Gearbite were amazing with their service. Sent me the upgraded unit to roborock s5max within the space of a couple or days.

            The S5max is chalk and cheese compared to the D9. It is more refined, software has had no bugs as of yet.

            Only received yesterday so still testing.

            While the D9 seems more powerful it’s wasted power as it doesn’t do the job properly. It is designed poorly or should I say copied poorly. For example the D9 would always get my partners hair stuck in the roller, after one pass of the house it had to be cleaned of all hair wrapped around the brush. The roborock gets about 80% less hair stuck but still picks up 99% of hair.

            All I know is for anyone considering buying one of these new robots buy from from Gearbite. The service is so refreshing, unlike the shitty taste Kogan leaves in your mouth - whether it be from the 3 month product delays or the constant spam!

  • Thanks been waiting for a mi robot deal!

  • What’s the difference beteeen your version and the s5 max at Kogan? $649 with free shipping?

    • Probably nothing. However after the D9 debacle on kogan, if it is a presale then expect 6+ months delays.

      • +1

        I wouldn’t buy a toothbrush from Kogan.

  • Ordered the Dreame F9 last October for ~$429. It's okay but for the price, I probably would have gone with something else esp since I've got a fair few issues with it.

  • +1

    Hi Op,

    Any deal for xiaomi viomi v2 pro?

  • Is mopping via an attachment on all vacs?

    • Yes for Dreame D9, F9, Roborock s5 max, S6 pure and S6 MaxV. Xiaomi robot vacuum does not have mopping function.

  • Bought the D9 despite a few negative experiences here, only because of the helpful GB rep. Expecting to have no issues with return should the reviews be true.

    • Same just ordered. Here's hoping!

      • +1

        See my comment above. Their service is excellent.

  • Seems like there are lot of software issue with the D9, but how is the Xiaomi Gen1, does it has the similar issues?
    Im only interested in D9, bc of its 3000pa suction power, any ideas suggestions? Thanks!

    • +2

      I believe it also has issues but how I look at it is…. xiaomj gen 1 issues are unlikely to be addressed as it is so much older.

      But d9 being new, it will get more updates and works done on it over the coming months.

  • received d9 this morning thanks op

    • +2

      So far so good, updated to 1072 firmware when i got it.
      it has mapped out the house well, vacuumed a couple of times, ran the mop last night too
      respects virtual walls and no mop zones
      picked up a lot of gunk
      wife is pretty happy with it,
      it does tend to skip over large piles of dirt on first go (as in video)

      will update if i have any of the map reset issues people have been talking about

      • and… just lost my map
        accidentally pressed shortcut to clean, then, clicked pause/return to dock/pause, lost the map.. and its back

        • Dang just got the position failed, map is not working robot is now having to remap
          And after it trying to remap again, i sent it back to base. When it got there It got the old map back, i placed the machine in a different corner of a room and turned it on and it positioned successfully whew

  • I got the D9 vacuum today. I had a question, do I keep mop module attached or only attach it when needed?
    I was thinking of setting a daily schedule to clean at night; would this mean that I shouldn't keep the mop module attached? As it will return to the dock for charging.

    • Only attached when you need.

      • Thanks rep.
        My first unit is working fine, oredering another one. Am I able to connect both vacs to my own mobile if they are in different houses?

  • Hi, I've just received mine today. very quick delivery.
    However within 5 minutes of use the right wheel is stuck. I tried to clean it but still stuck.

    Is this faulty item? if yes, can I organise a change over?

    Thank you

    • Order #21281

    • Most likely something stuck at right wheel, please check.

      • Hi, I have checked. Nothing is stuck. Can I send you a photo or video?

  • New to the robot vacuum market.
    Are these much better than the Viomi V2 Pro? Was eyeing that one for $299 (as per previous deals). Don't need the lamborghini of robot vacuums, just something that can clean the living area (roughly 80 sq. mt. of engineered timber) with reasonable accuracy.

  • Hi @Gearbite i have received the Dreame D9 yesterday, and am trying to install it. The vacuum is not connecting to my wifi, i have followed the instructions. Including resetting my home wifi, resetting the vacuum to factory default, moving the vacuum next to the router, turn the vacuum off and back on. It still stuck at waiting for network setup, with the lights blinking continuously. I have contacted you via email and still waiting for a response.

    • does it connect to your phone direct? do you have both 2.4 and 5ghz available?

      • hi berserkk, yes its does connect to my phone directly, and when connected the vacuum voice message was "the robot and phone are connected please return to the xiaomi homeapp and wait for the installation to complete" but no difference. The hourglass was spinning non stop.

        My router has 2.4 and 5ghz. i have disabled 5ghz. Still doesn't help.

        • Have to put the wifi details in the home app somewhere
          Try disabling 2.4ghz and force 5ghz i can't remember which it preferred

          also make sure home app is set to region: australia

          • @berserkk: thanks berserkk. the manual says only 2.5GHz wifi supported so that's why i disable the 5ghz. I can't put in the wifi password as its not letting me get past the first step of the installation, the 'next' button is grey out.

            Yup region was set to australia. Still awaiting Gearbite to respond.

            • @androolz: I got my unit today, and initially I also struggle to connect to WiFi, but then manage to connect it. I have both 2.4 and 5ghz
              The steps which I follows:
              1) First connect to 2.4ghz wifi on my mobile (by default my mobile is connected to 5ghz
              2) Install the app
              3) Connect and Power on the robot on charging dock, and press Dock and spot clean button on the robot to start the connection process
              4) In the app, you should see the robot in near-by device, select that and choose the same wifi from the list to which your mobile is connected.

              It should connect with the app now…

              • @hothot: Thanks for the clear steps.

                I have removed and reinstalled the Mi Home App, on the 2.4ghz wifi. Following your steps.
                The only part that didn't work is step 4, i couldn't see the robot in nearby-device. It's still showing "scanning for bluetooth devices nearby…". I scan the QR code and it bring me to "Reset device", and the same issue again. Somehow it doesn't pick up the vacuum.

                I have another eufy vacuum and the setup was must more straightforward than this. Can someone from @Gearbite please respond to me.

                • +1

                  @androolz: I have fixed the issue. The quick start guide says after scanning of the QR code to add the Dreame vacuum, then follow prompts to finish the connection. The instruction on screen says press the Dock and Spot clean buttons,and once the power indicator is slowly blinking the Wifi has been successfully reset.

                  There is a missing step, which require us to tap the button where it says "operation confirmed" after pressing the Dock and Spot buttons. Once this is done I can then click "next" and entered the wifi password.

                  This step was missing in the guide. Hope this helps someone else.

                • @androolz: Did you give location pension to mi home app, make sure your router did not block certain connections.

  • Hi all and rep.

    Not that impressed with the D9, did a first run today. Was %80 complete and got something stuck under it, picked it up and put it back down in the same spot and yep could not find its location so proceeded to start all over again. I have a big house so battery was nearing dead.
    Had the same issue with the f9 and returned it.

    Argh! What is wrong with this and why can't they fix it.

    Will give it a few more times before deciding what to do with it.

    • Please make use low mode to finish map first, once finish the map, vacuum will find its' locaction quite accurate. Please make sure upgrade to new firmware before mapping.

      • There was enough battery to finish the house and I had the firmware updated.
        The issue is if picked up and placed back down it cannot locate itself so defaults to resetting the clean.

        • I've done it to mine a few times and it located itself and continued

        • As the product rep said this may just be due to it being the first run. Move everything off the floor for the first run so it can map the house and itsself properly. You should have no issues after that.

          • @Therage: Happy to try, the original roborock one from years and years ago never had this issue (still have it). You would think it shouldn't need it but happy to try.

            • @HitlersDad: Follow up on this, after a complete first mapping it seems to be working well. Happy so far :)

    • Hi, when you mapping, please using low mode, and tidy up your house before mapping in case vacuum stuck. Please place in the middle of your house if you house is very long. If map not finish , it will list position. But it will easy find vacuum position once map is finalised.

      • Sorry, typing error. Please give location permission to Mi home APP When you try to add wifi.

  • On the D9, Do you need to attach the side brush for 90% carpet and 10% tiles? lol.
    I am planning to run it at Turbo mode. Haha

    • You need to attached side brush all the time when you do vacuum job.

      • No worries. Thanks!

  • @Gearbite this vacuum does not deal very well with high pile carpet. it does not even go above it even when there is enoug clearance. Is this expected? If it doesn't deal well with high pile carpet I will need to organise a return unfortunately.

    • +1

      2cm carpet should be fine, please send us your carpet photo. If not fit for your house, you can request return at [email protected]

  • Following this thread closely…should I buy the D9? or are the software issues still annoying

    • +4

      I was also worried about software and performance issues and not sure to buy something that doesn't work. It should make the daily life easy and not more complicated.
      But looking at the reviews about absolute gem of after sales services from GearBite and their return policy, I got my D9 few days back. I am still waiting for an software update for multi map support as I want to use for my double storey house, but here's my experience so far.
      1) Order placing and delivery was easy and quick, got my unit delivered in 2 days
      2) Unit looks quite good in build quality, good packaging and comes with 1 side brush, 1 mopping pad, quick guide and user manual ( I would love an extra brush and moping pad included)
      3) Setting up was quite easy, just a minor hiccup to connect it to WiFi, but not that complicated.
      4) Put the base station in a corner of my house and start the unit first time to map the house. I make the house tidy up and remove all possible obstacle like shoes/toys etc to give the robot free room as far as possible.
      5) The mapping of the house was done in around 75 minutes for 87m2 and I am very impress with the maps, I kept my walk-in pantry, laundry, toilet etc open which has a bit raised surface then the main floor, and it did complete the full mapping of all areas combination of tiles/wooden floor (kitchen, dinning, breakfast bar, pantry, toilet, laundry, living, study, corridor)
      6) Along with the mapping, it did vacuum and collect a fair bit of dust. Clean of the bin is quite easy and filters are easily removable and washable (haven't washed it yet)
      7) Map was saved and very accurate, played with the map, try divide/merge/rename different areas, quite easy and haven't lost the map yet
      8) Tried various function from app like, cleaning a particular area, spot clean, pause in between, stop in between cleaning cycle, return to doc etc. and all good, no issues so far.
      9) Put the mopping unit and tried mopping function once in kitchen area, and it looks good, the mopping pad was bit dirty after 10 minutes of use, so it did worked. Will have to test this more doing all areas and have to see how it does.
      10) Customize map more by further dividing/merging/rename areas (was hopping that I will loose the map, so far lucky, map is still saved with all those changes)
      11) It only got stuck around bar stool having round base like island where it semi climbed to the base and got itself half-hanging on the base and floor as it's wheel can't touch to the floor and can't climb down. Got an error message and I have to manually put it down and it resume the cleaning.

      So with the limited use/testing, I am happy with D9 so far. Hopping it will be better/improve with more usage. If not I count on Gearbite to provide support or return the product if it doesn't do the job as expected. Also waiting for multi floor map support and to know how I can use it for 2 levels.

      • Thank you for such a detailed review!

      • I have pretty much same experience, with bar stools as well! everything else pretty spot on too.
        Pretty sure the new firmware works hard to keep the maps, i had 2 times I thought the maps were lost, but they came back with my room divides and labels and no mop areas

        • Me too with the bar stools! Mine got stuck, then couldn't find position once I picked up and put straight back down. Started the whole mapping thing again from scratch. Finished that, but still can't use/edit zones. Keeps telling to wait until mapping to complete. I can use the no mop zones though. Will try this arvo. I should say though im very impressed with the vacuum itself. Amazing how much dust and sand it has collected.

        • I am thinking to buy it for my parents. They are somewhat tech savy but if the map deletes too often then that might be annoying for them.
          They are basically looking for something that can just be left to do the job rather than picking up and repositioning it every time

          • @booze101: With the D9 they will have to get it “unstuck” and most likely will get frustrated with the maps disappearing
            The idea with a RoboVac is that it will
            1. Do initial scan of house
            2. You input no go zones, virtual walls etc.
            3. You go to work and comeback to a clean house because the RoboVac has started as to schedule and done a marvellous job

            Unfortunately not so with the D9. It will reset the map removing all virtual walls and no go zones, etc. will get stuck because it now has no virtual walls to stop it from getting stuck !!

            I think your parents will be cursing more than thanking you

            • +1

              @Aydin: Here's something I found. If your map disappears, before starting the robot again, "force stop" mi home.app thru settings. Then reopen app. My map.always reappears.

              • +1

                @Ozbargainasaurus: I’ve been getting all sorts of wonderful map mutations that for a while I was actually looking forward to what new monster of a map would appear.

                Base Station moving into a different room on the map when I haven’t moved it
                Mirror image of my map appearing, i.e normal map plus one 180 degrees offset,
                Maps superimposed, etc

                Thanks I’ll try your suggestion. Will wait for the next firmware update, if it fixes up the issues then great I’ll continue using it otherwise I’ll contact gearbite and try to get a refund

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