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Desktop PC with 10700F CPU, RX Gigabyte RTX3070, Z490 MOBO, 16GB 3200MHz RAM $1899 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Awesome deal if you don't mind the colour of the PC case.


CPU: Intel i7-10700F Processor (** +$49 upgrade to 10700K)
Cooler: Deepcool GAMMAXX GT A-RGB CPU Cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490 UD AC ATX Motherboard
Graphic Card: Gigabyte RTX3070 VISION OC 8GB Video Card
Ram: 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz RGB Memory
Stroage Drive: Optional
Case: Fantech CG80 Sakura Edition Computer Case
Fan: 4x 120mm RGB Fan included
Power Supply: 750W 80Plus Gold Modular PSU
Operating System: Optional
WIFI: Built in

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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        • Hi Matt,

          This build is what I consider close to your budget:
          With specific options upgrade, you can still keep the budget around 1800.

          Otherwise, if you got the additional budget to spend with, I would highly recommend you with our 3070 promos build:https://www.bpctech.com.au/kp-promo-3070systemv2-kraken-power-promo-i7-rtx3070-system.html.

          Feel free to ask me further questions :)

          BPC Sales Team

          • @BPC Technology: Cheers mate

            Any room on the price for the Kraken Power PROMO I9 RTX3070 SYSTEM Powered By Gigabyte or the Kraken Power PROMO I7 RTX3070 SYSTEM

            • @Mattpattt: Hi Matt,

              Unfortunately, we won't provide extra promo based on any 30 series build at the moment. However, we do offer free shipping and if you made the order from our website there is no credit card surcharge.

              Feel free to ask if you got further questions.

  • The case is the only reason anyone buys this PC for

    • exactly mate

  • +1

    Pink why

  • still listed at $1899 but comes up as $2199 in cart

    • Its the browser cache issue should be fixed now :)

      • still says $1899 but doesnt matter.

        can you do any better on this price?

        • Hi abuch47,

          Unfortunately, we won't provide extra promo based on any 30 series build at the moment. However, we do offer free shipping and if you made the order from our website there is no credit card surcharge.

          Feel free to ask if you got further questions.

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    does this come with a "Barbie's First PC" sticker?

  • Can someone help me compare this to the dell xps40

    • Better cooling, aftermarket components but this had less storage. Once you but a 1tb ssd and 2tb hdd this will probably be $150 or so more expensive, but this has aftermarket components so this is probably a better deal.

  • +1

    :-(((( this is so freaking cute and i only saw it after the deal was over :-(((((

    • +1

      Hi Starvingartist,

      You can still check our Valentine's day PC build on https://www.bpctech.com.au//computer-systems/branded-gaming-....

      We have 3 Pink builds at the moment :)

      BPC Sales Team

      • Do you ship all the accessories with your pre-builts such as screws, PSU cables and SATA cables?

        • Generally, we don't, but certainly we can ship together if you want them :)

          • @BPC Technology: So if someone bought a system and they wanted to add their own storage drives they wouldn't be able to? They would have to specifically request you ship it? Does that incur an extra charge? Shouldn't you do that normally?

            • -2

              @WinstonWithAY: The shipment of a whole custom build PC is a complicated job. For your PC's safety, we generally ship the PC without unnecessary parts to avoid any internal or external damage by accident.

              Indeed, with paying extra shipping fee, we will able to ship the accessories in the separate package :)

              • +1

                @BPC Technology: So how would someone be able to add additional storage to their system on their own? I'm not sure how it impacts the safety of the PC when you can just pack all the accessories into a box and ship it with the system. Techfast and other system builders on Ozbargain all do this without charging additional shipping costs. Why are you different?

                • -1

                  @WinstonWithAY: Indeed, there will be different delivery policies with other firms.

                  If the customer looking for additional storage, they could inform us regarding the storage upgrade option in advance. If they wish to upgrade later, our Tech expert is happy to service without charge :).

                  • @BPC Technology: I'm just not understanding why you can't just put all the additional cables that aren't being used in a motherboard box or something and ship that with the system. I haven't heard of a pre-built sold without the additional manuals, cables and accessories unless you pay a separate charge. These are essential items that you need when you buy a computer so there really shouldn't be an extra charge.

                    • -1

                      @WinstonWithAY: We only charge customer extra shipping fees when they require the rest of the unnecessary parts because we have to send them in a separate parcel for the safety purpose.

                      If our customer chooses to pick up from our store, they can take all the product package and accessories if they need it.

                      • @BPC Technology: But additional cables and manuals aren't unnecessary parts. They are essential.

                        So just to confirm, if I bought this system, you would not ship the unused SATA cables and PSU cables with the system, making it impossible for me to add more storage?

                        • -2

                          @WinstonWithAY: Yes, for DIY build fans, these accessories are essential.

                          But for our Business or Gaming Custom Build PC product, what we are trying to deliver is a perfectly built PC. Customer doesn't need to fix or upgrade something themselves. When customers received their parcel, they can open the box, plug the power supply and ready to go.

                          Apologies for any confusion caused by our shipping policy, you are welcomed to visit our store after the lockdown, and we are happy to take you to the custom PC Build tour :).

                          • @BPC Technology: No mate. Those components are essential for anyone.

                            When you've only included 256gb of storage for a 'Gaming' PC, the customer does need to upgrade the storage themselves.

                          • +1

                            @BPC Technology: I'm not flying to Victoria to visit your store because you are unwilling to ship the accessories that come with the components in a pre-built. Pathetic that you charge an additional fee to post items that are supposed to come with the system and its components in the first place. It's a miracle you don't also charge people for the power cable.

    • +1

      I feel you! I saw it right before it expired, and waited just too long to pull the trigger! Now I can't get it out of my mind. Those aesthetics are toying with my heart.

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    Anyone who bought this system, can you confirm if they sent you all the additional PSU cables, SATA cables and other accessories that are supposed to come with the components with your order?

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