Magazine Subscription deals

Seeing the popularity of the recent National Geographic magazine subscriptions, I started looking directly at the different mag websites for deals. how come there is such a big price difference? for expample, a 12 month subscription to Popular Mechanics is :

AU$168 at isubscribe whereas
AU$150 at magshop
US$23 at magazine's own website (this includes shipping to Australia!)

any ideas why such huge differences?
this has seriously put me off buying any mag off the newsagent…


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    You have discovered a little known secret. Many magazines can be bought from the US directly including shipping to Oz far cheaper than buying by subscription here.

    And they arrive via the same shipping process.

    Why - I guess because many dont think to try buying direct. They are used to US companies not dealing direct. Now you can and now you can save…


    The Economist magazine subscription is 51 weeks for approx A$365 in Aust.

    The US sites have 51 weeks for $127 .

    Does anyone know of a site that will ship The Economist to Aust?


    Get the digital / iPad edition of the economist and go halves with someone (share the login). Works out to be about $1 a week.


      And even if you dont share - the $200 a year difference means a lot of savings towards the cost of the ipad.

      But you would need to subscribe as a US member ($US110 vs $A189)

      Alternatively if you know or could find a US student have them receive a free copy of the Economist - you use the online part the cost is only $US77


    Thank you. Hadn't thought of getting the digital edition, good excuse to get an ipad.


    Can I update you there are quit a few people are still waiting for the arrival of their first issue which should be shipped out on dec 2011!