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Xiaomi Mijia Monitor Desk Lamp with Eye Protection $99 Delivered/ NSW C&C @ PC Market


Pre-ordered and bought from them $89, they have it in stock now for $99

I know it is cheaper from China but this is local stock.

Package List:

1* Lamp
1* Base
1* Remote control
2* AAA battery
1* Manual
1* USB Type-C cable

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    Xiaomi stuff seems very expensive nowadays.

    • +7

      I think that's the smart choice. There's so much cheap Chinese crap, Xiaomi have built up a good rep and I don't mind paying a bit more for something that won't be landfill in 6 months

      • +1

        I have used this lamp for about a year now, and I have bought 3 for home and office, so far still solid quality.

    • This is a knockoff of a Benq monitor lamp that goes for at least $150.

    • Xiaomi is selling this for around 40 AUD in China. AU stock is expensive.

  • +2

    cheaper from ali express

    • +5

      I know it is cheaper from China but this is local stock.

      Already mentioned that.

      • +2

        Oh my bad, didn't read the whole post. Sorry!

    • even cheaper on gearbest :)
      but as someone else sad the op posted local stock

  • How long would this last on AAA?

    • +3

      AAA battery is only on the remote …. the light itself is powered via USB

  • Serious question; what is the point of this item? Is adjusting the brightness of the monitor not the same as having this lamp attached? I would have thought this lamp would provide more glare, if anything.

    • +2

      This lamp lights up the area in front of your monitor (desk, keyboard) without placing glare on your screen. The lamp is designed in a way that you can angle it to ensure the light does not hit your screen.

      I bought from Aliexpress a couple of months ago, and I'm a big fan. I had a desk lamp but moved to a different desk which didn't fit the old lamp. This worked a treat, and offers very quick adjustments to brightness and colour temperature.

      I'd been eyeing off the Benq version, but couldn't justify paying double what I paid for the Xiaomi one.

    • +1

      what is the point of this item?

      Some may also need to read docs or book on the desk, also I found that for some reason it did make me feel a bit more clear on the screen.

    • +1

      Create ambient light around the monitor for the comfort of your eyes. Also can be used as a reading light.

      • +1

        thanks all for your feedback :)

    • +1

      I purchased the BenQ light about 2 years ago, as there was nothing like it back then.

      It allows having desk lamp without having a lamp on your desk. It's out the way and evenly lights up the whole desk that makes typing at night easy, while reading text books (at the time).

  • I got the Yeelight as it has a second LED light strip located on the back of screen bar for ambient lighting also.

    • +1

      That is a very good price for Yeelight.

      • +1

        Yeelight is a manufactory company for xiaomi, this lamp is made by Yeelight in Qingdao FYI.

        • Hi Duncan, would you have a picture of your Xiaomi desktop lamp in combination with your iMac? Keen to see what it looks like!

    • Yeah, I think I might have gotten the Yeelight from that deal too. And a month or so ago got this Xiaomi to replace it, d'oh.

      The Yeelight worked fine, but I didn't realise at the time that you couldn't change the colour of the backlight to be non-purple/blue to white light unless you had the pro version. So seeing as how I didn't get the pro version, that feature is useless to me. And the giant logo facing me, and the general greyish colour of it just annoyed me a bit. The plain black of the Xiaomi blends in so much better, even though it's basically the same size.

      • You can change the colour of the backlight via the App.

        • Oh. I thought that only applied to the pro version. Will have to give it a go then. I could have saved myself $70 if I'd known that, and just wrapped the Yeelight in black lol.

  • -3

    Official Price 39AUD in China

    • link? cheapest I could find was $75 from gearbest (china stock)

    • +2

      Only if you can go there buy it.

    • +1

      And? A lot of products are literally 10 times cheaper in China, add a link with postage if you want to be helpful.

      • Yeah, everything are cheaper, don't know why people keep comparing price from China. How much your salary here and how much there? How far away we are from China?

  • Another option from Aliexpress for those who don't mind to wait:
    USB powered with no remote but looks like it's got decent reviews.

    AU $29.58
    + Shipping: AU $3.04

    • +1

      The Baseus is popular also.

      • A lof of Baseus on eBay but I still prefer Xiaomi.

        • I do too, but if you want something cheaper Baseus is still quite good.

    • Don't forget 10 percent tax on checkout.

      I got the xiaomi for $68 from aliexpress.

  • I want to get one of these for my TV.  Should I wait until they start making them bigger, or will the length of these be suitable? I'm hoping to cut out glare.

    • +1

      I doubt they'll make bigger ones, this is really for lighting the desk area more than the whole room.

  • Weird question… does anyone know how heavy this thing is?
    My monitor mounted on one of those monitor desk mounts.

    The monitor is 32 inches, so pretty heavy already… concerned the arm won't be able to handle too much extra weight.

    • The lamp itself is very light, the mount a bit more heavier than the lamp.

      • Any estimate on grams or kilograms?

  • Could you attach this to a laptop screen, or is it just for full size monitors?

    • +1

      Yes you can just like webcam

  • does anyone find these cause glare on the keyboard?

    • Try difference colour temperature.

  • So can we just buy these from AliExpress/Gearbest to get a cheaper price? Is it not being AU stock a big deal besides longer delivery?

    • AliExpress/Gearbest

      Of course you can.

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