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[QLD] Bulla Choc Top Varieties $0.10 @ Coles (Mackay)


Found at the Mackay store. There was Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Mint and Boysenberry. I spoke to the grocery manager and she said that they are clearing them out at all stores. Your stock levels may vary.

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    no matter how you look at it…this wont end well

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    If I saw that I would have bought an insulated bag (if I wasn't already carrying one) and bought out as much as I could carry/would fit in my freezer on returning home.

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      Why the heck would you have fit yourself in the freezer provided you had seen you could have bought an insulated bag home? Or carry.

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        I’m confused 🍦

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          My fairly obscure point was: punctuation would've made your previous comment easier to decipher.

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            @pizzaguy: True, not my finest writing. Now based on

            fit yourself in the freezer

            I have an image of myself sitting in the freezer in Coles eating choc tops (which I won’t rule out entirely). Stranger things have happened at my local Coles.

            • @morse: Downvotes pour on me, while I sit there with you.

              Still great English for a morse.

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        Drugs are bad

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      That photo is after I may or may not have done exactly that.

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    Nobody buy the Mint ones…yuck. I'll buy them so you don't have to.

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      The mint ones are the best ones!

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        shhhh don't tell the community! haha

    • Good to have before talking to your date

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    Extremely unlikely to be nationwide, which the title implies!

    • There's less demand for those in cinemas, perhaps it is true.

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      2 for $4 at my Coles this morning

      • Same here. And they were selling enough as it is.

      • Saw them for $1.50 for two in Blacktown Westpoint Woolies on the weekend so it might be worth it to check different stores.

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      yeh they may be 'clearing them', but not necessarily at the price OP has bought at at their store!

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    supermarkets could save on labour just price things down to zero

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    These are pretty good but I wasn't disappointed they weren't better then the Cinema version.

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      How would they be better?
      From what I was made aware these are the cinema version, they had so much stock from cinema closures/slowdowns that it's why Coles were having this limited run.

      Also evidence to support what I was told, the fact the boxes in the freezer were just cut open 50+ item boxes of loose stock, exactly like cinemas would receive?

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    Any cheap movie deals ?

  • yummi

  • Why would they clear them all out?

    • Nearing the expiry date?

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    I wonder how many I need to buy to make this worthwhile when factoring in the petrol cost driving from Brisbane return at $1.30/L and averaging 11.5L/100km

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      Alright, 1906km = 219.19L of fuel @ $1.30 = $284.95 in fuel costs. Normal price is $4.00 each but they have a deal online at 4 for $6. So lets go with a $1.40 saving per choc top.

      284.95/1.40 = 203 Choc Tops to break even on fuel costs.

      • +12

        Except bummer, I didn't factor in that I need a new freezer to store them all now. So I've settled on a 362L deep freezer to store them all at $329 from Kogan.

        Now I need to buy ($284.95 + $329) / $1.40 to break even = 438 Choc Tops

        • +13

          Wait, the electricity costs?

          I'll assume I eat one per day, so I actually need electricity for the freezer at 438 days. The kogan model uses 303kw/year so thats 363kw over 438 days.

          26c per kw = $95 just to run the freezer.

          So I need to buy another 68 just to break even :( Now I'm up to 506 Choc Tops.

          I hope they have stock :(

          • @toshjammi: Wow! You did all the maths!

          • @toshjammi: I laughed!

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            @toshjammi: You forgot to include depreciation costs on the vehicle and didn't account for the lost opportunity cost either.

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            @toshjammi: Peak Ozbargainer.

          • @toshjammi: What about a freezer for the car? Otherwise you'd have molten choc tops a few minutes after leaving the store.

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              @Willowtea: You're right, so I've elected to drive really fast, and factor in 12 months loss of licence and an $1800 fine.

              1790 Choc Tops, but at least they won't melt.

  • Bought some mint last week for the wife at 4for$10, then was off shopping again and all that was left was cookies and cream, down to 2for$3.
    So no stock at my local since last week. :(

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    I used to work at a cinema that made its own choc tops.
    Way better than these mass produced ones!

  • i love chock tops

  • Noarlunga Centre Coles in Adelaide has them for a $1 a piece. Only Boysenberry left when I was there, was good though.

  • anywhere in sydney? been to 3 coles and all not stocked.

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    These are almost impossible to get, not sure why they don’t keep manufacturing these at a high rate…
    Especially in this climate, maybe they have too much $$$$ already…

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      They might have an exclusive deal with the cinemas?

      If you're in VIC, The Choc Top Ice Cream Co in Mornington make incredible choc tops. They sell direct and they have a huge range of flavours, with a few limited edition ones each week. During lockdown 2.0 last year they were doing home delivery, not sure if they're still doing it this year.

      • Thanks mate for your reply, yeah funny enough i did run that thought about the cinemas past the girlfriend the other week.

        Just spoke to her about your reply regarding Mornington, she said she tried to email and contact them through messenger and never received one reply…


  • +1

    Whooo go Mackay

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