[Unobtainable, UNiDAYS] GoPro HERO9 Black with 1-Year Subscription to GoPro + Extra Battery + 64GB SD Card $459.96 @ GoPro

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Bundle is currently $529.95 but add the 20% off unidays code and it will reflect (at paypal screen) that total price is $459.96!!!

Haven't quite pulled the trigger yet though it's super tempting coming from a 5 black.

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    I just paid $559 and upgraded from 5 black. the stabilisation was the main reason for the upgrade - and is on the next level.

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      omg so on the fence!!! But slowly succumbing to ozb pressure.

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        hahaha! a word of caution, its is significantly bigger, chunkier, noticeably heavier than a 5 black.

        Also a word of caution, I had to turn off GPS/wifi connections as I found having everything turned on at 2.7k 60fps recording would freeze up my gopro occasionally, presumably from overheating? Does get warm. Not a biggie for me as it's been working fine recording 1hr+ in one go without an issue since.

      • If you're on the fence read my experience below and the reply. Customer service is terrrrible

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          No experince with the Hero9 but the Max freezes up on me all the time and support is a joke and they make you pay for return shipping.

  • I wish I was in uni…

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      there are quite a few ozbargainers with unidays accounts - ask and you shall receive!

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    Happy to provide someone a code if they'd like, first person to PM can have it.

    Edit: Gone.

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    wait, how do you even add the code?

    i clicked the link above and im at the last screen of PayPal "Agree and Pay" and its showing 456.96 AUD

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    If anyone has a code they don't mind passing along via PM, I would really appreciate it!

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    guys, there seems to be a glitch that i was able to get that price above without UNIDAYS code…

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      proof of discount without using UNIDAYS (fyi, im not even in uni nor do i have a uni address)


      • Did the price change at the paypal stage?

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          yes… right before the "Agree and Pay" button…

          so, you just fill in your details at checkout, select PayPal as payment method, then it will ask you to login to PayPal and will show you the total before that button…

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        It seems like you paid for subscription though…so you still paid 529 in total…….

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        Subscription is a second separate charge. Appears as second line. Charge will appear in a day or so.


        • Interesting… I just cancelled GoPro's automatic payment on https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/autopay/ just in time before they charge me…

          • @4iedemon: I went to your link but my GoPro subscription shows up as $0?

            • @highon2str: is your gopro camera payment itself already successful?

              mine is still showing "authorisation" and I'm not seeing a separate entry for the subscription itself…

              so thats why I immediately cancelled my GoPro auto payment…

              did you purchase with or without unidays code?

              • @4iedemon: Yes it says "This is a temporary authorisation to make sure your payment method can cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when GoPro Inc. completes your order."

                I used the code.

                • @highon2str: yeah so you used the code hence its probably done the way the deal is meant to be done…

                  i didn't use the code…

                  what was shown in "Your Order" email? mine was showing the $529 price… but Paypal receipt only showing the $460 for the camera itself…

                  • @4iedemon: https://pictr.com/images/2021/02/16/7FkacB.png

                    Additional clarification: 2nd charge came that night, 7 hours later. no idea what would happen if you cancel the authorisation between those two time periods.

                    • @lawyerz: yeah, will be interesting… maybe they will forfeit the whole order as my charge is still in "authorisation" for the camera itself…

                      • @4iedemon: They ship on the same day though… As long your order is placed before 6pm… So… That will complicate things further….

  • Hello! Does someone have a code that I could use please? I will send you fish eye video of whatever you request. Thanks,

  • I have typed in the Coupon Code and the green text ' COUPON APPLIED' showed up, but the price statyed at A$529.95.

    • did you pay via PayPal? i was able to get that price without the code

      • Thanks. .. my bad for not reading the full post. All gd now.

      • Nuh uh. See my reply above.

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    As mentioned in the original post, the price only updates at the paypal screen.

  • If anyone has a code and doesn't mind sharing, pm me, please. I'd love to upgrade from my worn out 5 black.

  • Hi , if someone has a code that i can use please could you pm , thanks !

  • Hi anyone care to share their un-used codes? Pls PM.. tnx

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    @lawyerz BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ended up having massive FOMO after seeing all the comments coming in. Would have been tragic if I posted this and it got ozbargained by the time I made up my mind. Hypersmooth 3.0 here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UNI-GVCX-Z57N-WSH7-KW2M be quick

  • Got one without using a code too, thanks

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      No a second charge for the subscription 69.99 appears later.


      Don't ask me why this weird charge is like that.

      • This is a worry. Is there a way to cancel the order.

        • you can try but BE quick. orders before 6PM AEDT are shipped ON THE SAME DAY via UPS from Singapore.

      • Looks to be correct. I logged on and cancelled the subscription before it was billed. Cheers

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          im assuming you cancel the subscription after the initial amount was billed but not the 2nd subscription charge?


          no idea what would happened then actually haha…

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            @lawyerz: That's right. I cancelled automatic payments from Gopro and logged onto Gopro and cancelled the subscription that was set to renew today. Shows that I no longer have an active subscription. I've requested a call back to confirm there won't be an incoming charge or any sort. I just have the one pending charge of $459.96

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              @Sunproof: I genuinely have no idea what happpens. If im not mistaken the terms and condition said you're liable for the full RRP if you are not buying it with the subscription.

              Terms + Conditions https://gopro.com/en/au/legal/holiday-deal-subscription-2021

              Available from January 10, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. PST until February 7, 2021, at 8:59 a.m. PST. The Subscribe to GoPro Bundle discount applies with a new purchase of an annual subscription to GoPro combined with a purchase of a full-priced HERO9 Black (collectively “Subscribe to GoPro Bundle”) in a single transaction at gopro.com. Discount applies once all items are placed in the cart. Limit: one per customer. Offer includes one 64GB SD card per camera and one free battery per order. Free battery available while supplies last.

              For non-EU customers, there is no free trial period and no pro-rated refunds for cancelled subscriptions. In the event that you cancel your subscription before the end of the initial year term but keep your camera, you will continue to receive all the benefits of the GoPro Subscription for the full annual term of your subscription but will not receive a refund for your cancelled subscription.

              For EU customers only, you will have a 14-day free trial period and may return your subscription, however if you return your subscription within this 14-day period you will fall below the threshold for eligibility for this offer and we will reduce any applicable refund owed to you by the full retail price of the camera and reserve the right to charge your payment method for any remaining balance owed to GoPro. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promo codes, or applied to previous purchases. Offer is subject to availability while stock lasts. Excludes all refurbished cameras. No cash alternative. Offer subject to change without notice. Purchases subject to additional terms and conditions presented at checkout. See full subscription terms here.

              I know you're not EU but… sounds like you're in that boat now..

              this is all confusing af. even the dates are expired….

  • you dont need a coupon. just pay with Paypal.. got one. thanks OP.

  • Would anyone kind enough to dm me unicode please 🙏😊😊 thank you!!

  • Ha, GoPro 11 will be out before travelling again. Will sit the 9 and 10 out

  • Just ordered one without a code. Just selected PayPal and it went through with the reduced $460 price.

  • I don't think it is a deal without the unidays code…i believe gopro recently changed the shopping cart so you can add/remove the subscription part of it.
    Previously it used to be for free…….and still at the same price of $529
    So now its a bit misleading when people are saying they are getting it without the UniDays code..

    Even with the unidays code, it may not be able to get 20% off because it might not be allowed on the bundle (that is..20% code only applies when you pay the full price)

    • Thus, this is a deal WITH the unidays code so i dont understand the neg?

      If orders are going through with unidays code and total price is as per title, then it is a deal and your neg seems invalid.

      Anyone claiming they got the price without the code is in for a rude shock when a second line for 69.99 subscription fee appears later. Yes I was confused when I bought mine too last month.

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        I negged it because i am trying to avoid other people from getting mislead..
        i actually have a 20% code from gopro themselves…..
        and i can only ever apply it when i dont purchase the bundle……..

        this price at $529 has been there for at least 2 weeks already…and i feel people are getting misleds not at $459 when actually its not because the subscription is just being charged afterwards

        • $529 is indeed not a deal.

          You reckon the code doesn't work and that even those who bought with unidays code will see a $70 charge for subscription later? Mmmmm be a bit of a shitshow if that happens for GoPro.

          Jury's still out on that isn't it though?

          • @lawyerz: I used the unidays code and the $70 subscription is included in my order confirmation.

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              @highon2str: so in total you still paid $529?

              • @wingy3181: No… I paid $459.96 as per the details in this deal. I'm not sure why the negs or the confusion.

                • @highon2str: if thats the case, can unneg it……..would be good if you could paste a screenshot or something…

                  if you look above through comments..i can see a few people getting charged still…guess they didnt use the unidays code

                  but i think it is also confusing people because they think you can do it without the unidays code…but its actually get charged separately…….

                • @highon2str: So can confirm that no second transaction with subscription will be added?

                  Im ready to buy, if it's 459 including both subscription and the hardware.

                  Does it apply to the 589 bundle?

                  • @skysky: we'll know once we can see a screenshot of the order confirmation (not paypal) from someone who bought this with a unidays code.

                    also someone worked out the bundle wasnt worth it or something a while back.

                • @highon2str: @wingy3181 @highon2str

                  that does mean that the code works and the total paid will be $459. those without the code would have paid $529.

                  The confusion is that in paypal the subscription charge is broken out and charged as a separate line. Those above claiming to have gotten the same price WITHOUT the code haven't factored in a second line charge coming later (why later? - no idea)

                  Whats your first paypal charged amount? It should be $389, then a second line later for $69.99.


                  Additional clarification: 2nd charge came that night, 7 hours later.(I paid $559)

                  • @lawyerz: it seems that if you use the code, you get $0 subscription fee shown in PayPal as mentioned by highon above…

                    • @4iedemon: if you use the code I think you're fine, but I'm referring to the lots of people above who claim to have gotten the same price WITHOUT using the code.

                      • @lawyerz: and thats me!

                        • @4iedemon: https://pictr.com/images/2021/02/16/7FkacB.png

                          And as I said, I don't think so. I think a 2nd charge of $69.99 will come tonight.

                          look at my receipt above. I paid $559. When I first got the initial charge I was confused. $489?! YAY i thought.

                          Then later that night, I got the 2nd charge of $70 that total up to …. $559.

                          I really dont know why there's that delay, or what would happen if you cancel the authorisation for gopro to charge between these two time periods, but I'm saying that you will likely be charged a 2nd charge tonight :S

                  • @lawyerz: did anyone confirm that? @highon2str said that was the case for him… but anyone else?

                    I have my own 20% off code from gopro and it doesn't work like that….
                    only works if i remove the subscription….. (which then means the price goes back up to RRP)

                    • @wingy3181: understood that but your 20% code might not be the same as unidays 20% code. need him to post his order confirmation screenshot.

                      basically, cannot rely on paypal at all, must see order confirmation total.

            • @highon2str: could you paste your order confirmation email screenshot?

              • @lawyerz: Hmm my order confirmation says:

                1-year Subscription to GoPro A$69.99
                Total (including GST) A$529.95

                But if like what lawyerz is saying maybe there will be another charge coming with the $70. Though then what good is the unidays code?!

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    Thanks OP! Bought the Osmo action recently as well. I'll do a comparison and sell one.

  • DM if you want the code & also a free SD card :)

  • free for anyone to use (comment if you used): UNI-R2WK-5M42-9G6C-KGPN

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    Buyer beware. My 7 Black broke and the customer support was terrible, even after joining the paid subscription program in an attempt to get a replacement. Ended up giving up. Wouldn't buy another in a hurry. Lots of similar stories on their social media.

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      Oh yes, GoPro is horrible. I purchased the $1000 Gopro 360 and it was a complete lemon and they wouldn't refund and stopped supporting it, the division that made the software closed down. Boo GoPro.

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        Yeah my first and last. Was pretty disappointing after how slick the cameras themselves seem to be.

  • Any chance i can get a unicode dm'd to me please?

  • UNI-TGVD-7FPQ-CCPF-HPDQ use this

  • Can someone pm me a code that they won't be using, thanks so much in advance!

  • Any word about the overheating issues?

    The number of complaints were enough to scare me away from upgrading my GoPro Hero 5.

    • I came from 5 black. i record 1hr 15 mins each way of my commute without much of an issue, but i am recording at 2.7k 60fps. (not 4k or 5k)

      I have encountered the occasional freezing which I think is due to overheating but since turning off gps + wifi connections, I haven't had an issue since. I also had occasional freezing on 5 black so… who knows.