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Free - Wallpaper: Super Mario 3D All-Stars for PC, Tablets+Mobiles (German/UK Nintendo Accounts) @ Nintendo


Apparently you can get this for free on the Nintendo eShop and then use the wallpaper for your PC, phones, and tablets. As you will be "buying" it from the eShop you will need a Nintendo account.

Available sizes
Landscape format:
Portrait format:
1536×2048・1242×2688 ・1200×1900・1080x1920

After you redeem the required points for this reward (which are 0!), you can download the wallpaper in any of the available sizes.

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  • +8

    For some reason I get:

    This reward is not available in your registered country/region.

    • I'm getting this issue as well, Mobile and desktop browser

  • Same issue for me

  • +11

    A png now counts as a bargain?

    • For a limited-time re-release of old games, that is for some reason region restricted.

  • +5

    1080p max size (in terms of standard resolution) really shows how out of touch nintendo is.

  • Wtf I just made an account in Japan and USA and they are both not available in these regions? What region is this for? Antarctica?

  • Which galaxy do I need to register an account in?

  • Reward available until:

    4/1/2021 at 6 PM [Australia/Melbourne]

  • +4

    Google image search but with extra steps. This is hardly a bargain…

  • +1

    Like everyone else, I receive: This reward is not available in your registered country/region.

    Quick google search, here are the versions if anyone wants them: https://twitter.com/pushdustin/status/1308997319992410114

    • -3

      Did you read the title?
      Your negative vote is invalid as there is nothing wrong with the deal - you just expected something that was not advertised.

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