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Samsung S10+ 128GB Carrier Version (Prism Black) $699 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


JB hifi has the Samsung S10+ for $699
Cheapest I have seen it

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    pretty good value, love my s10+
    also change the title to say s10+

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      Yeah, this is the last good phone Samsung's made.

      It may have lost the very handy User Removable Battery but compensates it by adding IP68 waterproofing. Yet it keeps the Headphone Jack and microSD slot. Also has an earpiece and charger in the box. Also there's the Note9 which has all of that plus the S Pen.

      When upgrading to a Note/S20 or Note/S21, you do get a (moderately) better processor and you do get a (moderately) better display. But the downsides are definitely there. And you pay more for the idiot tax/early adopter fee. Which is great news for Samsung executives and their salary bonuses, for emulating Apple. Same goes double for Huawei. People should make themselves more immune to marketing so that devices get more features, better, and cheaper in a healthy open market.

      • Would the Samsung Note10+ be the last good phone they made?

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        • No, they took away the LED and headphone jack. Taking away features but increasing the price seem to be de riguer these days. Hell even the Fold 2, they cut the memory from the Fold 1's 512 to 256 and didn't add an SD card and in the US offered $800 trase if you had a Note 9 (on the Fold 2) over here they offered $200 :).

          Keeping my Note 9 for now and will watch what they do with the Note 21, I really love the spen. If they keeps the SD slot I might get one a year or 2 after release but will probably go Sony and cry about losing the spen.

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      But it's 11 less than the S21!

  • Thanks changed

  • store in title pls mate :)

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    I don't buy phones too often, last was the S8+ for dad. In the view of the more Galaxy savvy is this a worthwhile buy? I know it's a couple of models old but that's generally when I get them, I wouldn't mind replacing his S8+ with this and seems a fair price.

    • +11

      Worth it… for more RAM & Fast processor than S8. Camera is improved too compare to S8

      • +1

        Thanks grabbed one

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          Username doesn't check out.

          • @bargainparker: Depends how much of q phone fan you are imo.. never really noticed lag on my note8. Upgraded to s20+ and no major difference to me the way i use phone. High refresh rate is great, camera is better and a few minor things, but day to day no major groundbreaking stuff

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    I've seen Dick Smith/ Kogan has the standard S10 for $619.. is this worth the extra few bucks?

    • Well, that's for you to do decide, but the pros are:
      Bigger screen
      Larger battery

      I personally wouldn't pay the extra $80 for that.

      • +37

        i would. $80 extra, full 2-yr warranty & the $619 Kogan S10 is a refurb.

        • Agreed.

        • +6

          Even if Kogan / Dick Smith was brand new, they sell lots of grey imports. Not having to deal with their warranty, and being able to go to your local samsung kiosk is a huge plus.

          • +2

            @butwhy: i agree. the Samsung Kiosk (for those who have not used them before) is very helpful. Would be better if they offered a loan phone but other than that, their 2yr warranty is fantastic especially if you are handing your phone down to your parents or kids and want a fresh reset.

            • @ExtraSalt: Really? I just dealt with Samsung warranty for my S10e and it was extremely frustrating. The fact that you cant call a store directly and the online support being all but useless was really annoying and resulted in me wasting hours of my time. But to be fair they did eventually repair my phone.

        • Warranty is longer than the software support! Wow

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            @onlinepred: Samsung offers 3 years of OS updates and 2 more years of security patches. What are you on about?

            • +2

              @ruthlessmint: They offer 3 major OS updates and 4 years of updates. They provide 12 months of security updates after the last OS updates

        • Not sure why my last comment got unpublished, it wasn't an affiliate link.

          Also, was not aware that Kogan is a refurb (didn't say it in the comment), hence why I didn't put down warranty or anything in the pros, so I 100% agree with you on picking up the S10+.

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    I think we can combine with Telstra postpaid to get better price. Anyone tried ?

    • +1

      Yes paid early termination fee

  • +2

    Solid phone. Love my S10+ (US version) . Can't go wrong for this price.

    • How did you get your US version?

  • +3

    Damm good price

    • +2

      @Brisbane1 I agree.
      I purchased the 256GB version a month ago for $899, same Retailer

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    Waiting for another note 10+ deal

  • +2

    Did anyone else end up not getting their ETC bill from the last JB Hi-Fi Telstra port in plan offer for the S20 FE? I called them regarding the bill and they said there was nothing to pay 🤔😳

    • +1

      I got billed like 3.5 months after similar S20+ deal, you will get billed eventually.

      • +1

        It been 4 months now. I even called them 3 weeks ago to see what's owing, they said there's nothing owing on the account.

  • -1

    Does this get Android 11, or its stuck on 10?

    • +4
    • +1

      My S10+ just got Android 11 update last week. This update wasn't perfect tho

      • The overheating was terrible after the update

        • Exactly, and all sorts of visual glitches

          • +2

            @xyzzyxyzzy: Facebook Messenger bubbles got ruined also

            • @finnybro: They made updates to the bubbles feature and hid the settings for it.
              Here are some configurations which might get it working for you again.

              • +1

                @S2: The things that annoy me are that they don't stay where I left them - always appearing out of the reach of my right thumb and the fact that if I open the Facebook Messenger app to reply it doesn't get rid of the notification anymore.

  • +1

    This or S20FE?

    • +11


    • +4

      This has better build quality and screen. S20 FE 5g has a better processor and bigger battery. So it depends what's important to you.

    • +6

      S20FE has no headphone jack

      • yep thats the main reason im looking for the 10

  • +2

    Shopback have 3% cash back on jbhifi gift cards. Thats another 21$ saved.

    • 5% discount with Suncorp

  • +4

    I desperately need to upgrade my S7 edge… And I'm torn between this and S20 FE

    S20 has better camera and newer chipset
    S10 has headphone jack (I don't really wanna buy new headphones) and more ram.

    • +2

      Looking to replace ,mine (S9+) and Mrs (S8). Torn between this and the S20 FE 5g model. For an extra $50 or so, probably a year of extra support (and an extra android update) No headphone jack but 5g for the next year or two when that becomes a thing, and I'm not sure of the camera is better, but also SD vs Exynos etc.

      I'd be interested to know what the consensus would be on S20 FE5g vs this?

      • +1

        I'm not a big gamer on my phone so wouldn't think SD vs Exynos would make much of a difference to me. Something else to consider is that you can now get a referb S10+ for under $500 although they're probably grey imports. I just don't know what to do lol.

        • Even if you're not a gamer, SD has better power management and therefore battery life.

          • @wombat81: And better battery endurance, heat kills batteries and the SD runs cooler. Also the FE has a larger battery and hasn't been sitting in a box for 2+ years.

      • +2

        I loved how polished the s8 and s9 felt to use and hold. I’ve had faster phones with better cameras since then but I miss that

    • +5

      Maybe get a usb-c converter for your existing earphones if you decide to get s20fe?

    • +2

      USB-C to 3.5mm is pretty cheap and works well with S20 FE

      • Thanks will consider that if I end up getting the S20 FE

      • Any USB-C to external MIC adapter?

    • +3

      I would take the S20 FE 5G if you could get it at $749.

      120Hz display. Noticeable? Yes
      Faster 25W charging (25W adapter sold separately)
      Optical fingerprint sensor that is compatible with glass screen protectors
      Faster chip might not be that useful to you now but maybe in 3yrs as Samsung Android updates aren't that optimised.
      1 more Android update

      The Snapdragon 865 also wont overheat & throttle like crazy like I've had on my Exynos S10 and users here are commenting with their S10+ on Android 11. It's not just a gaming thing, just using the phone in direct sunlight on a hot day is enough to have it overheat & drop frames during app switches & just sending messages.

      Maybe the Exynos S20 FE isn't as bad, my gf's S20 (Exynos 990) isn't like my S10 (Exynos 9820). But battery life is still noticeably worse on that gen of Exynos vs Snapdragon and it still runs much hotter. I didn't get the FE 5G but another Samsung phone with a Snapdragon 865 and after 2 yrs with my S10, the new phone runs so cool its kind of surreal.

    • +1

      Phones are stupid fast nowadays. It's no longer a real selling feature.

      It's more of camera and battery life vs headphone jack and build quality.

  • +3

    Great phone. Still have mine. Samsung peaked with this lineup.

  • How do we compare it with s10 5g?

    • +5

      i agree just continue to hold out…like forever

  • -3

    I don't want to start a war, but how does this compare to say an IP12? I get it's different ecosystems and operating systems blah blah blah, but am wondering if I go back to Android at this price and these specs?

    • You comparing a early 2019 phone with a late 2020 one…

  • +2

    I just paid $470 for an S10+ replacement screen and camera lens cover, this isn't a bad deal.

    • I just did this too. Smashed my phone up but cheaper to repair then buying the inferior s21+

    • quoted similar for new screen on my note 9, virtually same specs as this phone without the s pen, was waiting on a sale for a pixel as i feel smashed phones with young kids in the house is going to be a common so might stay off the flag ships for a while.

    • It's annoying how much replacement parts now cost because of the stupid ass curved screen. It's an ergonomic nightmare already, but then I have to pay so much extra for your stupid screen.

      All so people can have their videos cut off, making subtitle difficult to read. Looks better my ass.

      • -1

        I know, stupid Korean arse.

  • tossing up between this or waiting until the pixel 5 drops to 750-800.

    Currently sitting on a 2XL, but it's starting to faulter.

    • I would wait for pixel 5a, it will probably be faster and more capable than the Pixel 5.

      • Anything -a is normally the budget version, like 4a was to 4.

        So doubt it will be more capable.

        • +1

          If they use a better CPU it will be. The 4a and 5 get the same benchmarks while sharing different CPUs. The 4a 5g has the same CPU as the 5.

          The pixel 5 is just a 4a 5g plus.

  • is this the exxynos chipset or snapdragon chipset. only asking because its not listed anywhere on the JB Hifi website.

    • +1

      Exynos 9820. The difference between the Exynos and Qualcomm from 2019 is less than it was in 2020.

  • +10

    IMO better to get S20 FE 5G than S10+
    My reasons will be
    - Just slightly higher price point, but S20 FE is 1.5 year newer (S10+ is 2 years old…)
    - S20 FE 5G is 5G network supported (faster speed if your plan has 5G and you are in the 5G coverage)
    - S20 FE 5G is using Snapdragon instead of Exynos
    - Overall better phone (more battery, faster speed, faster charging etc.)

    just did a random search on ebay, S20 FE 5G is priced at $835

    • +8

      It's never a good idea to compare brick and mortar store to random search on ebay. This is a solid deal if you know anyone with .edu.au email, whether students or teachers.

      • +1

        for those that can access EPP / EDU store its no brainer to go onto that :)

    • +1

      The only neg is the warranty. The 2 years with the S10+ is worth it as my experience with Samsung warranty was good. I have the Note 9 and they repaired the screen under warranty (in the second year) and also changed the battery which was a surprise.

  • -1

    Cheaper on Amazon though

    • +3

      Link? The cheaper ones I found on Amazon are renewed/refurbished

  • Thanks OP. Purchased.

  • Thanks, OP Purchased to upgrade S7 edge.

  • Been using this for years, recommended. Think I paid $1k through the EPP portal. Surprised it isn't too far off that price still.

  • I dont know why people are "upgrading" to a non 5g phone.
    The 5g s20 fe is only $164 more which makes this s10+ deal pretty average.

    • +1

      Well if you aren't in a metro area you have little chance of getting 5g coverage anytime soon, for a start. 4g will be around for a long time yet, anyway.

    • 5G S20 FE also has snapdragon 865 which is miles ahead of the exynos in this.

    • +1

      I can barely get proper 4g coverage in my home and I'm metro. I doubt 5g will be any better

      • Mmm Telstra is discontinuing 3g? It's got me worried as 4g can be patchy around where I live. I guess 5g won't help?

    • S20 FE cheaper if you have edu

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