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$0 Gym Membership Joining Fee @ Anytime Fitness (Excludes WA)


This deal does not include Western Australia gyms. Good deal for a 24hr gym

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    Yeah nah. Joining fees are the stupidest thing ever. Pay money for the privilege to pay more money? Hard pass.

    Also, I hate services that make you provide contact details just to see fees. Here is the rates provided to Fake McFaker to joint the Bulimba gym in Qld.

    $0.00 joining fee, $89.95 for your 24/7 access key (non-refundable) then $95.10/mth
    (12 Month Total Cost = $1,231.15)

    Also - a $89.95 non refund fee for an access card is cheeky.

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      Beat me to it 😀

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        It’s more than my wife and I pay combined at our local fitness centre, with pool and classes.

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          Yeah $95/month is ridiculous. The only people who would think that’s cheap are those coming from fitness first.

        • Where is that if you don't mind saying?

    • Come here to say the exact same thing, no deal sorry OP.

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      No joining fee! Just a one time payment of ninety bucks for a sixty cent access token.

    • $90 for a card?!

      What's it made of gold?

    • Wow is it $95.10/mth? What the..
      I am only paying 51.76/mth and Aia vitality gives me $100 every 3months.

    • Everything LuckyDrew said.

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    This isn't a deal because there is no price mentioned. I'm a member of anytime and they will usually wave this of you know a person there. I also find them overpriced for what most offer. This is a 'leave your details and we'll sign you up for a ridiculous monthly fee’

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      They didn't wave it for me when I tried to sign up lol. I said that I’d just wait until they did a $0 join up fee so why not just start getting my money rn. They pretty much said ok see you then. 😆

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        …and promptly closed when COVID came.

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    This is not a deal, anytime you speak to a gym for a better deal, they'll almost always remove the joining fee

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    I just found this deal which is a standard membership but a 12 month up front payment:
    PIF 12 MNTHS
    $0.00 joining fee, $69.00 for your 24/7 access key (non-refundable) then $777.00
    (12 Month Total Cost = $846.00)

    You save $100 on this offer, beats the promo, but only if u are okay with upfront payment of $846

    • How would one get this deal?

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        Sign up like you normally would but without the promo code

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      Thats a good offer, but I would advise against it, in this environment. If there are lockdowns, you end up losing that money. On a month to month or week to week, they pause the payments, if there is a citywide or statewide lockdown (VIC resident here)

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    As this deal doesn’t include WA I’ll add WA’s deal as I live in WA and got this today because I thought about signing up with them before so they have my contact details:

    Hi Josh, Want to get fit and healthy? We're dropping our join fee on Wednesday 24 Feb $0 Join when you sign up at Anytime Fitness-Baldivis. Call or text us for more info. Get in early to get on our VIP list and receive an extra 2 weeks free when you book in, spots are limited for this offer, First in Best dressed :) Text 04xxxxx Reply 'STOP' to Opt Out

  • Not a deal

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    Im OP and people already proved this deal sucks so if you read this I don't even promote the deal anymore

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      Self reported.

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        And downvoted. Hahaha

        • Hope you didn't join OP

          • @OzCheapo: Nope, but i honestly do need to rejoin a gym after I sort out personal things, so I rejoin Anytime Fitness again. Preferably 24hr and cheap. Just need it for the free weights and squat rack.

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    I'm trying to cancel my Anytime membership at the moment and it's a massive hassle! Need to go into the gym in person.

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      When I cancelled many years ago, I found out they kept charging me for months and I had to go in again and sort that out. They STILL tried to talk me into staying.

      So yeah, keep an eye on your accounts when you cancel.

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        Many similar horrible stories all over internet not just for AnyTime Fitness but other big names as well. Keep a close eye on your direct debits.

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      it took me less than 5 minutes when i went in to cancel. They just clicked a button on their ipad.

  • Hmm, I have been meaning to join. And I'm not good at just..haggling that upfront cost away, so I guess this is handy.

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    High pressure sales tactics "buy today or miss out on this price forever" don't work all that well online. Especially in an industry begging for customers.

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      I was tempted to report my gym to department of Fair trading. For weeks I’d walk pass a sign at the entrance saying “$0 joining fee - today only”.

  • Was a foundation member at Anytime, been with them for years. Moved cities, my home club changed and so did monthly fees. Gave them notice and cancelled the gym and had it in writing it was cancelled. They continued to direct debit charge me. Called to complain, they forgot to cancel and said they'll refund me. Months of following up, with calls and emails go unanswered. They just fluff you around.

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      Exact same thing happened to me.

      Yet now I kinda wanna join again because I live close (5 minute walk) to one and I really need to do it. But then I worry I'll go through that whole rigmarole again whenever I quit.

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      That’s happened to me twice before with other gyms (Not Anytime). Must be a common tactic in the industry.

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    Not an actual deal.

  • My AF had a really odd machine where the lat pulldown was connected to somebody elses shoulder press. It's really odd…

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      Haha, I have seen those at a few gyms actually.

      I'm not sure what happens if you try to use both at the same time

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    Yeah anytime fitness is a bit of a rip off

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    There are so many other gyms that charge less for 24 hour access. Anytime Fitness also have a clause in their contract where they can hike the price up with 15 days notice to you… the only problem is, you have to give 30 days notice to cancel your membership :/

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    Yeah never pay joining fee

    Used to work for a big gym. Go through corporate discounts or get your hr to do a deal

  • Nope.

    Free or not, a joining fee is ridiculous when you still have to pay to get anything from it. Add the fact that it's Anytime fitness who are notorious for their dodgy practices and this is a hard pass.

  • Gee, what a turnout, hyped publicity for any gym to post another deal

  • Honestly, I got a "special offer" of 2 weeks free + no JF if I signed up to a 12 month contract TODAY ONLY (this was in October?) I laughed and walked out.

    Few days later, they ring me up offering 4 weeks free and no JF. There's no way you're locking me in to a 12 month commitment in these times. Especially not with this shitshow.

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