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Supima Cotton Crew Neck & V Neck T Shirt $9.90 + Delivery or Free C&C @ UNIQLO


Supima Cotton back to $9.90 and looks like V Neck is included.


Crew Neck
Crew Neck
V Neck
Doesnt seem to be much V Neck online but check your store because there seems to be heaps in store.


Crew Neck
Crew Neck

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    what was the normal price?

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      $14.90 afaik

      • Thanks Bud. Just got some. Good value.

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    I bought two black crew neck ones for work last Wednesday. Do you think it's worth it to try get refunded the extra $10?

    • Yup

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      Just return it and repurchase it

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    Anyone know if there's a difference between the two Men's Crew Neck's?
    Photos look identical.

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      First link has a narrower neck opening compare to the second link

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      Link one:

      • Made with 100% Supima® cotton, featuring long fibers and an elegant sheen.

      Link Two:

      • 100% Supima® cotton material made with a special spinning method that gives it a high-quality texture with minimal scuffing.
      • This season’s update features a looser fit at the body and sleeves to create a silhouette that drapes beautifully towards the hem.
      • When worn on its own, this new neck line will make the neck area look sleek.
      • A clean, simple design that will never go out of style.

      The second one probably suitable for OzBargainers

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        I guess 'seasonal update that drapes beautifully' is better than 'covid update for the fatties who lived off ubereats all year'

  • Limited sizes for V necks

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    Have they fixed the boxiness of the fit?

    Back in 2015/16/17 the shirts fit me really well, ever since then they've been USA-sized.

  • Does Uniqlo have slim fit / muscle fit type T-shirts?

    • The 1st link is fitted, I bought these in L and their very fitted to my frame. I was 95kgs, broad and lean.

      2nd link sounds more forgiving.

      • What's your height mate?

        • Not OP but I'm 92kg at 5'9, muscular build, the medium fits perfectly tight around the chest with plenty of wiggle room around the stomach area, tight on the arms (I'm 17 inches for reference), length rests around mid crotch, basically the perfect t-shirt

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            @harcle: That's crazy. You must be a beast to be that weight at that height (and not fat).

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          1st link, is a great fit as long as you're lean. They're also thicker than Tarocash, Target t-shirts I've bought.

    • I searched slim fit on their website and no T-shirts came up. So I assume no. Haven't checked their stores physically though

  • Thanks, got 9

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    Saw a lady buy at least 20 white ones. Cleaned out that size.

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      My mate literally wears a white shirt every day to work and on the weekend. lol

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        The simpler the better.

  • Thanks got 8 to get to free shipping

    • Yeah, it's alot of t-shirts for free shipping.

      I bought some cheap Target t-shirts, quality seems good but they don't fit my body well.

      I do like these, I don't need 8 tho.

      Anyone in SA wanna go halves, shoot me a PM.

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    Don't forget 8% cashrewards!

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    Anyone else find these to be pretty thin? My man boob and nipple areas are exactly hidden by the lack of cotton! (Maybe my fault, not the t-shirts..)

    • yeah their reduced the thickness but still a quality t-shirt which will last you a year! I would prefer Marcs cotton one- best ever.

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        I'd like my quality t-shirt to last longer than a year.

      • A year? Most of my Tshirts last 3-4 years but I've got some that are around a decade and there's bloody tears when I have to finally retire them.

        • I got the older supima and they do last longer than the current one, the materials was much thicker.

    • I agree get their u crew neck version t. It’s heavy weight and doesn’t have this problem. Or AS colour

  • The best value for bucks: Kmart, Plain V-Neck Tee


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      Click on image 3 and 4 in succession. Looks like animation…

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      Not a fan, I have a few but the v-neck is too deep and makes you look like a guido, plus the white tees are more see through. Uniqlo is well worth the money over these.

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    Does anyone know how these compare to the Target Supima T-Shirts?

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    Anyone know when this sale ends?

    • It says when on the product page.

      • My bad, didn't read

  • 24th Feb

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    Do people still wear V-necks?

  • i have a huge 44 inch chest, what size do i buy?
    Large is 41-44 and XL is 44-47

    • Depends if you like a fitted or loose fitting shirt

  • Not entirely related but anyone know when the MEN Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt will be going on sale? or like if they even do go on sale?

    • Ive seen it once on sale. Likely chance that it will

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