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Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor @ Harvey Norman AND Target - $93.50/$43.50 - Receipt


***Confirmed some people has got the deal showing these receipt photos!

as http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/60526 deal earlier yesterday was marked as expired, people might be missing out the awesome opportunity to snatch these up for $93.50!!

Anyway I was able to hassle my local HN to sell this to me for $93.50 and was able to get a price match for my cousin this afternoon at Target to get a price match at $93.50 too!

Here are the receipts! (hope the iPhone4S photo is decent enough for a good print-out)


Harvey Norman:

*Mods: I know this is sort-of a duplicate but as the other post has been marked expired I wanted to make sure all can benefit from these receipts I have!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      sorry, accidentally clicked the - button (didn't mean to click any button!). How do I get rid of my -?

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        dunno, but i accidentally did it to you.

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    Thanks for the effort, but doubt any shops will honor this price any more, as it was a price error for just 15 minutes. Would prefer staying home enjoying the kinect games rather than finding a park spot and hassling the busy saleman.

    • no probs hope others find it useful, this brings the Kinect down to only $43.50 after the cash-back!

      • problem is don't they confirm to make sure this is the right price and have stock?

        target would not be selling this price since it was pricematch to HN?
        and since HN pricing is not valid..

        we can't get target to price match HN
        and other stores won't pricematch target since this is not their normal price..

        So I don't if we can do much with this docket.

        if someone pulled this off then let us know

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          well I walked into Target this afternoon (as shown on my receipt) with my HN receipt and was able to pickup this item for $93.50, no phone calls were made to confirm, they just honored.

          And of course they can only sell if they have stock themselves, should try Myer/David Jones/BigW/Kmart….

      • So should get target to pricematch the HN docket or get target to pricematch it's own docket?

        Also one advantage you have is it is an official docket vs a printed one..

        I will give it a go if it works

        what do u suggest I should do?

        also how well do u think it would go, if I live in nsw vs the vic docket?

        • Interstate price-matches are alot harder, you should call them and ask first.

          Maybe come up with a story say your mate or family got it cheap down here and you hope they could do a price match with a clear photo of the receipt?

      • but which docket HN or target to use?

        • Both ?

      • i mean if I go into target

        should i show the HN or target docket?

    • True gentleman. Same here.

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    Just called HN liverpool. They said no way they can do $93.50. And i said i have receipt then the guy said that must be "bull crapping".
    Best price they could do was $187

    • Best price 187 that's absolutely shocking!!
      Other shops sell it normally around $150 +50cash back

      • to be fair, $187 is probably invoice cost (the rest coming from rebates).

        Chances are they didn't know (care) about the sale yet.

      • Naw that ain't the best price…Shops are doing it looower than $150 check out JB HI-FI or Big W.

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        nothing will be socking with Harvey Norman,
        the samsung story 2TB harddrive, before floods it was 99, after floods it was 119, on boxing day, the HN store in Brisbane CBD marked it up to 229 with a sign of big saving.

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      Earlier today at HN Liverpool
      Me : Hi, how much is Kinect sensor, sensor only?"
      Sales : It's $188.
      Me : Can you do it for $93.50? Quite a few people bought it for $93.50
      Sales : No I can't do it.
      Me : I have receipt.
      Sales : They must be "bull crapping"
      Me : What is the best price you can do?
      Sales : $187

      $1 discount =.=

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        if i were you, i would've said to him "fock off". by offering you $1 "discount", he literally was insulting you.

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    Big W wont do it, they never do anything like this. I have tried receipts before at JB and they knocked me back saying they are fake etc

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    well sorry gents I really hope these receipts would help…

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      A+ for effort

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      Still an excellent effort mate. 2 thumbs up.

  • anyone who gets it pricematch in nsw

    let us know

  • staff at HN indooroopilly said they won't do price match on console and accessories

    how about JB HIFI? $79 after cashback

  • shouldnt the same store pricematch it. If the case I would be willing to give it a go tomorrow.

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        since there's been a few people getting the deal with my receipts, I think this neg is unfair.

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    I just tried this at Target at the end of Rundle Mall (Adelaide). Not only did the assistant say "no" (she was nice about it though), she then called her manager for a second opinion whom was extemely assertive (to a rude extent), I quote "we're not going to be doing that".

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    Got one today after showing op's photo of reciept on my phone. I just said can I get this here or do I have to drive all the way to this other target store.

    I told the guy that code 5 must mean a price match, as Harvey norman are selling them for this price. As soon as I said that he put it straight through.

    Target Sunbury.

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      Awesome! I'm glad I helped you saved!

      • also got one…


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          I just walked down to Target Melbourne Chinatown and handed 'Riley' a copy of the Maribyrnong Target receipt and told him I want one of these. He rang two managers, and the second one told him to put it through for that price - $93.50

          Champion work, EK!

        • Can you pls post reciept from Melbourne chinatown….travelling down from syd tomorrow so i'll try for it!!

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      Hey mate i would really appreciate if you could scan your reciept and post it up here?

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        just use erice one

        they all got code 5

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          I'll try do that for you if I will be going into the office tomorrow.

        • I will just put these pics on my phone and hopefully the people at Target will do the same price. Will keep you updated.

  • Just went target chadstone, the guy said target doesnt price match, full of craps

    • why couldn't you show them the Target receipt photo, that's not a price match then isn't it?

      • The guy wouldn't bother to look, sigh

    • Same response @ Target Burwood (NSW)

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    Got it Price mathced with Target…Appriciate your effort mate

    • What store/State?

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        Toombul Qld and it comes with adventure game as well. literrally making the kinect free

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    I brought the receipt to HN Maribyrnong. They said it was the human mistake. the system showed $93 after cashback but the seller thought it was the sale price.
    I asked how much can you do it. He said $123 before cash back. It's still good price so I took it. And the console 4G was $148.

  • Anyone knows how can I claim cashback from Kinect ? Thanks

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    Went to Bourke St Melbourne Chinatown.
    Was told no pretty rudely by "Joan" and gave me a lecture on how "everyone's got the same thing" (receipt on phone) and that it was "an error that finished yesterday we won't be honouring"

  • I like shopping at Target & this experience reinforces that.

    I just went in to Target Castle Plaza SA and got my deal honoured.
    I handed then both receipts and asked if they price match.
    The answer was "We aren't supposed to match a special price but we can an everyday price" which was not a NO!

    At that point I knew there was a chance.:-)

    I pointed out that aTarget receipt & a discount code 5 obviously meant price match so obviously it could be done & that they were matching a Harvey & not just another Target.

    The argument was that the Harvey price could just be a local special. I pointed out that Harvey catalogs are National which they must have known already as there was no argument.

    The answer became "Let's check with the manager."
    While they were trying to track down the manager they remarked that this had never been done before.

    They called the manager and explained how I had not only the Harvey Norman but also a Target Receipt and the manager was like
    "Why are you calling me? Just do it…."

    I am very happy with Target and the profesionalism their staff showed.

    I would have accepted a resusal but the way this was handled makes me even more happy to continue using them.

    I think if I just called them on the phone I would have been told "No" but going in at a time they weren't particulatrly busy and being reasonable helped get me the result I was after.

  • Said they couldn't do it at Bourke St Target, understandable.

  • Was able to get EB to pricematch the Target receipt, so thanks for your work EriceKahlua!

  • Was able to use this receipt today (Friday 30-Dec). I took both receipts to store and price match no problem at Target. The truth is the guy almost sold me the bundled kinect and 360 4GB for $93.50…But I felt bad and pointed out his error before he rang up the sale.

    If you want a tip; 1) tell them what you want to buy. 2) confirm they have it. 3) Get your money out at register. 4)As they start to ring up the sale, explain that you want to price match based on the receipts they can clearly see. 5) Conclude your sale at the matched price. That simple.

    • Hi Lambie
      From which store you buy and could you please upload the receipt

  • Could you please upload the receipt

  • did anyone get their cashback?

  • Got mine only 3 weeks ago.