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[NSW, PS4] The Last of Us Part II $48 in-Store @ Harvey Norman (Hornsby)


Saw this today in HN, haven't seen this price this year for brand new. Feel free to remove if this isn't a deal

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Bought mine from BigW for $20.

    • This year??

      • +2


        This year or not I wouldn't buy for $48 period.

        • -2

          Haha mg. Def not a bargain

        • -1

          I thought it was a great game. Probably the best video game story I've ever played.

      • +2

        also was $25 at JB for like twice this year

      • I thought games should be cheaper for a more recent year?

  • -2

    brought to you by harvey promotions…until bargain links are taxed by the liberals, in between rape tidyup intermissions… banning of course will lead to international condemnation of wasting time on rape tidyup intermissions when new forms of internet censorship via taxation could be introduced…

    • +4

      What the hell are you on man?

      • +1

        Maybe drank too much last night

  • Bought mine for $20 from Amazon

    • -2

      big w bricks and mortar for me - save retail exploitation… gotta fund those aussie multi million government handouts to foreign owned billion dollar media companies somehow…

  • +2

    Amazing game

  • Yeah, I went to get it for $20 from Big W and they had no stock so I went to the EB Games in the same shopping centre and price matched and got it for $20 from there at the end of December last year

    • Your lucky all the time they do a stock check on their phones if it's out of stock mine never match so I walk out and end up getting it from Amazon two days later at the same price lol hard to see EB Games surviving long term.

      • +2

        Why of course they can survive, EB Games is owned by GameStop. GameStop is worth trillions, billions, yeah they may go broke

      • I always show them the price on my phone, I guess just pick a store that's in stock on your phone if it says out of stock

  • +1

    I bought it last year for $19 in Amason……So

  • +1

    Tedious game

    • no more tedious than Ghost of Tsushima , i think most games are that way if you're not enjoying them

  • I want this for $20 again, shouldn't have delayed last time it was available at that price

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